View Full Version : (oh no, not another...) 2000 pt Dark Elf list w/ Dragon

26-03-2008, 03:26
Ok, I'm a bit of a Fantasy noob, particularly when it comes to the drunken, frustrating excuses for the Servants of the Old Ones known otherwise as the Lizardmen, and I am absolutely lost against anybody but Empire and other Lizards, but I know my way around the Dark Elves fairly well. From what I've seen and experienced, it's all about using speed, range, and psychology to be on the giving end of as many punches as possible, and that's what I aim to do with this list.

The theme is that this is one of the first lines of defenses for Naggaroth, so while they have some decent mundane resources, they usually have a less-capable standing of magic than other armies. Which is okay to me because most DE magic items are overpriced anyway. I also run a strict albion-free, cult-of-slaaneesh-free list, because I can't see those rules being legal for much longer, thus I don't want to use Wands of Kharaidon, Soul Shadow Standards, and Heartstones of Darkness as crutches.

Dark Elves: 2000 pts

(General) Highborn w/ Lance, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Crown of Black Iron, Enchanted Shield, Dragon: 511 pts

Noble w/ Lance, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Seal of Ghrond, Cold One: 137 pts

Sorceress w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls: 140 pts

14 Dark Elves w/ RxBs: 154 pts

14 Dark Elves w/ RxBs: 154 pts

5 Dark Riders w/ RxBs & Musician: 127 pts

5 Dark Riders w/ RxBs & Musician: 127 pts

5 Dark Riders w/ RxBs & Musician: 127 pts

2 Dark Elf Chariots w/ Spears: 194 pts

5 Cold One Knights w/ Full Command: 190 pts

6 Harpies: 78 pts

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers: 200 pts

First of all, yes I use a dragon. Big deal. It's not like Dark Elf magic is any more worth it than any other lore, so why bother? I admit it's one of the most balanced lores that I'm aware of (though I'd probably rate Ogres or TKs better simply out of synergy), but for my points, you're better off shoving a knife into the opponent's side all of the time than zapping them to bits some of the time. Plus, IMO Malekith and the Highborns are much cooler thematically than Morathi and the Sorceresses.

With 26 points to spare on the Noble, I was presented with an interesting challenge: take the Seal of Ghrond, or take the BSB? As I really wanted the lance, and my magic defense was weak enough, I went for the Seal. It could possibly come back and bite me, but the Empire players I go against usually use lots of magic missile type spells that I want to keep supressed. Really critical with the kind of mobility this list depends on.

Also, I've only ever seen the likes of Dragons killed by fluke CR. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but this is how I've seen it go down before. Great Cannons are nice and all, but one Great Cannon only kills one Dragon on a roll of a 6 on the wounds, and that's assuming:
-you catch the Dragon in your LoS,
-you don't misfire,
-you hit the Dragon at all,
-...and you don't accidentally nick the Highborn.
Those odds may be small, but they add up. Not to mention that not everybody plays Dwarves and Empire. So why do people shoot their mouths off about Dragons being easy kills? What, do people really spam 4 Great Cannons to a list?

A lot of units in this list are just bonuses to combat if necessary, not anything particularly devastating on its own. A couple unridden Chariots (so that cannons have, surprise surprise, cannon fodder to distract them from my Dragon), Cold One Knights, and a handful of Harpies are all pesky combat units, and Dark Riders defenitely have the potential to fit the bill as well. Even the big, bad Dragon itself is but a combat bonus. Despite being able to wreck units on his own, it would defenitely help to see both of those CoCs or the CoKs on a flank to deny some ranks on a heavy block. The intent is that (1) combo charges rack up static CR fast, and (2) getting into combat with your average gunline is pretty much the death of the gunline, no matter how measely the chargers are.

Another noteworthy portion of the list is the crossbow power. 28 RxBs and 2 RBTs form a solid base that let me rain down fire on some enemies. And let's not forget that RxBs can move and fire. Even if they hit on 6s while double-tapping, moving and shooting is 100% impossible with Handguns, so I'll take it. I also skipped out on luxury items like Command segments on the RxB elves because these guys rarely see combat unless the game is small (which it won't be) or I screwed something up (in which case it's my fault and they're gonna' die anyway). The RBTs however have such a great range that I don't even need to move if I don't deploy like a *****.

The main worry of this list is that I'm going in with only 4 Dispel Dice, 2 Scrolls, and virtually no magic to speak of, especially for a list that doesn't particularly favor combat. Against Undead, or the average magic-heavy Ogre player I tend to run into, I'm screwed. Also, I have a huge number of units, so while I may have the deployment advantage, I should never, ever count on the 1st turn advantage. I'd better pray for a lot of cover...