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26-03-2008, 03:30
I'm gonna be fighting Lizardmen, probably Krokgar's army.

Vampire Lord, Level 4 wizard, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Shield, Helm of Commandment, Sword of Battle, Lord of the Dead, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Forbidden Lore (Vampire) 445pts


13 Skeletons with Full Command, Banner of Dead Legion 162pts

Vampire, Heavy Armour, 2nd Hand weapon, BSB, Banner of the Barrows, Avatar of Death, Walking Death 215pts


18 Grave Guard with Full Command, Royal Standard of Strigos 281pts

Necromancer with Invoke and Vanhel's, Book of Arkhan 105pts


Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone 100pts

13 Skeletons with Full Command, War Banner 162pts

4 Blood Knights with Full Command 270pts

10 Crypt Ghouls 80pts

Vargulf 175pts

26-03-2008, 05:00
You have an insanely low model count. Like, 40K low model count...
I think your Lord is VERY expensive. Do you think he's equipped properly for the job at hand? I'm guessing you'll use IoN to boost your Skelleton units, but what about your Crypt Ghouls? It doesn't take much to give your Lord good CC abilities... It just seems Like all your eggs are in one basket. Not very mobile and besides your Blood knights, no REAL heavy hitters. If he's using lots of Cavalry, look out.

I'd try to trim down your Lord a lot... Maybe use the points to buy 2 25 strong bare Zombie units to tie up his stuff so you can get in combat on your terms.

26-03-2008, 15:07
Wow, that is an insanely low model count... I don't think that the lord is the problem, although i would ditch forbidden lore and dark acolyte for master of the black arts and summon ghouls. Also, since it looks like you want the lord in combat i would ditch the helm of commandment. AND i would drop the KotBK, they're gonna die fast and your lord and other casters are gonna be tied up elsewhere, so no healing. I would favour lots more infantry instead of the knights, you already got lots of combat troops.
imho (no offence) this list really sucks...

Dead Man Walking
27-03-2008, 02:58
You may want something that causes multiple wounds since there are lots of multiwound critters in lizzie army. Stegadon, sallies, swarms, kroxigor, terradons, characters including Slaan. There are far too many people trying to start with a bare minimum in thier infantry units and it frankly never works. Vamps win through swamping the enemy in an unending unbreaking pit of non-fighty undead and then slamming home some hard fighting guys to break the enemy.