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26-03-2008, 04:38
This is a list planned for tournament play in Canada. It actually might be a bit on the brutal side for comp scores, but I figure it could be an interesting change from my usual warlord army.

Grey Seer: Warpstone amulet, crown of the horned rat, eye of the horned rat 335 points

screaming bell
200 points

Warplock engineer: full kit w/o pistol, scroll, storm demon 135 points

Warplock engineer: full kit w/o pistol, warp scroll, poison wind globes 135 points

Chieftain: BSB, war banner 95 points


25 Clan rats, musician standard 140
Ratling Gun 60

25 Clan rats, musician standard 140

25 Clan rats, musician standard 140

24 Clan rats, musician standard 135

25 Slaves musician 54

25 Slaves musician 54

25 Slaves musician 54

22 Slaves musician 48

5 night runners 25

5 night runners 25

5 night runners 25


Warplightning Cannon 100

Warplightning Cannon 100

The night runners are there to shield LOS to the cannons or charge harpies/furies. The ratling gun stays in the back and just avoids flyers landing around there (so it stays well out of LOS). The blocks are bunched, 2 slave units at least in front, to bait and flee and cover flanks. One unit of slaves might be left on the far flank as a threat (this is surprisingly effective as a lot of things can die to a flank charge from slaves so the ennemy has to deal with them, usually by diverting way more than 50 points).

The globes on the warplock engi are so that I have a use for skitterleap.

Comments welcome.

26-03-2008, 12:49
Drop the globes on the Warlock (not very effective) get another SD.

I'd try to get a unit of 6 tunnelers in that list. Not sure of what to drop.

26-03-2008, 14:38
What do you mean by SD (I only see storm demon and I cant have 2 of them)

The globes are actually pretty nice because against armies with few skirmishers (half the armies out there really) I can drop him in as a marchblocker with skitterleap on turn 1. Then he can be useful by throwing some globes around as well (and will easily kill over the 20 points they cost me).

I kind of agree with the tunnelers statement, and would like to include them myself, but as you said, I wouldnt know what to take out. I need the blocks and am already pretty much minimal on everything. Tunnelers are expensive and for a skaven list I already have a lot of expensive stuff.

26-03-2008, 15:19
I'm actually a fan of Death Globes as well, and usually like to arm a Warlock Engineer with the Globes and a Warp Scroll. Makes him very versatile, and almost certainly able to cause some trouble.

As with everything that is Skaven, it's a little random...to say the least. But that's part of the appeal, for me at least, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It just makes you think a little harder before deciding to use it, and is a typically Skaven "big risk, big reward" item. Nice.

As for the list, it's definately a nice horde. I'm personally a fan of more diverse lists, but I see nothing wrong with this one. Do you actually have all the models for this army? If so, are they painted? If you answer yes to either of those questions, consider me a little bit jealous;)

I can currently muster a pathetic 60 Clanrats, and a meager 20 Slaves. I know, I know...

26-03-2008, 16:16
hmm, I could ditch a clanrat and take the warpscroll ... I just dislike the idea of only 1 scroll.

The answer is yes to both those questions, and her is a secret, use rats !!! if you have 25 clannies you can use 4-5 rats in there as extra models and more than that in slaves. Rats you have in massive numbers with plague monks, giant rats and clannies sprues (the batallion gives you about 30 I believe).

My slaves are a mix of clannies and plague monks (I dislike monks so I use the ones from batallion in my slaves). I also have 30 converted stormvermin I usually put in my lists.

As for the painting it is always a pain in the neck, but I get decent painting scores at tournaments just for showing up with that many painted models.

(editing the list to add warpscroll)

26-03-2008, 16:41
Nice! I'm glad to see you've added the Warp Scroll. If you can manage to make it go off, you won't be disappointed!

As for painting, cong(rats)! Seriously, that's quite an achievement in and of itself. I'm planning on doing a bit of speedpainting with my Skaven, using some tips and pointers from Rattsu on the UnderEmpire website. Her finished results are actually quite nice, and a lot of it is thanks in part to the amazing Burnt Umber wash. Great stuff. I ordered some online a while ago, and it should actually show up on my doorstep sometime today. It really, really suits the rats, and gives them an excellent shaded and dirty look, over pretty much any colour.

I'll be posting a project log pretty soon with that so you can see how it goes.

26-03-2008, 17:27
my speed painting is:
-white undercoat
-clothing blood red
-wood bits bubonic brown
-metal chainmail
-brown ink the whole model
-DONE !!

it actually works really well and given there are 200 of them little mistakes disappear fast.

and yeah, the underempire is a great skaven site, used it back in the day on my first lists. Nowadays I have most of the stuff from experience so my online lists are just for a quick check :p

26-03-2008, 17:50
I like your style!:) Sounds good to me, and that's pretty much the same method I'll be using, just with different colours. I also find the Burnt Umber to be really smooth and all that, so I like it quite a bit.