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Dark Templar
26-03-2008, 09:06
My second Dwarf list. I am aiming to go to Conflict later this year so 1000pts is where it's at. I am trying to get as close as I can to Chaos Dwarfs using the Dwarf rule book. Everything is converted to look Chaos Dwarfy. (Chaos Dwarfs are not allowed at this tournament)


Great Weapon, Shield, Rune of Stone 76

Rune Smith
Great Weapon, Shield 76


16x Thunderers
Shields 225

24x Warriors
Shields, Full Command 241


12x Miners
Full Command 157

Bolt Thrower (Actually a dwarf cannon fitted out with long rockets)
Engineer, Rune of Penetration 85

Grudge Thrower (Using the Hell Cannon model and runes to represent what I imagine it to be)
Rune of Accuracy, Rune of Reloading, Rune of Penetration 140

Any tips or suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

26-03-2008, 18:57
I'd drop a couple of warriors and miners to add 4 thunderers, and split that unit up into 2 of 10. Other than that minor quibble I like it, big infantry block, a little shooting support, cheap heroes. You might want to think about some runes of spellbreaking when you expand on points.

Dead Man Walking
27-03-2008, 02:50
AT 1000 points I dont like miners (at least not more than 5) and another infantry unit of warriors would help a lot, one unit of ranked dwarfs cant possibly handle everything. In fact I would drop them to 19 (20 with character in front rank) and the drop the miners to add in another unit of 20 warriors. Lots of shooty and 2 units of ranked infantry can handle all comers.

You also don't /need/ a runesmith at 1000 points, 4 dispel dice are more than enough.

Dark Templar
27-03-2008, 12:16
Thanks for the advice so far! How do you think this change looks? - I took out the miner unit (Dead man's advice) and a few warriors from the 24 size squad to make it 19, and added a second warrior squad to guard the 2nd thunderer unit (Sarael).

But will I miss the underground advance of the miners and their ST 5 pick axes?? or will the extra unit of thunderers, protected by the new unit of 11 warriors, be more beneficial???

The changes to the core are:

10x Thunderers
Shields 150

10x Thunderers
Shields 150

11x Warriors
Shields, Full Command 124

19x Warriors
Shields, Full Command 196

And I cut out the miners.

= 997
(If I can find 2 more pts somewhere I can put a rune of stone on the smith) anyone see anything?

Grom Wronghand
27-03-2008, 15:28
I agree, Dwarf Miners are good, but a bit unnessecery (sp?) at this points limit. You should get rid of them for more warriors as just the one unit will probably end up being outflanked and broken. Two would prevent this. I personally like longbeards at this level as they can handle all sort of heavier nasties and are immune to panic but that mre just personal preference I think.

BTW, miners are S3 so their picks make them S5, not S6. You can give the champion a steam drill which is +3 S so making him S6 and allows him to re-roll entrance rolls however.

Dead Man Walking
27-03-2008, 22:58
If you field 11 dwarfs then go 6 in front rank and 5 in second. Put the thane in this unit as it will need some character combat goodness to keep it afloat.

I dont think you need a runesmith at all since he's not carrying any runes that help with dispels, he just gives you a fifth dispel die. If you drop the runesmith and add a rune of magic resist (1 or even 2) to the thane (he gives his magic resistance to the unit he joins!) you could probably drop the runesmith.

In the runesmiths place I would field more dwarf warriors and kit it out to 20. A unit of longbeards with shields and handweapon would be a good choice instead of the second dwarf warrior unit.

*I* would field 1 thane with magic resist and the stuff you chose + Master rune of challenge. 19 warriors (making 20 figures) and a unit of 20 longbeards with a magic rune banner including magic resistance.

The master rune of challenge is great against anyone who is not immune to psychology, you force them to charge your thane unit instead of your artillery/riflers. Anytime you decide your opponents charge actions in thier turn will seriously turn the game in your favor.