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26-03-2008, 13:53
hi, in my gw we have a 6lvl magic allowance
rule.so its a bit hard with a tzeentch army but here goes:

exalted champion,mot,enchanted sheild,beserker sword
exalted champion,mot,barded steed,sob,sheild,scroll
exalted champion,mot,barded steed,som,sheild,scroll

23 chaos warriors,mot,fc,gor banner,sheilds,chosen
5 knights,fc,war banner,chosen

chaos chariot,mot
chaos chariot,mot

tuskor chariot,
tuskor chariot,

total 1999

i have played using it 3 times i had one massacre, one draw and i got massacred. but i still like the list. c&c welome.

26-03-2008, 18:50
Why not try a sorc lord w/ no mark, a bunch of Tz chariots, and Kh units. You'd get the best of both worlds, and with the khorne units you'd actually GAIN combat ability even though you'd lose a melee hero (for the same points, at least).

A Sorc Lord and Tz EC gives you 6 MLs, then you can make your other EC a Khorne follower.

26-03-2008, 19:13
yeh good ideas. but i dont like sorcerer lords because i think there to fragile. when for almost the same points i could have 2 ec with mot and a magic weapon of somesort.:eek: i like idea of some khorne units though. but at the moment i find two units of chosen tzeentch enough to break units by themselves (with the ec's).

Be Afraid
26-03-2008, 19:58
i'd be tempted too swap the 2 beast chariots for a martal one with the mark. and a demonic mount for mr. beserker sword. dont forget, yours EC's can still join infantry if mounted.

Cadian Desert Guard
26-03-2008, 23:08
just a question/comment, I'm new to HoC, but aren't 23 warriors kinda a lot for one unit??

26-03-2008, 23:30
Yes, chosen are too expensive to run that large. Non-chosen warriors are best in units of that size, though still too expensive to use in (almost) all 2K situations.

27-03-2008, 00:38
Not that I've had much experience, but I've found that 12 chosen with a EC are normally enough to break almost any enemy unit, so 23 is probably overkill.

27-03-2008, 11:22
yeh it might be overkill but i love it its just funny to see the look on your oppenants face when you get out 23 chosen warriors and i find that 2 tuskor chariots work better than one. i know that mounted characters can join warriors on foot thats why i have 2 exalteds in the 23 chosen!!

27-03-2008, 13:06
If you like fielding big blocks of killy troops, why not make them normal - they will still destroy everything in their path with high static combat resoultion and 2 exalteds. that would give you 138 points to get something else, like another marked chariot for example.

27-03-2008, 13:28
if your limited to 6 levels of magic take a lord with the staff of change and more marked units, then ur force will pack much more magical wallop for 6 levels

27-03-2008, 15:27
23 warriors, Tzeentch marked with 2 exalted... what is that, about 1100 points that has a leadership of 8 and only has M4? It isn't even immune to fear... how do you keep it on the table long enough to get into combat? a couple cannons/bolt throwers/rock lobbers and your unit starts taking panic tests which you can't afford. you also have no war machine hunter...

Using the same models, I would split up the warriors into 2 units... one for each mounted exalted, and drop one of the Tz chariots for furies (which you really should get)