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26-03-2008, 21:21
Vampire Lord Malagen: 450 points
General, Level 3 Wizard
Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead
Sword of Might, The Cadaverous Cuirass, Helm of Commandment, Crown of the Damned

Vampire: 195 points
Level 2 Wizard
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead
Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk

Vampire: 175 points
Level 1 Wizard
Dread Knight, Summon Ghouls, Book of Arkhan

Wight: 225 points
Battle Standard Bearer, Drakenhof Banner

10 Skeletons: 110 points
Full Command, Banner of Hellfire

10 Ghouls: 80 points

10 Ghouls: 80 points

25 Grave Guard: 365 points
Full Command, Banner of Strigos

5 Blood Knights: 320 points
Standard Bearer, Banner of the Dead Legion

Vampire Lord and the Wight BSB go in the Grave Guard unit.
Dread Knight Vampire joins the Blood Knights.
Remaining Vampire joins the Skeletons.

The plan is to buff the Skeletons, and maybe a unit of Ghouls, on the first turn or two to at least 20 strong, maybe more with good rolling. The Blood Knights will be tricky to control, what with Frenzy. I'll do my best to use terrain and maybe raised Zombies? to somewhat-screen and maybe help line up ideal flank charges. A thought might be to screen them with my super-resilient Grave Guard, and when it comes time, I run them out and Dance them into combat. To be honest, I just want to use Blood Knights. Chances are, I'll drop them for a unit of 5 or 6 Black Knights, and just beef up my core.



26-03-2008, 22:59
i dont like this list, i think as it stands you have all your eggs in one basket with your grave guard.

1. I like the combo of the magic heavy lord and the Wight King with Drackonhof banner together in a unit, but only in a minimum size unit of skeletons to keep the cost down (raise them up with ION)

Grave guard in my opinion are good enough to go it alone without character support, and by doing this you may be able to afford 2 units of 20 instead of 1 big unit.

2. Blood knights are not good, by which i mean there amazing!! but sadly frenzy kills them, you will be chasing a 50 point eagle /fast cav unit all game if your opponent plays well. (also there going to get shot to death)

The only way to avoid this is with some screaning units of your own such as dire wolves. (i cant see grave guard being able to do that effectivly?)

So either do that or what i reckon is better is to just get black knights with a wight in there. It probably costs less and will be easier to use in in a game.
Also there is no point in putting a vamp in blood knights (you actually lose attacks! 1 s4 from a frenzied horse) so if your dead set on using them, dont put the vamp in there.

26-03-2008, 23:48
so if your dead set on using them, dont put the vamp in there.

Unless you give him Blood Drinker, in which case the unit is practically invincible once it gets to combat, making it very much worthwhile having him there.

I'm never a fan of having such a small army. What happens if you face someone with a lot of cavalry, or other fast troops that can slam right into your lines with great speed? Some armies can engage in combat on the 1st turn, and if they do this against your 10 man units, they're pretty much dead.

I reckon it would pay very much to have a unit to screen the Blood Knights... they'll be the number one target in every game, and without help will get lured around all day.