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27-03-2008, 01:08
The sky burned blood red, the cacophony of screams reaching Atarxerxes almost drowned out the vox-chatter within his helmet. Sighing, he reached up and unclasped the seals. A slight hiss and the cold night air washed over the tired, sweat drenched skin of his face. He savoured the sensation momentarily before turning his face away. He was already tiring of this campaign. The uneasy feeling that stirred within him when they made planet fall had been growing steadily. The voices had been growing steadily too. Whispers…
“My Lord, may I interrupt?”
The smaller man looked up at him and Atarxerxes could see the fear in his eyes.
“What is it?”
The man, an experienced veteran of the Imperial Army swallowed.
“My Lord, the news from the scouts is not good. The target seems to have escaped before we arrived.” He stiffened slightly. “We are too late.”
“Shame”, Atarxerxes sighed. With hardly any effort, he shattered the soldiers mind with a blast of pure warp energy. As the man crumpled to the ground, he already regretted his action. Regret not for the loss of a human life. Regret because he knew using his mind in that way fed the voices.
Voices growing in strength.
Voices growing in number.
Voices growing…
Replacing his helmet, Atarxerxes turned and marched back to the waiting dropship.

As a fully paid up member of the Church of Synapse, I have been inspired to re-enter the hobby! Having read the Horus Heresy series, and seen some of the great stuff being done by the likes of Synapse, Doghouse, et al, I am currently working on a Heresy era Thousand Sons force.

Based some time after the destruction of Prospero, but before the betrayer Ahriman unleashed the Rubric, the force will be based around a small Astartes force accompanied by a contingent of Imperial Army soldiers (who have also sided with Horus).

I will be using the Daemonhunters Codex to represent the force. Grey Knight Terminators to represent the (true-scale) Astartes, Stormtroopers to represent the Imperial Army squads. Maybe a Dreadnought (if I win the Tyrus Inquisitor model I'm bidding for on e-bay!), and a Landraider.

I know its a modelling log, but the only pics I have so far are of (an armless) Atarxerxes (HQ) and two Imperial Army soldiers. Please note; Atarxerxes' legs are still a WIP!


27-03-2008, 01:29
sounds good soo far, will be keeping an eye on this

love pre heresy, and the thousand sons during this time, sould be VERY intresting

welcome to the heresy :P may you choose the best side :P

27-03-2008, 01:31

i love the guardsmen.. oops, imperial army diude, i mean! :p the extended shoudler pads look great as do the 'lasguns'

ill be keeping a close eye on this one :D

and cool intro too

Inquis. Jaeger
27-03-2008, 03:21
Wow, great minds and all that. Similarly inspired by Synapse's efforts I've started a Pre-Heresy Alpha Legion force using exactly the same method of true scaling my Marines and having some Guard accompanying! I'm using mine as a Marine force though with Scouts as Alpha Legion operatives. I'll be following this closely for ideas to nick. Looks lovely so far, keep up the good work!!

27-03-2008, 17:21
Really nice/simple fluff and the premise is pretty solid. Good luck with it!

Will you have many overt egyptian themes, or be a bit more reserved?

27-03-2008, 18:23
Nice, pre-heresy Thousand Sons. Persio-Egyptians ftw :D

27-03-2008, 22:41
Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone!

The modelling aspect will be a slow process I'm afraid. I'm learning how to use greenstuff as I go along (at the moment I'm working on Atarxerxes legs, bulking them up) and I have to admit despite being in and out of the hobby since 1989, I've never actually finished an entire army! Thats partly why this force is starting off small!
Atarxerxes will be joined eventually by another four Astartes and two squads of nine Imperial Army guys. I have an idea for the two squads to actually be the same nine man unit but before and after slight mutation. Sort of how they were when they first turned traitor, and also how they were just before the Rubric was unleashed. I personally see the betrayal of Ahriman as the end of the Thousand Sons as Astartes. Although I'm unsure about Atarxerxes (he will have fairly developed psychic powers), the rest of my marines will probably end up as dust.
As for the Egyptian theme, this will be kept to a minimum. I see these guys still mourning the loss of their homeworld. All the pomp and circumstance gone. Siding with Horus their only option, fighting for their very existance. They will be in mkV Heresy armour, scavenged or stolen from some unlucky forgeworld.

Hopefully I'll have some more stuff to show soon (the greenstuff gods willing!).