View Full Version : Skirmishers and difficult terrain

27-03-2008, 04:42
Was told by a friend that skirmishers can not travel through difficult terrain unhindered if they are not unit strength 1 (Think Salamanders). Played against another person who did not agree (I do not play Lizards often), so I looked into the rules and can not find anything about unit strength restricting movement through difficult terrain. Am I over looking a page in the rules?

27-03-2008, 07:29
There is nothing in the BRB that restricts the movement in those circumstances. Even the bit about Monsters and Handlers has the unit moving like skirmishers (so a Dark Elf War Hydra can move through difficult terrain as a skirmisher which is probably the best comparison to Salamanders).

It is also worth noting that there is no restriction that forces skirmishers to be on foot or be US1. There is a restriction that any Characters joining a skirmishing unit must be US1 and on foot.

27-03-2008, 17:24
You also have to be unit strength 1 to get the -1 shooting mod for skirmishing. But you don't have to be US1 to skirmish and get the movement benefits in the first place.