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27-03-2008, 05:36
Just finished a huge game that the whole group was geared up for.

My brets have been winning game after game, and finally the tomb king player of our group (who rarely makes it out), thought that he would challenge me with his newly painted 3000 point army.

Going in I'd bet you anything I was going to win. All I needed to do was make sure to multi-charge and hunt down his high priest. That being said, he can have a LOT of magic and I fully expected to be facing 2 high priests and 3 priests with a prince on a chariot. I started to work on a super anti-magic list, but after a while I scrapped it and decided to take the last list I used because I knew if I won with that kind of a list the group wouldn't let em hear the end of it.

This was my list (same one I used in "The fall of the runefang")

Lord Dante w/ horse, shield, silver lance, virtue of the ideal
ASB Paladin Patrick w/ horse, warbanner, virtue of duty
Paladin Malorian w/ horse, shield, morning star of francasse
Lv 4 Prophetess Elisabeth w/ Chalice of Malfleur *general**heavens*
Lvl 2 Damsel Andrea w/ horse, dispel scroll *beasts*
Lvl 2 Damsel Gayle w/ horse, dispel scroll *beasts*

8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
8 KoTR w/ FC
9 KE w/ FC, errantry banner
18 Skirmishing archers

8 Questing knights w/ FC
5 Pegasus knights
5 Mounted yeomen w/ musician

5 Grail knights

Total: 2998

His list was: (or as best as I can remember)

Tombking w/ DoE
High priest w/ cloak of the dunes, hieratic jar
Prince w/ great weapon
Prince w/ scorpian armor
Priest w/ blade of setep (might have been on the prince)

25 skeletons *Scorpian prince here*
25 skeletons w/ full command, banner of undying legion *king here*
3 chariots w/ full command
3 chariots w/ full command

23 tomb guard w/ full command *prince and priest here here*
4 ushabti
tomb scorpian
tomb scorpian
3 carrion

bone giant
screaming catspult w/ skulls of the foe
screaming catspult w/ skulls of the foe

After seeing his army I felt better. There was actually very little magic and he hadn't gone crazy and bought a bunch of scorpians or anything.

With that we set up.

I'm a bit tired so I'll write up the report tomorrow.

Feel free to make some guesses on who you think will win.

P.S. Go Bretonnia!!!

27-03-2008, 16:24
KoTR = Kights of the realm
KE = Knights errant
QK = questing knights
GK = grail knights

The board was 4X6 and there was a hill in the back left of his deployment zone. Across from the hill on my side was a forest. There was a hill at the back right of my deployment zone. Then on the far right side there was another forest.

I deployed the yeomen to the left of the left hill. The Peg knights behind the hill. Then in the clearing from left to right the lances were: questing knights (w/ damsel), KoTR (w/ lord), KE, KoTR (w/ paladin), KoTR (W/ BSB), KoTR (w/ damsel), GK. Then on the hill I had my archers and the prophetess.

He deployed his catapults on the hill, with the high priest behind the hill. To the left of the hill was a unit of chariots, and in front of the hill were the carrion. Then in the opening from left to right (my view): bone giant, skeletons w/ king (lone priest behind), tomb scorpian, tomb guard w/ great weapon prince and preist, ushabti, skeletons w/ scorpian prince, chariots. The other tomb scorpian dug in and the marker was up infront of my QK.

I prayed and he tolk first turn.

Pre-game thoughts: As I said I was VERY glad to see so little magic, and I was happy that my archers didn't have to worry about popping up scorpians for once. For the lances my plan (if they didn't run away) was for the QK to hold up the bone giant, the lord's KoTR and the KE would multi charge the kings unit. I then planned to mutilcharge and break through the other side my multi charging the ushabti. The peg knights would take care of the carrion and then the catapults, and the GK would mop up.

Turn 1 TK:

To my surprise very little moved. He cast magic to move units which I let go though, and then he would only move them a tiny bit. It became obvious this was just a ploy to try and waste my dice so he could magically fire his catapults, but since I didn't fall for the bait I dispelled it. In the shooting phase a catapult hit the lord's unit killing three, and the other catapult killed 2 archers (scatter). The chariots on the left killed 1 yeomen. I pass my panic tests.

Turn 1 Brets:

Happily seeing that his first turn was a dud I moved forward. The peg knights flew right in front of the carrion, and the yeomen moved right in front of the chariots, setup so if the chariots charged they would go off the board, and if they didn't I could charge a catapult. The rest of the knights moved up into charge range and the GK got to the forest and wheeled in to deal with the chariots if they charged. I also the the BSB unit a bit further up so if he hit it I could counter with my KoTR to their right. In my magic phase I did my best to not let those chariots move, but it was dispelled. Same with a lightning bolt at the lone priest. My shooting was ok as I did two wounds to the chariots on the right.

Turn 2 TK:

Tomb scorpian doesn't come up. Carrion charge peg knights, tomb scorpian charges lord unit, and chariots on the left charge the KoTR on the right. In his movement phase he turned the chariots on the left towards the peg knights flank (damn...), and the rest moved up. His magic tried to draw out some dice which I didn't fall for, and then he tried to magically charge his tomb guard unit into my paladin KoTR. It was only cast with a 1 but I didn't stop it because I thought they were out because they had the wheel around the ushabti. I was wrong. I fled and got away. I stopped the giant from charging and then came the high priest trying to make the chariots charge: cast, dispel scroll, cast dispel scroll, hieritic jar... crap... and they hit the peg knights flanks. Catapults killed a knight but I passed my panic test. In combat his chariots only kill 1 peg knight but out of 13 attacks I only do 1 wound to the carrion, run and are caught by the chariots (the carrion hold). The tomb scorpian does 1 wound to the lord (not killing blow thank god) and after the lord does 3 wounds back and the scorpian crumbles. The other chariot kills 2 knights, but I win combat and a chariot crumbles.

Turn 2 Brets:

Well that was a bad turn but I'm now in a position to do a lot of damage. I declare a charge with the yeomen on a catapult, the QK on the flank of the chariots on the left (do I can overrun into the giant), dual charge the lord's unit and the KE into the tomb kings unit, the BSB unit into the ushabti, and the grail knights into the flank of the chariots. The paladin's KoTR rally. Well the yeomen fail their leadership test (now although I shouldn't be surprised to fail a Ld 5 test, if I had hit and overran I would have hit the high priest behind), and so do the BSB KoTR (insert lots of swears here). Because things are so tight it turns out I can't dual charge the giant and the lord is forced to fir the giant while the KE are left to fight the king on their own. My magic phase is uneventful except that my prophetess miscasts the comet and the TK get to cast a free spell (so nothing). I shoot at the skeletons on the right and kill 2. In combat my QK roll horribly and after cumbling there is 1 chariot with 1 wound. The lord almost kills the giant on his own and the unit finishes him off, and I overrun into the catapult on the right. The KE cause only 1 wound (and it is by a horse) and after losing 3 of their own they are sent running but get away. As expected the GK smash the chariots on the right. (I made a mistake here. I thought they would over run in the direction of the highest unit strength (like when pursuing an enemy) which would have hit the skeletons, but as I was wrong they just hit into the knights beside them and stopped.

End of turn 2 thoughts: At the end of turn 2 bret players can usually tell if they are going to win or not, and I was fairly sure I was going to lose. Thanks to some failed fear tests, bad rolling, a bad call on my part, and not being able to dual charge I was in big trouble. My only hope was to regroup and hope that he didn't move the high priest so I could overrun into him. Even I killed the high priest it wouldn't do much because he had characters in every unit. I felt like giving up, and my opponent was in a rush and wanted to get done quickly, but I decided to play it out. Who knows... maybe I could get a draw...

Turn 3 TK:

Tomb scorpian comes up and hits flank of QK. Ushabti charge the BSB knights. Skeletons on the right don't move (I was baffled...). Tomb kings unit reforms to face the rear of the lord unit, and the tomb guard move up around the ushabti. The carrion moved in front of the yeomen (I don't know why they didn't just charge). I then realized why he didn't charge with the skeletons on the right or the carrion on the left. There were 4 magical charges I had to worry about... I stopped the skeletons on the right (I needed my grail knights), and had to think hard about the tomb guard trying to hit the BSB's flank. Again they would have to wheel around the usabti so I didn't think it was in... but this time I didn't want to chace it and tried to dispel it... and failed. After five minutes of debating and messuring it turned out they were in and hit my flank. I then tried to stop the tomb king from hitting my lords flank, but there was just too much and it got through. The catapult scattered and did nothing. In combat he did the tomb king first and I declared a challenge with my lord (I didn't want to be hit by the destroyer of eternities and the 1 model I had killed before was the champ so he was the only character to take it. This is where we had another rule problem. The lord wasn't touching the unit he wanted to challenge. I argued that the models in question only need to be 'engaged' by the book in order to fight a challenge, but the group ruled against me (later we looked in the book and it turned out I was right). My unit was smashed, altough I wiped out the catapult. I ran and he caught me. The tomb scorpian killed a QK but I won combat and it lost some wounds. The BSB knights (paladin) did some wounds to the ushabti, but as expected they lost combat and run, and were caught as the tomb kings overran into the KoTR unit on the far right.

Turn 3 Brets:

With things looking even worse I held my breath and waited to see if the grail knights would save the day. The paladin's KoTR rallied, but the KE kept running (although it was only 6 inches). The yeomen tried to charge the carrion but failed their fear test, and the grail knights charged into the ushabti. In the magic phase I finally got a spell off and hit the lone priest with a lightning bolt, but only did 1 wound (I think he left this guy out there to make me feel better...). I forgot to shoot. In combat the scorpian did no damage and crumbled. In the grail knight combat I made a challenge with a grail knight, but the issue hadn't been resolved yet so we got into another debate. This arguement was shorter as I didn't care at this point, and I was more angry with my self for not moving over the champion in the KoTR unit into the fighting rank. (After when looking at this rule we decided that this one wouldn't have been good anyway because although both characters could issue and accept, you are suppose to move them in their units to be in base to base, and in the this case that wouldn't have been possible.) He killed some KoTR and the KoTR run with the tomb guard chasing (but didn't catch). The grail knights held to fight the ushabti.

Turn 4 TK:

Skeletons charge into the flank of the GK, and the carrion charge into the yeomen. The Yeomen fail their fear test (so will be hitting on 6's). Tomb kings unit turns and starts heading back. And the tomb guard don't move (I assume so if GK run they run into them). The magic phase sees some skeletons being raised, and me stopping the units fighting the GK from getting a free attack. The catapult fires at the paladin's KoTR and kills two. In combat my yeomen beat the carrion and they lose a few wounds. The grail knights make a challenge and it is take by the charging tomb prince who crushes him. The other grail knights are also cut down. Tomb prince's unit over runs a bit forward.

Turn 4 Brets:

KoTR on the right, and the KE rally. Questing knights try to charge TK's unit but fail the fear test (even with the reroll). The Paladin's KoTR try to charge tomb guard but fail their fear test. My magic kills off the ushabti, and my shooting kills a couple of skeletons. In combat my yeomen beat the carrion and they crumble totally.

Turn 5 TK:

Tomb guard turn towards paladin's KoTR. Scorpian prince's unit moves toward and faces KoTR on the right. High priest flies into the tomb guard unit and then uses magic to get behind the trees on the right. The catapult misfires and can not shoot this turn.

Turn 5 Brets:

Yeomen charge into the catapult (they actually pass their fear test). QK charge the TK's unit, the KoTR on the right charge into the skeletons (there is now only the vallant, a banner, and the damsel) and the paladin's KoTR charge into the TG unit. I finish off the priest with a lightning bolt and set a comet just beside the high priest (please oh please...). Nothing to shoot. In combat my yeomen kill nothing but pass their break test. The KoTR on the right lose and are run down. The paladin does a wound to the prince and I kill 4 tomb guard. They don't kill much and I hold. QK roll horribly again and after some loses they run away.

Turn 6 TK:

The comet doesn't land and the high priest runs away. In combat my yeomen win combat after a bunch of rubber attacks from both sides thanks to my musician. The KoTR are beaten (the paladin dying to a killing blow) and are run down.

At this point he had to leave, so I didn't get my last turn, but it's not like it really mattered.

Victory to the tomb kings!

Post game thoughts:

This one really hurt. My brets have not lost a game in something like 20-25 games so it really stung. It was actually interesting to see how much pride I had in my brets and what a sore loser I was. It's not like I screamed and threw over the table, but you would have thought my dog had died or something because I was so quiet and depressed.

I do have to say though that I had some horrbile rolls when it came to fear tests and some of my charges, and it didn't help when I threw in some tactical errors too.

Hope you liked the battle report : )

P.S. Don't think that just because the invincible brets lost that you can go and crack wise about their mommas... they'll be back...

27-03-2008, 22:14
Good report. It's always more jarring than you'd expect when a long winning streak comes to an end.

28-03-2008, 03:08
Good read brother, shame the knights fell to the dry-est dead'uns around... Still Bret's, Chaos and TK are my fav armies...

28-03-2008, 13:07
I have to say I am glad to see Brets being beaten by Tomb Kings, seeing as I headshotted an opponent's Brettonian Lord on Turn 1 with my SSC...and they still won by massacre :)

Perhaps I should be sketchier with my charges just like your Tomb Kings opponent!

Just kidding :) Good Game.

28-03-2008, 13:42
It seems it's one of the things I have to work on. I know how far 16 inches, 14 inches. and 12 inches, but for some reason I always get the 8 inch guess wrong...

29-03-2008, 06:02
From the sound of it your opponent knows how to use TK magic effectively. Making his units charge in the magic phase when he can easily charge in the movement phase puts pressure on you to dispel those, allowing him to get other spells through.

Bad rolls and bad judgements, it happens. Good read.

29-03-2008, 21:34
very nice report. Even though you lost, I can see why you had a long winning streak, you're a good general.

When two good generals meet it are small things that decide the fate.... and that TK general sure knew what he was doing.

I really like the TK armybook, you really have to play them well to let their true power shine.

30-03-2008, 11:53
I have one question. You said you fled with your unit after he measured to see if he was in charge range. Do you have a banner or something that lets you do this. In all of my games you must announce your charge reaction before measuring.

Just wondering.

30-03-2008, 18:40
The issue here is that I didn't think they could make it because of how they had to move around the ushabti (I should have been more strict when they were first moving in their movement phase).

You are only allowed one wheel when charging, and I was pretty sure that one wheel wouldn't be enough. The group pulled out a quote (I should have asked to see the book) that if a unit is in range before wheels are made then it can make it inot combat. Seems silly to me and I'm prettys sure you still have to take wheeling into account but with that ruling I decided to flee.

(A lot of rule debating in this game, as is usually the case when I play against this opponent and we use ever trick in the game to beat each other.)

01-04-2008, 02:13
You are only allowed one wheel when charging, and I was pretty sure that one wheel wouldn't be enough. The group pulled out a quote (I should have asked to see the book) that if a unit is in range before wheels are made then it can make it inot combat. Seems silly to me and I'm prettys sure you still have to take wheeling into account but with that ruling I decided to flee.

For your reference, small rulebook, Pg 21, top right corner "Note that a unit does not have to complete its wheel if this would mean that it could not reach the enemy at all." You might want to look over the whole section that this is under "Manoeuvring during a charge," which starts at the bottom of page 21, just to make sure you have the whole context of the statement.

01-04-2008, 05:20
They have to wheel so that they don't hit other models though. Sure you don't need to wheel to hit the target straight on, and can clip and realignh for free, but you have to get there first.

01-04-2008, 12:51
I agree with you completely. I don't really think that this rule should even be in the book, as it causes a serious amount of confusion in my experience.