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10-10-2005, 15:06
I just got back from Tanelorn 4, the biggest Warhammer tournament in London. As has been the trend for the last few months I was using Sylvianins, my list was as follows:

Vampire Lord: Book of Arkhan, Cursed Book, Summon Wolfs Great Weapon.

Vampire Thrall: Wolf Form, Summon Wolfs, Great Wep, Heavy Armour, Shield

Vampire Thrall: Wolf Form, Summon Wolfs, Great Wep, Heavy Armour, Shield

10 Sylvianian Levy: Banner

10 Sylvianian Levy: Banner

5 Dire Wolfs

5 Dire Wolfs (scout)

3 Fel Bats

3 Fel bats

Black Coach

Black Coach

23 Grave Guard, Champion, Standard, Musition, Drakenhoff Banner, Shields

6 Black Knights (Drakenhoff Templars)

2000 pts

The same that I took to Toy soldier 4 and Heat 1 aside from the equipment on the Lord who had been using summon Bats instead of Summon wolfs and the Cursed Book. I think the list is strong but not OTT and hopefully my opponents had no problems playing the list.

Arriving at the hall early on Saturday morning and looking at some of the armies around they were a real mix of power level with some balanced all comers lists and nasty deamons including 3 Tzench flying Circuses.

I started against a well rounded high elf army played by Dominic Booth, which was beautify painted (won best army). He had Archmage, 2 Comanders, 2*5 Silver helms, 20 sword masters with banner of sorcery, 25 Speramen, 2 eagles, 2 bolt throwers and 10 Archers. Overall he had 9-11 p.d and 5 d.d. I played high wind and he played marsh lands. He deployed quite deep trying to avoid combat for as long as possible and spred out to avoid my clump around the general. I advanced slowly keeping the eagles fom march blocking, with my coaches, Dominic’s shooting was not very effective due to high winds and bad dice but over the 2 turns he had before my wolfs and bats took out his bolt throwers he took out some black knight and most of my summoned wolfs. By turn 3 I was getting close and had beefed up my Levy units so I raised some Zombies behind his 2 infantry blocks with the characters to stop them backing off and in turn 4 I hit and destroyed the Swordmasters with my Grave Guard and Vampire Lord and a helm unit including commander with a black coach and wolfs. The turn after I took out the spearmen unit with 3 Levy units. This left dom with only the archers and an eagle and a silver helm unit who butchered the black coach that charged them. I think dom blayed well with a balanced list and was unlucky with his shooting and magic (his banner of sorcery consistently produced only 1 P.D). The reason I won big was because the character we in units when I killed them. End result 3000 Tournament points to me.

Game 2 was against the a Khorne Daemon army which had also got 3000k T.P in the first round. He had: Daemon Prince, Herald, 2*16 Blood letters, 3 Blood Crushers, 1 Chariot, 2*8 Flesh hounds. I played monster slayer he played magic Flux. At first I was worried by the brutality of his units but as the game progressed I found I had enough Auxiliary units with the summoned wolfs to abuse his requirement to overrun which meant I kept his army running back to their board edge and marched blocked which allowed me to fight his units piece meal. The Black coaches were awesome in this game, luring charges and hitting flanks. I fought his Flesh hounds first then his Blood crushers (the grave guard killing blowed his herald in this fight) then finishing off his blood letters who were still chasing wolfs in there own deployment Zone. The Daemon prince eventually went down to a unit of Levy who danced into his flack on turn 2 and the Chariot was lured into Terrain by one of the Thralls. End result, I lost all my wolfs and bats but had claimed 3 table quarters and killed all his army bar the Chariot. 3000 T.P to me again.

Game 3 was now on table 1 against Barry Shendimands(?) Khorne Beasts. He had 3 War Gors (1 was a BSB), 1 beastlord, 2 large herds, 4 Chosen Knights of Khorne, Beastigor, 2*5 Centigor, 3 Chariots, Giant and 5 Furies. We both played capture. Putting the Grave markers around the objective I felt confident as my army excels at capture. In the centre my Infantry and Vampires faced off against the Giant, Chariots, knights and beastigor. The flancks saw my wolfs, knights, Coaches and bats face of with the herds and Centigor. We both felt the others center was stronger so neither off us were too aggressive. I tried to set a trap for Barry’s knights and sacrificed a thrall to take out a chariot (I felt this would give me the edge to win in the Centre). However my Plan to trap his knights did not work and lost me a thrall and a summoned Levy unit. On turn 3 I took out a centigor unit and a best herd and bogged the Giant down with levy. Barry responeded by killing my other Thrall and killing another summoned Levy unit. On turn 4 my gravegaurd with Lord crushed the Bestigor with BSB and my Levy killed some Wargors. I also made a suicidal charge with a coach into a Herd on my right flack (I was hoping for a failed terror test which would have allowed me to role up the flack of Barry’s centre). This turned out to be the last turn as we had played quite slow and had started a little late. All that happened in barrys turn 4 was the the giant falling over on my levy (it got a little over excided in its jumping) killing 14 of them and his lord killing my 2nd coach. I had killed about 400pts more of Barry than he had of me but I had managed to capture the objective with the large levy unit which were fighting the Giant which netted me an extra 750 pts as we had both played the capture scenario. End result 2950(ish) T.P to me.

So I left day 1 with 3 massacres to my name and only 50 points behind the eshin army in 1st place which I new I would meet on table 1 the next morning. By this point I was truly knackered as I had only 3 hours sleep the night before and had been up since 4 am to get to the event.

Next morning I was up bright and early at the local station only for my ‘Tourney Crew’ to be late, as always (one of them had managed to lose his voice (all the arguing with opponents I guess Razz ) and spent the whole day whispering about how rubbish his army was).

So once we finally reached the event I was not surprised to meet the Eshin army on table one. He had: Master Assassin with Fell blade, Assassin, 2*Eshin mage, 2*10 gutter runners, 4*10 Night Runners, 2*Triad and 2 tunnel teams. It was played by an Irish guy named Ross, (forum name Istari) who was a great opponent. I played capture and Ross played magic flux.
I was rely worried the Master Assassin would skiterleap into my General and butcher him so I hid the lord in the Grave guard and deployed the 2 levy units directly in front of them allowing no space for the assassin to skiterleap into. The game was quite quick with the master assassin wounding himself on turn 1 and 2 whilst killing a black coach and the black knights before he was trapped by some dire wolfs and run over by the second coach. The large block of levy then sat on the objective getting fatter and fatter due to 4 raised per turn whilst my Grave Guard, wolfs and bats killed a triad, mage, gutter runners and 20 night runners. Ross killed the 2nd coach, some summoned units and eventually the bats who were sacrificed in an effort to maintain the objective. Overall it was a major win to me as I had the objective plus more of his army than he did of mine. Overall 2600(ish) T.P to me. One major think that helped me in this game was none of my grave markers running out until turn 4 and Ross’s inability to pass a fear rally or panic test.

Going in to the final round I was ahead on generalship but the event had a lot of emphasis on painting and my army is below average in this department, so if results on other tables were to go against me then I would need a big win here to ensure an overall win. I was against Rob Mitchell who I had played at heat 1 just a few months ago and beaten so I was quite confident of a win here, things looked even better when he revealed his reluctance to play magic flux due to the effect on his instability. His list had not changed since last time we played and he used Daemon Prince, herald, 15 Plague bearers, 2*10 Deamonetts, 2*3 Pleasureseekers, 2 Nurgling Swarms, 1 chariot of slanesh and 3 Plague riders. Eventfully he played pitched battle and I played marshland. Rob, now fearful to take me on from the front due to our last game played for the draw, holding all his troops back and picking his fights with his Prince and Chariot, unfortunately for him a double charge on my black coach on a hill bounced and after a lot of combat and some levy in the flank his Chariot went down and his D.P was on one wound. On the other flank my Levy, 2 Vampires and a Coach took out 3 change bringers and both deamonette units losing a thrall in the process. In the centre I sacrificed some levy to stave of the Plague Riders and 2nd Pleasure seeker unit whilst my grave guard and lord slowly munched through the plaguebearers with some help from some levy in his flank. In this combat my Lord took 3 wounds from 5 attacks from his plague bearer champion (leaving me almost ******** my self) but he survived, just. In the end I had a major victory earning another 2600 (ish) T.P giving me a total of 14050 points for gaming out 15000.

As results on the other top tables turned out no one had won by massacre so I was quite confident of a win despite my low painting scores as I had a 2000pt head start over the rest of the field. All in all I did win, just. By about 600 pts after the painting scores were added on. So, that was my first ever tournament win at an overall great event. Finally, congratulations to Dominic on his best painted army award, they were ace and a thanks to all my opponents for some great games.


10-10-2005, 15:52

Sounds like you had a good time.

How many people attend Tanelorn anyway?

10-10-2005, 16:25
There were 40 places but 2 people did not make it so 38 overall.

10-10-2005, 22:52
Congrats Hero!

Lord Anathir
12-10-2005, 20:00
nicely done. I noticed that u played a wide variety of armies as well, high elves, chaos, beasts and eshin.

........against the high elf player, were ur batswarms and dire wolves blocked from l.o.s as u advanced? only reason i am asking is because it makes a tad more sense (in my eyes anyways) to shoot at the fast stuff first. Especially units that can take out war machines. Just curious on why people love to shoot at the heavy stuff first.