View Full Version : 1000 pt slaanesh mostly cav list.

27-03-2008, 12:48
Hi guys. I am going to a beginners' tournament tomorrow, and I made this list. It's a no-magic-common-items-only tournament.

-exalted champion with MOS, shield, daemonic mount, talisman of protection and sword of battle.

-5 warhounds.
-5 chosen knights with MOS, full command and war banner.
-5 marauder horsemen with spears, shields, throwing spears and chieftain

-tuskgor chariot
-5 mounted daemonettes

-1 spawn of chaos with MOS (3d6 movement)

I think my major weak point is low numbers.
I am also wondering if I should give my hero a daemonic mount or a fiend of slaanesh. A daemonic mount has more strength and toughness, while a steed of slaanesh is cheaper (which I could use to give my character an enchanted shield or to give my maraurder horsemen a musician), faster and has more initiative. I am planning to put my champion in the unit of knights, however, so the speed may be a moot point.

Thanks in advance

27-03-2008, 13:10
It looks alright to me but I would swap out the daemonic mount for a slaanesh one and lose the spawn to make points for a second tuskgor chariot, as I find that chariots normally work best in pairs.

Dead Man Walking
28-03-2008, 02:19
I wouldnt take a MOS, it doesnt really do anything for you. I would just go undivided except for the fiend. Too bad you cant have magic, slaanesh's utility is in its magic.