View Full Version : 1500 High Elves Tourney List

27-03-2008, 19:58
This list is a departure from my normal way of doing things, so I thought I'd get some feedback.


Noble (Joins Dragon Princes)
-Barded Steed
-Heavy Armor

Mage (Joins Spears, Lore of Shadows)
-Lvl 2
-Jewel of the Dusk

Mage (Joins White Lions, High Magic)
-Lvl 2
-Silver Wand
-Ring of Fury

19 Spears
-Champion & Standard

Lion Chariot

Lion Chariot

5 Dragon Princes
-Champion & Standard

14 White Lions
-Champion & Standard
-Banner of Sorcery

Repeater Bolt Thrower

TOTAL: 1491 pts.

27-03-2008, 22:40
i would drop both of your mages and commander.

And add a dragonmage + truthsayer if you want to go for magic dominance with a good CC ability.
I would also make one of the lion chariots 5 Dp's with musician, and either downgrade your other DP unit or give it warbanner (to actually make the horrible expensive banner bearer worth it)
- I would also make the Rbt a great eagle, or jst get one if point permits it. (maybe cutting a few unit champs and making the last lion chariot a tiranoc.
- An other thing to "cut" would be degrading your spearmen unit to just 10 seaguards with musician and shields.