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Baron of Heldaine
27-03-2008, 22:19
Thanks for looking! I have very little experience with these kind of characters, and I fully expect you to tell me that my builds are stupid :cool:


Vampire Lord; Level 3, Dark Acolyte, Master of Black Arts, Lord of the Dead, Sword of Might, Flayed Hauberk

Vampire; Hunter in the Dark, Supernatural Horror, Wristbands of Black Gold, Talisman of Lycni



19 Skeletons (with Necro); full command

14 Skeletons (with Lord); full command

15 Ghouls

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves


20 Grave Guard; full command, great weapons, Royal Standard of Strigos

10 Black Knights; full command, Standard of Hellish Vigor, barded steeds


Black Coach

Is the scouting Vampire a terrible choice? I chose him for fluff reasons, but its a lot of points for a singular character. With the 3+ ward against missiles and -1 to shoot, he should be fairly protected. He would pretty much have to hide in the shadows until the rest of the troops arrive. I would plan to coordinate his attack with the Black Knights/Black Coach, since they would be so far ahead of the rest of the troops. With that strategy in mind, perhaps terror is not a valuable option...

Anyway, thanks for looking! :skull:

27-03-2008, 23:24
Drop the sword of might from the lord, it's useless, instead, give him book of Arkhan or Sceptre de Noirot, something that would boost his already fearsome magic power.
The lonely vampire seems ok, depends on your foe, you might wanna exchange Supernatural Horror to Infinite Hatred (against warmachine) or Avatar of Death (Great weapon against chariots, etc.) Use him wisely as he really costs a lot.
Core units look fine, use wolve to screen your army. More importantly, add a corpse cart in! it's extremely handy on supporting troops from behind, use lodestone to increase to raise more models on the units.
Now special unit, don't put 10 black knights into on unit, it's effective-less, separate them into two units. (You don't have to put Command on them thoguh, They can kill enough things to win battle if you can get the charge). Also, put your lord into the Grave Guard instead of the skeleton, he would be much harder to kill.
And finally, rare unit, I wouldn't suggest fielding in Black Coach, I really don't think it's worth 200pts, I would rather go for a Varghulf.

28-03-2008, 00:03
good list, certainly not the worst i have seen. I would agree that the book or arkhan is a must.

maybe reduce the black knights down to 5 and add in a mounted wight wing bsb, with the banner of the dead legion for the auto break due to fear and outnumbering.