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27-03-2008, 22:56
My local hobby shop is starting up a new fantasy league this upcoming sunday, i'm planning on joining up. Heres the catch they are starting the league at 500pts so some of the newer players can join in. I plan on running my newly refurbished vampires and was hoping to get some advice on making a good list for them at these size battles. Now, I have been playing both vc and warhammer for quite sometime now but i can't remember the last time I played a game this small. basically with the points of the vc characters being so high its hard to come up with a really versitile list....that and I was hoping to include a corpse cart ( because they are my new favourtie unit) any ideas would be appretiated and anything in the list goes per normal restrictions. I have pretty much all the models so I'm open to any stratigy.

27-03-2008, 22:59
Would this be border patrol? Or just 500 point games?

27-03-2008, 23:00
just a 500pt game no special rules/ scenario

27-03-2008, 23:29
I don't have that much experience with vampires at this level, just started my vampire army actually. Though from experience with other armies, ill offer what little I can think of :)

What I personally would do at this points level is a ghoul army and just try and swarm the enemy, my border patrol has 2 units of 10, a vampire with the talisman of lynci and ghoul kin (135 points max on character) and a Varghulf... Or something similar, though I haven't actually given it proper thought, something similar might work...

Though I don't know, it really is down to personal choice and playing style.

27-03-2008, 23:42
well i think magic heavy Vampire counts are pretty much impossible to play at this level.
As your oponent will still be getting 2 basic dispel dice and you will be getting realisticly a maximum of 4, thats just not enough of a advantage especially if you fail to cast your first spell.

So i would not bother with magic really at all, you cant dominate enough, or simply do enough to justify spending points on it.

The one big advantage you will have is your immune the psych and that all your units cause fear, this may be enough on its own to win the battle as at this level not many people are going to have good leaderships. So rod of flaming death might be nice thinking about it.

maybe 2 units of ghouls, a couple of units of direwolves for flank charges and a monted vamp for some hitting power. Or a vamp with the tomb blade to in some way replace ION??

The big problem is that you are so vunerable to shooting with the very small numbers.

At this level a general rule would be as many units as you can get over a couple of big powerfull ones, as chances are at this level whover gets a flank charge is going to win the combat and the game. Saying that knights will be tricky to take down for any army.

I think wood elf armies at this points level in particular will be very difficult to beat, and brets and empire. Good luck mate i think your going to need it.

27-03-2008, 23:44
There are some armies that have a hard time with 500 normal games. My local store had a similar league some time ago... and I wanted to play but a) didn't really have the time and b) had a hard time trying to make a usable list (with my Brets - needing a General and a BSB w/2 core...)

I figure in a small game a really shooty army is really bad for VCs. I'd try a Vampire in a Skellie unit with a Tomb Blade (bonus raising they can't stop in a 500 pt game should be powerful). And then probably a unit of Zombies to fill your other Core. Then something to deal with pesky Warmachines/shooty units... maybe 3 Wraiths (that should scare the crap out of most ppl at 500 pts).

Can you IoN back Skellies which were raised with a Tomb Blade? (ie. they would be above the starting max unit size, but they are "raised models" not "new models"... they were "killed")??

Vampire w/Tomb Blade, Flayed Haubrek
14 Skellies w/Std
20 Zombies
3 Wraiths

I'm still trying to figure out my lists.. still trying to get over losing Dire Wolves not counting towards min core (I do have lots of them).

Lord Dan
28-03-2008, 00:02
Vampire (100)-------------------------------------175
Dark Acolyte (30) Summon Ghouls (15) Flayed Hauberk (25) Biting Blade (5)

5 Dire Wolves (40)---------------------------------40

11 Ghouls (88)-------------------------------------88

12 Ghouls (96)-------------------------------------96

Corpse Cart (75)-----------------------------------100
Unholy Loadstone (25)

Total: 499

Invocate, invocate, invocate.

28-03-2008, 05:24
A nice, balanced army :). I think I would drop the corpse cart and buy an extra Vampire. Even if you leave him vanilla, it's an extra power dice for IoN, and a leader for the other ghoul unit. Also, drop Dark Acoloyte and the biting blade, and get Avatar of Death (2HW) and the black periapt.