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28-03-2008, 10:13
Been playing with Lizardmen recently, and been trying to find a list I'm happy with. So here it is:

2nd Generation Slann, BSB, Warbanner, +1 spell plaque, Diadem of Power, Bane Head=575pts
Yes I know he's a 2nd gen, and will most likely become a machine gun slann, but with no salamanders I was finding I really needed the extra damage potential in the magic phase.

Skink Priest, Level 2, Blood Statuatte of Spite=130pts
Slanns eyes, and his 2 dice are normally quite helpful if he gets a good spell on heavens. The blood statue is simply becuase I had the pts, and it's not that bad at wizard assinations.

Scar Vet, LA, GW, Shield, Charm of the Jaguar, Mark of Tepok, Mark of the Old Ones=168pts
Has an 18" reach out and touch potential, goes after mages in units without champions, or simply helps boost 1 of the sauras units. Also adds a dispel dice as I'm currently running lists with no scrolls. I prefer old ones over sotek, rerolls are better than +1A in my opinion.

15 Sauras, Standard, Musician=198pts
15 Sauras, Standard, Musician=198pts
Basically the same unit, there quite a few pts that don't actually achieve much at all. They don't do that much, just sit there and look threatening. But at least they have equal numbers with the skinks.

10 Skinks=60pts
10 Skinks=60pts
10 Skinks=60pts
The real stars of the lizarmen army, not sure how to equip them yet, I've been trying them with blowpipes so far just for the extra shots.

3 Kroxigor=174pts
3 Kroxigor=174pts
I've seen a lot of Lizardmen playes rave about how good these are, I can't really say they've impressed me that much. Mainly there as anti-chariot/cavalry and anti stank duty.

3 Terradons=105pts
3 Terradons=105pts
These guys are great, fly, hit and run and 3 S4 attacks each murders wizards.

This guy impresses me more and more after each game. Most my games so far have been against High Elves and big Phoenix Guard blocks and he's held them all up for the whole game. Just make sure the slanns within 12" and he is even harder to break.

So that's about it, I know there's a 2nd Gen Slann, but other than that it's your standard lizardmen army, the main inclusion of the slann as said above is the absence of salamanders, because I roll terribly with them and also I prefer the steg.

So any opinions at all are welcome,

28-03-2008, 11:25
Id say you should take out 15 sarri for 10 temple guard, and prefferably find points for your slann to carry a magic standard. Huanchis and unseen lurker can be very good together.

Make shure you get steed of shadows for the 38" charge on the jaguar warrior!

28-03-2008, 12:12
Only thing about this list is no cavalry. I would take out the terradons and use saurus cavalry.

28-03-2008, 19:10
Saurus Calv are not that good. I say leave the terridons.

28-03-2008, 20:54
Maybe its because my style of play but I find saurus cavalry more useful than kroxies, especially if you give them huanchi banner

29-03-2008, 18:27
Krox and Saurus Cav provide a similar role though: hard hitting hammer unit. Krox hit harder, but have lower WS and M. Saurus are cheaper and faster, but don't hit as hard.

In the end, it depends on what you feel you need and which models you like best. Saurus Cav can also press more attacks into a smaller space, which is also beneficial. If you find yourself doubting the Krox you could always get a unit of SC and try them out.

Personally, I like the higher Str of Krox more, but that's me.