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28-03-2008, 12:24
I field an all Goblin army, all of the time. I've been working on the orcs slowly, but I mean SLOWLY! There is a 1250 point tourney coming up and god blessit I wanna win! I figure at 1250 I should have a fair shot considering I oughtta be outnumbering my opponents. So give me some opinions and help me make this list hard as nails.

1 goblin warboss
light armor
luckys dirk
enchanted shield
warboss umms best boss at

2 lvl 2 night bolin shamans
1 with 2 dispel scrolls
the other has staff of sneaking stealing
(this effectively give me 6 power and 5 dispel)

1 unit of 28 and 2 units of 29 night goblins with spears and full commands along with 1 fanatic each

2 units of 5 forest goblin spider riders with champion, musican and bows

2 goblin spear chukka's

1 rock lobba

1 dogs of war cannon (for insta-killing pesty corpse carts)

I don't think the list is bad, but I think it could probably be better. I've been beating around the idea of dropping the spiders and taking trolls or a giant because of fear/terror or something to distract their attention away from my other stuff for a bit and usually both of those units are good at that.

HELP! I wanna win dammit... I've won 3 or 4 best appearences with my army but it'd be awfully nice to win a best general or overall award.

Count de Monet
28-03-2008, 13:06
I'd definitely keep the spiders. Fast cav is too handy not to have if you can. If nothing else, spiders can hide behind/in terrain and annoyingly march block enemy units, then secure/contest table quarters at the end of the game.

The list looks pretty good to me. Things might want to change could be:

-Drop spears if possible. I keep them for looks, but generally I'd say HW/Shield is better, just go for static CR mostly. At this point level, I'd say you're likely to outnumber and have a better shot at rank bonuses, especially if your artillery and fanatics can strip off a few guys off the enemy coming in.

-Use the points to add some nets or more fanatics.

28-03-2008, 13:30
maybe turn one unit of Gobbos into bows.

28-03-2008, 14:48
Yeah I've never found goblin bows useful at all. Too short a range. I have seen someone else use them as the bait unit though. They had a unit of shortbowmen with some fanatics in it and when the opponents flanking unit got there they were rudely surprised.

I never really thought of dropping the spears. I always just kinda took them because they were there. Although the fighting in ranks thing is really handy, but I could also see you saying that shields keep my ranks up longer. They come with hand weapon shield, I like the spears, but I guess I can see what is about to charge them before picking spears.

28-03-2008, 16:09
Unfortunatly you cant have a Goblin Warboss in an under 2000pts battle :/

28-03-2008, 17:04
Sorry meant big boss, apparently i typed wrong! LOL!

28-03-2008, 17:18
I'd give the Big boss "Amulet of Protectyness" rather than Enchanted shield, and the Best boss 'at.

One, he's likely to come against another character, so you can nick their armour save (which will invariably be just as good as, or better than your own 4+) oh and you can nick their ward save (everyone gives their general a ward save) That way, you can give him Martogs basher, or a great weapon to keep him cheap.

This either frees up some points to spend on another fanatic, or, give the Best Boss 'at to a shaman.

OR...as I've done in my, drop the Rock Lobber, Find 30 points somewhere and take squig hoppers, 7 of them. its 105 points and hits like a steam train, I love em. I think it'll do better than the (notoriously bad in my army) Rock lobber. Immune to Psychology, with 2 s5 attacks, is great, they'll sort a Corpse cart out.

The Blue Knight
28-03-2008, 17:26
It does my little twiested green heart good to see another all Goblin player...
You definatley will want some nets as they can keep your casaulity count down in combat resolution

Keep the spider riders as they can really upset your opponents plans by going over dry terrain quickly.

I don't know how I feel about a DOW cannon, I just can't see scardy little ones tolerating something like that...even on their own side.

Don't knock the archers too much they have suprised me once in with some outstanding feats, plus they add to your drops, and help you create a very large battle line.

28-03-2008, 17:48
I would definitely consider some Squigs (either type is fine) and I would never bother upgrading my shamans to level 2 if all they got was defensive gear. For that matter, I would not bother with this much magic defense at 1250 pts.

And I'd definitely give my general a a different weapon (Best Basha or a simple great weapon).

Note also that Corpse Carts are not chariots and so weapons with Strength 7+ have no special effect on them.

28-03-2008, 18:07
Why no doom diver?


I play VC myself and my m8 is a good Cheasser so I lose my general a few times form a doom diver. Realy all VC models cause fear. but for me a doom diver cause fear for me!!! they realy owned me a few times. Realy if I was playing gobbo's I defently would go for the doom diver ;)

28-03-2008, 19:31
I do like doom divers; in fact I have 2 of them for larger games.

I was unaware that the corpse carts werent' effected by the instakill at ST 7 rule. I havne't looked at the new book, just going off the little tidbits I hear. What exactly are the corpse carts; stat lines, uses, etc?

As for the DoW cannon, I took it because while I could kill chariots and corpse carts with the rock lobbas the cannon is a lot more likely to hit its target. Just from my experience. I'm good at guess ranges, but the game still depends on dice and that artillary dice can be very unforgiving to flying rocks.

I have squig hoppers, but had not intended on taking them at such a low point cost game. Their randomness can either make them great or terrible. At 1250 I don't feel that 105 point unit that isn't guaranteed to do what I want was worth it. Of coruse it being immune to psychology could make it useful against other players who are running fear. Well except against VC which wont give a hoot.

I really like the goblin magic. I've seen knights drop to a good gaze of gork roll, and nobody sees that coming... D6 ST2, but no Armor Save. LOL!!!! Not to mention the extra 2 dispel dice from it. I should point out that I am expecting 4 of the 10 people who show up at this tourney to be playing VC and possibly 5. I feel that shutting down their magic phase will be a key point to keeping them down.

As for nets I don't have a single netter model. I need some. How many nets come in the current NG box sets if anyone knows? Or does anybody know if a place I may be able to obtain the old metal netters? I was going to modify some of my NG archers from the BfSP sets to be firing nets attatched to aarows, but just haven't gotten around to putting in the effort yet.

My goblin army is seriously comprised of almost entirely skull pass sets. :) I have a 3500 point goblin army for which I paid probably less than 250 dollars U.S. I have 150 NG spearmen from the BfSP set. It's a good time at tourney's, the bulk army will be hitting up the Ard Boyz tourney in April. 3500 points of green goblin goodness. :)

28-03-2008, 20:16
dont be afraid for corpse car's.
WS2 S2 T4 W3 A2d6

only look out for the regeneration and the 2d6 attack's can be nasty ;)
but it's not a chariot ofcourse ;)

28-03-2008, 21:11
Do they have any kinda armor save? Stone throwers make actually be better in the instance of them not being chariots as if a stone hits it it's a D6 wounds... Now instakil! :p

Do they get impact hits? Or anything special? What's there movement rate?

28-03-2008, 21:36
5+ armour save :P I just saw this :) didn't know myself haha
movement rate 4 cant march (unless within 12" of the general or 6" whitin a vampire unit) No impact hit's becouse it's not a chariot it's also NO large target ;)
it's just a unit on a chariot base that move slow and helps out with magic becouse:
It have a magic effect that gives enemy wizards a -1 on casting.
It can be riden by a necromancer.
It can be upgraded by a bound spell that makes unit's within 6" get Alway's strike first.
It can be upgraded by a effect that gives +1 wound when casting IoN on a unit.

its bad in CC!!!! only the 2d6 attacks are nice but the ws2 and s2 are crap ;)

Count de Monet
28-03-2008, 22:20
As for nets I don't have a single netter model. I need some. How many nets come in the current NG box sets if anyone knows? Or does anybody know if a place I may be able to obtain the old metal netters? I was going to modify some of my NG archers from the BfSP sets to be firing nets attatched to aarows, but just haven't gotten around to putting in the effort yet.

Go to the grocery store. Buy a bag of fruit/sponges/whatever that come in those plastic net bags. Cut various patches out, place over NG unit. Tadah, nets! :D Also easy visual reminder for what enemy units are affected - lay net over affected unit.