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28-03-2008, 16:10
Hello. Ive used to play quite small games at about 500-1000pts. But now I want to begin trying bigger games so ive made a 2000pts list that I could trim to 1500 if I would need. But now I need help with wath is good and wath is not ive done a force as a basis that you can comment and criticise.


Black orc warboss, heavy armor, shield 154pts

Orc big boss, extra choppa, light armor 76pts

Night goblin shaman, level 2, 3mushrooms 115pts


24 boys, 2 choppas, full command 198pts

24 boys,shield, full command 176pts

34 night goblins,spears, full command, 3 fanatics 235pts

10 spider riders, full command 160pts


20 black orcs, full command, noggs baner of butchery 223pts

orc chariot 80pts

Rock lobba, orc bully 75pts

2 Spear chukkas, orc bully 80pts


3 trolls 120pts

Giant 205pts

TOTAL:1997 points

So thats it. Im not sure about the trolls ive heard their quite useless. But wath to you think?

Thanks in advance!

28-03-2008, 16:24
i think you should make your hero a black orc instead, and maybe give your lord some magic items, A ward save, and the kicking boots come to mind.

- id probably switch out the rock lobbah with 2 more bolt throwers as well

- With just 1 lvl 2 mage in 2k even with the 3 shrooms you will be hard pressed to get any magic off, id suggest taking some scrolls instead, then take a black orc bsb with the spirit totem so you can at least dispel enemy magic.

idk overal you got some nice units in here but you have a low model count and no magic,

- drop the command on the spiders, and spilt them into 2 units of 5, u can actually keep the musicians, but drop the champ and banner

28-03-2008, 16:37
Yer fighter characters are sorely underequipped, yer Night Goblins are far too expensive, yer fast cavalry unit is twice as large as it should be and has too many command options (i.e. more than a musician) and yer Black Orcs are too expensive*. And yer magic is quite unimpressive.

I see a lot of fat that can be trimmed away and put into better use (more models, better equipment for your characters).

Trolls are by no means useless. I quite like to field a pair of single Troll units in my army and they have heaps of uses. I would not field them in units of 3, though.

More: Orcs & Goblins Tactics page (http://folk.ntnu.no/tarjeia/avian/subpage.php?s=index_greenskin_tactics)

* for one thing, the unit costs 323 pts, not 223 pts, as you have listed it

31-03-2008, 16:58
Thanks for the replies and double thanks for the article it's GREAT!:D After reading the articel throughoutly and looking at your comment ive scrathched my old WAAAGH! and built a new. Wath do you think about it? Is this any better at bashing 'eads?


Black orc warboss, Boar, Ulag's akkrit axe, warboss Umm's best boss 'at, shield, heavy armor .233pts

Black orc big boss, Boar, battle standard bearer, heavy armor, Mork's spirit-totem .180pts

Night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealin .100pts

Goblin big boss, Amulet of protectyness, great weapon .64pts


23 orcs, shields, full command .168pts

23 orcs, extra choppas, full command .191pts

33 night goblins, full command .119pts

20 night goblins, musican, short bows, .64pts

20 goblins, shields, musican .84pts

5 goblin wolf riders, spears, musican .71pts

5 goblin wolf riders, short bows, musican .71pts

5 forest goblin spider riders, musican .71pts


18 black orcs, musican, standard, noggs banner of butchery .277pts

Orc boar chariot .80pts

2 spear chukkas .70pts

Rock lobba, orc bully .75pts


Troll .40pts

Troll .40pts


The orc units are each joined by a black orc. They the black orcs and the big night golbin block( joined by the night gobbo big boss) is my main fighting force. They are supported by the smaller gobbo units and the trolls. The chariot gives them a bit extra punch. The fast cavalry units sweep down the flanks harrasing enemy units killing of war machine crew and sowing other mischief. All the while my warmachines rain down fire upon the enemy. Or thats the plan at least...

Please comment! how can this be made better?

Thanks in advance!:p

01-04-2008, 14:43
No comments:cries:.

But anyway in the new army list I could also drop he Black orcs to 15 and thus save 65 points wick I could use on staff of sneaky stealin/2 dispel scrolls on my shaman. I could also get anpther small supporting units of night goblins (or add 2 fanatics to the existing uits.
Would this be a god idea and how should I spend the spare points if it is?

Please help me!:(

01-04-2008, 18:36
Personally I use Black Orcs 6 wide in units from 13 to 18, with a magic banner (any of the 25 pt ones) and that has worked decently, provided my opponent cannot shoot too much. I would not use 20 (5 wide), as with one dead model I lose a point of rank bonus and have fewer models in combat.

Otherwise it looks quite nice, but I'd consider a bit more gear on your last two characters. :)