View Full Version : Voiceofthewarp sculpts on schedule and with plenty of warning

28-03-2008, 21:09

So, since my last sculpting log died a quick but melancholy death I decided to start another one with a slight less OTT name. Here with have the continued halfling, new stuff is the pig, the ears, the trousers and of course the other foot. The pig still needs a head, a back leg and a tail tho' The other sculpt is a 15 mm sculpt I have finished, I call him "Ash-waste-desert-nomad-sniper-type-bloke-with-huge-gun" Easy to remember right? Roll on the pictures:

Halfling front
Halfling back (only the pig really)
Hope you like them, the halfling will eventually be available in resin and there is a good likelyhood that the "Ash-waste-desert-nomad-sniper-type-bloke-with-huge-gun" will be sold to a company too. I don't know the name though, as thecompany hasn't launched yet. I'll let you know when it does.