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28-03-2008, 21:39
Vampire, Dread Knight, Walking Death, Black Periapt

Vampire, Dread Knight, Battle Standard Bearer, The Drakenhof Banner

Wight King, Barded Skeletal Steed, Sword of kings


20 Zombies

20 Zombies

4 Fell Bats


6 Blood Knight, Full command, The Flag of Blood Keep


Yes, this list VERY cheesy. But I think it could be very powerful and kinda fun to play too.

Is there anything that could defeat the Blood knight unit?
Frenzy means they can be baited of course, which is why i have a Fell bat screen.

They will be placed in 2 ranks meaning that I will get a fair amount of attacks back even if i am flanked(wight king will be on right extreme side, vampire general on the left extreme and BSB in middle). My static CR is +3 (standard +1, battle standard +1, walking death +1) and with a unit strenght of 18 I have a fair chance of getting another for outnumbering.

The deal with the wight king is this; if anyone challanges, he will accept because he has T5, 3 Wounds AND Killing Blow on 5+, meaning he will be pretty tough to kill while he has a 50% potential of outright killing his opponent.

The knights have 2+ save, 4+ ward vs magic/shooting and 4+ regeneration. In addition, I have 2 vampires and with the black periapt i'll be getting 5 PD/turn meaning I'll proably be able to raise a few should they die.

So, I reckon this will be a tough nut to crack.

I know, this list IS cheesy and not something that I plan to use often, prehaps once or twice to suprise my opponents and for the fun of watching the destruction they havoc.

How would you play using this list? How would you play against it? Are there any tweaks you'd make to make the list even more powerful?


28-03-2008, 21:52
6 blood knight suported by 3 characters?
at least add 1 blood knight so you have a rank bonus ;)

characters cost 560 points
blood knight's cost 455 points (+55 if you add another blood knight)
this is 1015 points that's more than 3/4 of your army!!!!!
so all your spells go on this unit al the shooting go on this unit...

A little expiriance from me:
last week I battled a big battle from 4k with my empire agains VC.
He had 4 unit's 9 blood knight's with a vampire inside couvered by fell bat's and dire wolfs.
I shoot down the fell bat's and dire wolfs with my handgunners.
than I shoot with 4 hell blasters all the unit's bloodknight's down!!!!! (1 unit had a vampire and 2 bloodknights left but they get slayn when I shoot with my last handgunners and some outriders on them ;)
My oponent could cry at that moment... this trust on the blood knight in the first turn GONE...
My point is when you trust on a big unit that's the attention of you oponent!!!!!
bether make 2 or 3 unit's that lure the atention from your enemy ;)

28-03-2008, 21:59
i think that vc is one of the few armies where this can work if you play it properly
be very warey of any army with the lore of metal however as spirit of the forge can dismantle this unit scarily fast

28-03-2008, 22:00
My point is when you trust on a big unit that's the attention of you oponent!!!!!
bether make 2 or 3 unit's that lure the atention from your enemy ;)

Yes, but the good thing about having them all in the same unit is they all get the 4+ ward and 4+reg. Also this is a 1250pt list, so i cant have more than 1 rare unit. So spreading them isnt an option.

Yes, I could have another blood knight, but then I'd have to drop my fell bat screen.

29-03-2008, 00:43
It looks like a cool list. I've always liked the idea of lots of tooled up characters hammering forth, side by side, so this looks cool to me.

I think you should drop one knight and buy a second unit of 3 bats. This way, you can use one to screen the knights and one to hunt any warmachines that will be a threat to this unit. You could also try taking summon creatures of the night (15pts) so that your vampire(s) can expand your bat unit screen, with the end result of having a unit that will intercept any units that manage to escape the wrath of your vampires :D

Also, drop walking death, it's overkill and probably not needed - more bats! :D

29-03-2008, 02:25
I like the idea of the list -- it would at least be easy to carry to your games -- but I'd be concerned that your frenzied unit might be diverted and stuck in a forest somewhere for a few turns -- or that you might end up charging at (and smashing) a single unit before getting simultaneously charged by three or four enemy units and Combat Resolution'd out of existence.

29-03-2008, 07:47
The problem is that it's overkill mostly. Blood Knights don't need characters to win combat against most units (they're like Knights of Khorne, but with LANCES!). The absolutely destroy every RNF unit in the game, ogres included. They also get shot to bits by artillery barrages, but such is their lot in unlife. All eggs in one basket approaches are too easily countered by canny opponents: better to split those heroes up with other units so that you win on multiple fronts. Also, keep in mind that characters in units of Blood Knights suffer all the penalties, but none of the benefits, of the unit's Frenzy.

29-03-2008, 16:12
should work

I cant see much killing that at that point count. Really it just reminds me why I only play 2000 and up :p.

In a tournament though watch out, because it should be relatively easy to force a draw or at least keep you to a minor victory. Most armies have enough shooting/magic to kill the fellbats, then it only takes 1 sacrificial unit (though I would just bait them into the woods because there is very little that can actually kill them, even in the flank).

And honestly, seeing that army across from me on a tournament I would just force the draw.

29-03-2008, 18:58
why go to all that hassle for blood knights???

Just get a dirty big unit of Black Knights. Lose the regen, lose the drakenhof. 3x characters, min core and as many black knights as possible.

Like this:
Vampire, Dread Knight, Walking Death, Blood Haulberk (general)
Vampire, Dread Knight, Eternal Hatred Battle Standard Bearer
Wight King, Barded Skeletal Steed, Sword of kings

490 pts

20 Zombies
20 Zombies

160 pts

19 Black Knights
FC, Warbanner, Barding
597 pts.

I cant stress enough how much of a waste it is to put characters into blood knights. They hit practically as hard as a vampire hero anyway. (diffrence is negible for cost).

29-03-2008, 20:27
weel maybe split the unit of black knights into two units and yeh thats pretty sick!!! ps dis is wolfenstein on weemos computer!!!!:wtf:

29-03-2008, 23:51
If i were going to play like this i would use Lord Manfred on horse with a vamp bsb with the regen banner then have 2 vamps in a unit of 10 skells with MotBA and then a unit of ghouls, then the rest of the points go on Blood knights with full command and the banner of blood keep.

Trust me i'v tried it
Just spam raise on the Blood knights whenever any of them die and the unit is naigh unkillable think u should get 7 knights oh and i think i gave Manfred the skull staff

just my thoughts but from my experience it wrks wonders!


30-03-2008, 02:30
How the heck is that cheesy? Both sides nead to manuver correctly to have a decent chance of winning, espeialy u. Id say BKs are best left alone.