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Brother Bart
29-03-2008, 07:09
Just got my a$$ handed to me in a 1500 pt battle. How the heck does a night goblin army stand any sort of chance vs an army where every unit causes fear and ignores psychology? I had a unit of black orcs (with boss) that got bogged down by skellies with that banner that doubles their number for combat res. Every other unit including my squig jumpers and my spider riders ran away when charged, or failed to charge due to involuntary "shaking in boots" syndrome. I had two level 2 shamans with dispel scrolls and one with a staff of (+1 to dispel rolls) which did OK against my opponent's magic for the first couple of rounds (until I ran out of scrolls). I miscast on Mork wants ya! and forgot the spell for the rest of the game. lame. I had 3 blocks of 30 night gobbos with spears, shields, and nets and a fanatic each, full command, 2 of them joined by the shamans. The 7 Ld is better than the standard 5 but still sux when you are forced to roll so many fear checks. all the fanatics did was kill some zombies that weren't even on the table when the game started.

Anyone have any advice? i dont have any warmachines/artillary, and it would seem a good idea to use ranged weapons on an army with little to no ranged capability...and the short bows have that crappy 20 inch range. I do have at least 6 of each type of troll and a giant...these are hard to squeeze into a 1500 pt game and the upgrades for the different troll types are expensive (20pts?! thats half of another troll!!!).

29-03-2008, 08:02
well squig hoppers are imunis to psyc.. so would not care about fear and do quite abit of damage...

goblins unfortunatly need an orc to lead them, else bad thing happen...

29-03-2008, 08:43
Obviously anything that causes fear will at least be solid for you, and a giant wont usually run until he is dead. Id have a giant for sure. Nothing beats the look on a vampire players face when you roll "pick up and..." in a unit with his vamps in front. I managed to roll that then a 6 and shove 2 vampires down my drawers for later. (he didnt wound me) Plus jumping up and down on an undead unit can kill it in 1 turn. (the rank and files anyways.)

29-03-2008, 11:54
Take 2 giants, and a black orc warboss with battle ax of the last wagg. The ax will smash right threw most vamps, and with a BSB, giants are almost unbreakable.

Night gobboes with nets are actualy very good infanty. They will easily outfight skelletons.
The Doom Driver could do ok replacing a Giant, landing gobboes on vampires.

A unit with 3 fanatics can crush blood knights, as they have to charge on threw 3D6 S5 hits. If you wnat to make shure your unit doesn't die in the prosses, place another fanatic laden unit beside it for extra power.

O&G have several great anti-magic items like morc's spirit totem and the sneeky steeler.

29-03-2008, 13:10
I think he can only have 1 rare in a 1500 point army. I certainly play with 2 giants in my Doombull Minotaur army. It kinda cuts down on the randomness a little. Besides I need large scary things to shoot rather than my minotaur units even with the MoN + light armor on them they make pretty sweet targets.

29-03-2008, 13:32
I massacred the new Vamp Counts the other day with my Night Gobbo heavy army at 2,000 points. The BatRep is in the BatRep board. I had a Great Shaman and two normal Shamans [all Night Gobbo] then a Black Orc Big Boss as my General for Ld [he joined a unit of Orcs to give them a good Waaagh].

My Squig Herd did great, they chomp through skellies, I find 5 herds at 150 points a bargain. 5 Ranks with 10 S5 Attacks!, plus you are immune to phsychology, it should crunch through anything short of gravegaurd.Your normal Gobbos can chop up zombies. Gork'll Fix it will seriously hamper your enemy in the magic phase and Fanatics should deal with his Blood Knights or Lone characters.

It is a tough match up for Orcs and Gobbos [especially Gobbo heavy] but It is not impossible at all.

Brother Bart
29-03-2008, 16:17
Ok, it might help if I knew all the special rules for my units...I totally forgot that squig hoppers were immune to psychology. So they ran away regardless.

I will definitely take squig hoppers and herds along with my Black Orc unit in my 2000pt army, but what do I use the 4th special slot for? a couple of spear chuckas? an orc chariot? another block of Black Orcs?

And 2 Giants is definitely better than say a Giant and six trolls?

Thanks for the advice guys!

29-03-2008, 16:26
I will definitely take squig hoppers and herds along with my Black Orc unit in my 2000pt army, but what do I use the 4th special slot for? a couple of spear chuckas? an orc chariot? another block of Black Orcs?
a second unit of hoppers :p

And 2 Giants is definitely better than say a Giant and six trolls?

I prefer the trolls, they're way harder to kill, and more efficient against certain things (blood knights).

29-03-2008, 16:32
2 giants is clearly superior to giant and trolls. You have problems with Ld, don't force yourself to test more.

Also giants are great in pairs, because they are random but one of them will usually go wild and win the day for you.

for a last special choice (though you dont have to fill special choices) maybe a chariot for support charges, or another block of black orcs if you have the points.

29-03-2008, 16:48
Giants are random in thair offence, but they are actualy very reliable in thair ability to hold enemy units in place.

29-03-2008, 17:34
Also giants are great in pairs, because they are random but one of them will usually go wild and win the day for you.

Well, I know it's rare, but did that ever happen to you: your two giants charge the same unit; first one, oh, joy, jumps up and down and flattens the unit completly, and no matter how many wounds the other will do, you know you've won and you're gonna make the enemy run (unless double 1)/crumble. Then you roll the attack for the second giant and... he screams. Yeeeeh, your huge victory! You know win the combat by... 1. And both your giants are stuck in combat for yet another turn. Holding the enemy? Sure, they do that well, but I'd say it's more your 410 points that are stuck, honestly. IMHO (river) trolls are better, they wipe the floor of anything the VC can throw at them (bare lone vampires, since only one troll will fight), they take any kind of beating w/o a sweat, and so on. On the other hand, watch your giant get killed by varghulfs, black coaches, blood knights, wraith units or banshee screams...

29-03-2008, 18:12
banshee screams will have trouble, a black coach will be held up and almost invariably lose wounds (often in a bad way with the club hit), the varghulf has a good chance of getting smashed as well (and remember that that thing is almost the same price as a giant)

Trolls have a good chance of going stupid and they wont take a black coach or cav and survive.

And yes, I have had my giants do stupid things, the dumbest of which is in a combat I was winning by a ton, he threw the enemy 400 pt lord out of the unit so I didn't kill him.

I have also had my giants destroy full lances of bretonnian knights that charged them, kill treemen (something they are very good at) and generally deal with every enemy in the game.

The problem with trolls is that they have the same weakness as goblins, leadership. A pair of giants however aren't going to budge.

29-03-2008, 18:25
Just want to cast my vote for two giants. they're fun and can potentially tie up to big units for a couple of turns. Most vampires rely on ward saves, how about a warboss with that trinket that allows no wards saves? Wolf and spider riders are good as they can get round the flanks and nullify combat res. Also, don't forget Gobbla. There something immensly satifying about killing blowing blood dragon lords!

29-03-2008, 20:05
Do people frown on using two giants in the same way they would look at two earthshaker cannons?

29-03-2008, 20:34
Although I generally have a fondness for Trolls, I would also vote for 2 Giants in this case. The clincher is the lack of missile fire in a VC army which means that being a Large target is not a problem. Also LD10 and stubborn means they are unlikely to budge no matter what your opponent throws at them (even Banshees).

Just watch out for a canny opponent using Spirit Hosts or big zombie units to tarpit them. Try to keep something mobile handy to bring in the extra combat res if your opponent tries to simply tie the Giants up and leave them.

Also watch out for Ghouls as those poisoned attacks can do nasty things in spite of T5. :eek:

30-03-2008, 18:47
The 2 giants will mop the floor, also squighoppers are good against VC.

30-03-2008, 18:54
use the 2 giants for sure

02-04-2008, 12:25
oh.. this almost wants me to digs out my old nightgoblins army...
no one here plays fantasy battles anymores so it is retired and i only play 40k...

you should not takes any giants or black orcs or silly things like that :P
the only good armys is a night goblin one.

Night goblin warboss, shamans... leaders.... no silly orcs or big people! just small ones!

you also have to realise that playing a night goblins army is not so much about winnigs (even if it happens).
running around, fighting your own units in a nice brawls, or just chasing a squigs or randomly running can be fun too, and both you and the enemys gets a fun game.

you haves to get into the mind of the night goblin, and not only see the winnings... to see the small values in lifes... like beating the guy next to you with a club cause he had a better looking robe, or drinking fungus beers instead of shooting the bow... there is so many others good things... not just crushing enemies, even if that can be fun aswell!

02-04-2008, 13:33
Take the Horn of Urgok as well, the +1Ld can be a life saver.

02-04-2008, 13:57
And more fanatics! Not one per unit -- max out the fanatics in a few units and line those units up against high-priority targets.

02-04-2008, 23:22
About giants, dont forget that when they die they tend to take their enemies with them. I had one fall on my graveguard last game, and killed 10 of em.. ouch!

vinny t
03-04-2008, 16:57
Use as many fanatics as possible. They are always an unwelcome surprise, but don't let him get IoN near your fanatic units.

03-04-2008, 18:47
Use as many fanatics as possible. They are always an unwelcome surprise, but don't let him get IoN near your fanatic units.

Ethereal units are also a big risk with Fanatics. Personally I am not sure they are worth the risk against VCs. An undead player has too many ways to spring them in the middle of your army.