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I wrote this a few months back about a game of BFG I played, Tau vs Necrons. It was an incredibly interesting game, and alot of interesting things happened so I largely 'narrated' the story much in the same style as the background and fluff from the BFG BBB. Hope you enjoy!

The Battle of N’dras

In the Tau’cyr preceding the Taros Campaign, with the instatement of the many specialised Commerce Protection vessels across the Empire and the consolidation moves in full swing after the calming of the Third Phase Expansion, the rise in severely anomalous encounters deep within Tau borders had increased twelve-fold, particularly within and around the long abandoned Sept of N’dras.

Of the reports, the most perturbing to Fio and Kor observers in the remaining way-stations was of high energy solar activity in regions far from the central star of the system. Particularly, in orbit around the seventh world, were peculiar effects most similar to that of a solar flare. Indeed phantom readings plagued sensors across the system were such that even the migrant Bentu’sin operation in nearby systems could provide little insight into the oddities.

Only well into the persistent phenomenon was anything reliable discovered. A local patrol of Kir’qath passing through the Sept were engaged by an unidentified raider squadron. The crescent shaped assailants caused only minor damage to one of the ships, but swiftly disengaged immediately after the first pass and were instantly missing from all sensors. Now historical records and the Bentu’sin advisors were capable of pinning down a possible cause of the anomaly, the Tyr’malas.

[NB Nomenclature: Also considered Tyr’au or Mont’tyr, any other suggestions?]

As the severity of the phenomenon built, with catastrophic structural damage to two more way-stations in the system, and the complete loss of one further patrol, the abandoned Sept was put as off limits to trade and commerce fleets passing through the Empire. With the movement of the Gal’leath T’olku Messan the last sanctioned commerce vessel passed through N’dras. Such was the worry concerning all echelons of the Empire that the Messan was accompanied by a large portion of Qath’Fannor T’olku Kre’sor vessels enroute to Tau’n finally finished with fleet trials in the T’olku sept, which in turn was escorting the final movement of the Pr’anos extended brotherhood of the Bentu’sin into unsettled systems in the region around Tau’n itself. As the convoy moved between way-stations across the mid-reaches of the Sept, the phenomenon reached its peak. Vividly, the Tyr’malas armada materialised abeam-starboard of the vanguard of the Tau flotilla, and on previous experience, the Tau fleet went to full battle alert.

The leading Tau force was unable to break off in sufficient time, and made to engage the nearest cruiser squadron, seemingly two cruiser analogues and a light cruiser. Able to inflict only very incidental damage, the Skether’qan were swiftly annihilated by devastatingly powerful weaponry.

The Opening Moves

Tau sensor packages detected abnormalities and shadows in the depths behind a large asteroid field aside from the main Tyr’malas armada, whilst the bulk of the Qath’Fannor and Bentu’sin capital ships formed up into battle formation. The Messan held off, as distant from the main battle line as possible, the only intermediaries being the Il’Porrui squadron arriving from the rearguard of the fleet and the mid range frontline squadron of Kir’shashvre. The first order to go out was to pull back the Kir’la and Kass’l that were flying close by the Kir’qath, hopefully the Kir’qath would have bought enough time to secure their return to the main body of the fleet. In unison with their rapid about-turn, the first fleet wide salvo of missiles were unleashed at slow burn to await a second burst.

With staggering speed, the Tyr’malas approached. Fortunately, Kre’sor’s observers were capable of discerning that whilst as astoundingly advanced as the enemy vessels appeared as susceptible to energy management as almost all other Vattra encountered. Still the Tyr’malas closed.

As the second salvo launched, study feed data showed three more capital sized analogues clearing the far side of the shadow of the asteroid field alongside a seemingly stationary materialisation of a handful of small raiders. Fortunately the Bentu’sin were swift to react, dispatching massive automaton-rig pods against the would be flanking force. Kor’la scout interceptor reports indicated one more salvo of missiles would be capable of reload before attainment of direct fire range. Kre’sor passed the message to accelerate to attack speed and charge all battle-capacitors.

The Battle Begins

Horrofying as the power of their weaponry was, the current effect ripped straight through the hulls of two Kir’shashvre bypassing shields, whilst fully overloading and obliterating two more. The last, fortunate, survivor moved off and accelerated to full and proceeded to move to silent running to last out the battle, unable to coordinate to any affect with the utter destruction of its squadron. Following this onslaught, still more firepower ravaged the Tau line, two straggling Kass’l starships were annihilated.

Fio’ui Te’ire Unan Log Fragment, Kir’Shashvre T’olku Nemor: …pulses arced out from the hulls with no discernable generator or weapons pod. Shields f-… to 60…holding. The localised EM readings were completely off the scale of any Vattra encountered, even projected estimates from Fio’o Po’rwe’s research team suggest generators with such output would be unattainable given the apparent dimensions, even gravitically, of the vessels. How such energies are possible is beyond speculation at this p…[LOG TRANSCRIPT LINK LOST. REROUTE VIA COMMS ARRAY XY34I KRE’SOR] Shields are lost completely. All hands report power down in 3. 2. [END OF LOG]

As the prime and secondary missile salvos closed with the enemy command ship(identification speculated upon peak energy readings for the entire fleet across the entire spectrum), smaller raiders moved into close formation, some even sacrificing themselves to protect the larger vessel from damage. A significant number of hits were registered, all recording complete detonation of munitions, but the Tau could discern only a meagre amount of structural damage once scans could be reasserted.

With the Kor’vattra’s acceleration, capacitors fully charged, the first direct volley was unleashed against the Tyr’malas fleet. On attempt to ascertain and lock targets, vast portions of the armada arrayed against the Tau became somehow compromised in their defences, the original sensor interference evaporating almost entirely. Little did Kre’sor realise, but this was no great advantage. The full fire of both Lar’shi’vre and Lar’shi squadrons plus the entire prow array of the Bentu’sin ships were applied against the Tyr’malas command ship, though to Kre’sor’s horror this barely crippled the already damaged vessel. An array of fire capable of laying waste to swathes of more common opponents of the Tau’va, theoretically even capable of causing significant tectonic damage to a planet’s crust itself did little more than coordinated incidental fire of numerous previous engagements. Whilst secondary Ion Cannon fire was applied where targeting solutions could not be maintained, they account for the loss of two more raiders in close formation with the command ship.

Due to the speed of which the Tyr’malas had approached across the flanks of the Qath’Fannor, seemingly heading for the weaker and more populous colony and command ships, they were exposed to the extreme fire of the extensive Bentu’sin periphery arsenal. Long ranged energy pulses instigated the compromise of the seemingly ‘stealth’ capacity of flanking squadrons on both edges of the Tau force. Finally the release of the third salvo of missiles alongside the intended tide turning force complement of Manta Missile Destroyers gave hope to the beleaguered Tau. Such was the tragedy across all castes and classes when coordinated impact amounted to nothing at all. Close support of the Tyr’malas provided an overwhelming defence against all but the most ineffectual of impacts from both missile and Manta, the formers damage being insignificant, the latter’s unable to be brought to bear, with the vessels being shredded or forced back by writhing tempests of electromagnetic power.

Though damage was done, once more conventional Tau battle plans were falling being torn to pieces by the vastly superior and astoundingly more capable Tyr’malas vessels, it seemed nothing would be sufficient to drive them off.

All the while, the Tyr’malas advanced, dauntless and resolute against what would otherwise be overwhelming torrents of firepower. Even the command ship, crippled and compromised, unleashed such devastating power that it ripped straight through the nearest Il’Porrui, causing instant life support collapse across the entire ship, with depressurisation on almost all compartments. Instantly the Il’Porrui Dal’yth It’wl Hen’a was reduced to mere burning fragments of its former self. Even still, the devastation did not cease, the remainder of the behemoth’s power went against the second Il’Porrui, instantly crippling it through bulkhead failure, tragically penetrating shields with no resistance whatsoever. Still, it was not spared. Fire from the supporting cruiser-analogues ripped into the vessel reducing it to a lifeless husk at once.


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Fortunately, the recalled escorts were able to apply their power to the engagement, moving against the raider squadron which had moved around from the Tau starboard flank frighteningly quickly to take up attack run position on the rear of the Tau flotilla. Once more fire was largely ineffectual accounting for only one of the raiders, but succeeded in compromising their sensor-baffling abilities.

Due to the rapidity of the Tyr’Malas assault, the Lar’shi and Lar’shi’vre components of the Vattra immediately commenced emergency manoeuvres to bring them to bear on the now abeam assailants. With firepower greatly reduced through the strain placed on their engines, they concentrated the remainder of their power on the ailing Tyr’Malas command ship. Again, the Bentu’sin unleashed an astounding quantity of fire against the enemy, ensuring 6 cruiser analogues could not re-engage their stealth capabilities.

The Fonra Gambit

Finally, in a desperate last gambit, the fleet’s wing of Mantas under the lead of Kor’vre Fonra was sent against the command ship. Though many were taken out, it’s defence were severely compromised and the entire wing was capable of overwhelming the intense damage control capacity of the enemy to once and completely reduce all signs of activity and energy from the leviathan. In that act of anguish, the Manta pilots had pulled back a glorious achievement for the Tau! Aun’o Rathe’lan Wo rallied the coordinators on the Tau command vessel to greater efficiency, surely they could now pull through against such an insurmountable foe!

Dangerously close now, a cruiser analogue closed on the Messan, appearing to board though cutting off all communications in the process. All hope was lost for the Messan at such a stage, not only boarded by one ship, but close proximity of a further three suggested there would be few survivors. Inexplicably two of the passing cruisers ignored the Messan entirely, re-engaging it’s defences and unleashing their devastating weaponry once more they continued the engagement. Most surprisingly, and a great blow to the Tau, was the target of their attack, their own command ship. Rent asunder by the power of the weapons drawn against it, the command ship was utterly obliterated in the torrent energy set against it. A blow to the Tau was never greater, but even still it was little more than a grasping defeat, the Tyr’malas had lost the anchor of their force.

Meanwhile, on the far flank, the Kir’la and Kass’l had driven off the remaining raider, and were now set on engaging the closing cruiser squadron. Focusing fire upon the smallest of the three vessels, they were capable of maintaining a sizeable fusillade and allowed return fire from both Bentu’sin vessels to cause further damage to another two of the vessels.

Soon after the loss of communications from the Messan, the signs of internal assault were clear. After the depressurisation of a cargo hold, a host of Kor’vesa self-activated and interfacing with the interior comms of the Messan, were assigned the sole role of counter attack, a veritable armada of Kor’vesa of various types hurled themselves across the gulf and void between the two vessels, engaging the vessel itself and seemingly incapacitating an entire arc of its offensive complement. Still this was not enough, structural and engine damage resulted in the final loss of the integrity in the ships core, which soon detonated in a blinding cascade of systems failure after failure.

The Pursuit

Capitalising upon the assault of the Messan, the Lar’shi and Lar’shi’vre squadrons manoeuvred to bring all systems to bear on the receding Tyr’malas armada. Once more the assault ensured a majority of hits, but again largely ineffectual damage. The final Ion strike from Kre’sor’s command ship however struck deep, causing structural collapse amidst the closest cruiser, hopefully grievous and crippling damage.

As the Kass’l and Kir’la moved against the final flanking Tyr’malas squadron and opened up their weapons banks upon them, massive charges were detected building, surely, deep within the arcane vessels. As vessels prepared to wither the suspected new weapon, and missiles were launched in pursuit of the Tyr’malas, they vanished. Completely and utterly; Fio’o and Kor’la confused as the other, no trace could be seen of the attackers, save the scant charred remnants of the command ship, barely enough to fill one Il’Emaar hold.

Surveying the destruction wrought upon the fleet, Kre’sor and Lan’wo resolved to immediately commence rescue operations and maintain full speed until reaching T’au where proper analysis of the engagement could commence. The hulls of the Il’Porrui vessels were towed to the nearest way stations for later salvage, but nothing remained of the ships and crews of the Kass’l, Kir’qath and the Gal’leath T’olku Messan save for a handful of Kor’vesa lucky enough to be blown out in depressurisation and survive the ensuing blasts and the skilled crew of the Nemor.

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And that, as they say, was that. Any thoughts?