View Full Version : 3500 DE Army list

Melikai Of IronFrost
30-03-2008, 03:26
I got this 3500 pts army list that i am going to use for this yrs 'ard boys tournoment.I was wondering if any could help me with some revisin?

HB: Crismdeath, Armor of eternal servitude, hvy arm, SDC, and Manticore
Noble: Sword of might, shield of ghrond, hvy arm, SDC, and on COC
Noble: Black Amulet, Hvy arm, SDC, Halbred and on a COC
Sorceress: lv.2, darkstar cloak, dispell scroll
Sorceress: lv.2, tome of furion, dispell scroll

Spearmen 4x4 unit
Rxmen 8x2 unit
2-Corsiars 4x3 unit

2-COK 5x1 unit
Excs 7x3 unit
+2-COC(already mention above)


Well that it my army. How i set up my army is placing in the front row both COC on each end then both COK next to them then Both hydras next to my COK then in the center my Spearmen. My next row will have both corsiars on each end w/ my 2 wizards next to them then my Excs in the center. For my last row i put both of my 2 lords on each end w/ my Rxmen in the center. I was going for a front mobile high t, high Sv, fear causing, terror causing line w/ a reserve of corsiars and my excs in the center and have my 2 lords on flying mounts cover the sides as my rxmen take out anyone who gets pass my front line. So tell me wat u think i could do to fix this army.