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30-03-2008, 14:03
Well the beginings of my Kroot Merc army are taking place, and i was reading the old Index Xenos article about them in UK WD 264, and it speaks about the early expansion when they discovered warp drive, lived in hives, had factory farming, mining etc.

It got me thinking did they havean organised Armed forces as it speaks about untried commanders and the likes.

I was thinking would they have had body armour, vehicles and the like. Now i know the kroot of today are less advanced as they wanted to regress and that the kroot gun is the best they have now, but back in time would they have had more powerful weaponry.

[edit] does anyone know if someone is doing a painting and modeling thread on kroot so i can compare paint schemes.

[further edit] i really should think more before posting but anyways, do you think that kroot can speak the eldar language as the IX article speaks of them being able to learn languages and master posture at a tremendous rate, and i know that eldar language has a lot of posture movements in it

Logarithm Udgaur
30-03-2008, 17:22
Some beautiful Kroot here, you will have to click on the little pics toward the bottom.
Some more pretties.
The best Kroot conversions I have ever seen, if you are into that kind of thing.

As for the tech level, insofar as I remember, the Kroot were at a primitive tribal level when the Tau found them. The Tau gave them their current technology and upgraded their guns to the current levels. As for the learning Eldarich, I would say it would depend on how many leafeaters they had munched on lately.

30-03-2008, 20:49
First, here some links that you might be interested in:

Fan-made 4th edition "Kodex Kroot":
Website on everything Kroot:
Thread with my collection of Kroot pics:
New nice painting scheme:
If you search this forum for "kroot", you will get dozens of other threads.

And you will want to read further Kroot material in the novels "For the Emperor" (!) and "Kill Team", also in the book Xenology.

Then to your questions:
1.) Their armed forces are of two kinds: The regular army, centered on Pech and part of the Tau Empire. Then the mercenaries that act individually,so they don't attract the attention of the Tau. The article exlains why they need new genetic material and fight to gain it. As they do not hate any specific race, wars outside the Tau wars should be rare.
2.) They gained knodledge of how to build a warp drive by digesting a Big Mac ... erm ... Mec. They don't actually understand technology, so are dependent on stuff they loot or get from the Tau. High tech stuff should be beyond their capabilities (development and usage), even eating a Tau engineer wouldn't help (as normally, such knowledge is not encoded in genes). And their technological development should be upward, not degenerating.
3.) It seems likely that Kroot are able to learn Eldar language. But Eldar should be too proud to pay barbaric Kroot mercenaries.