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Urgat Gut'Reapa' frowned. Those humans from the north really begun to run on his nerves: everytime he would assemble parties to raid some of the Bretonnian villages in the plains, he would invariably run into one of these marauding semi-bared or iron-clad pinkskins. It was good for the fights, but the loot was poor. It was time to do something about them.

This is a mini campaign based on a few skirmishes, ending in a big siege. Lots of freedom was allowed in lists, and many houserules were used, esepcially in regard to objectives.

"Take dat ship!"

Reward: an imperial ship, able to carry one unit, and sporting one great canon

First skimish battle

Da briefin': the wolf riders have spotted what seems to be a small galeon belonging to the pinkskins of the Empire, docked nearby, with, seemingly, little protection. Considering that the chaos keep is situated on a shore, securing this ship would be an asset for an upcoming siege. Unfortunately, the stranded northmen have found about the ship too, and will not ignore an opportunity to set sail again.

Objective: hold the ship for two turns.
The ship is held by a small garrisson of empire soldiers with guns and hand weapons. The old, "6 to hit" rule is used for defended obstacles.

Heroscape tiles were used to make the terrain, there was no problem for measuring really. Everything that is not hexagones bare the ship is impassable terrain.

the battlefield:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pe8yCzqsedjvsx2nvkv-7kejbk_eK3KF881bgi5r3YK2UpXk5_k8cWWRB8tB5wdGhjjNMU 38kKmAhgRj0oXGxW5KGCyiy0UdQ/ship01-BG.jpg?psid=1

The armies:
basically, we were free to take whatever we wanted, bare warmachines, charriots, sorcerers, magic items, and we had to keep it reasonable:

Chaos band of Ezekiel:
Ezekiel, Chaos champion
4 chaos warriors with additional hand weapons
3 mounted marauders
10 marauders with hand weapon and shield
1 chaos ogre with great weapon

Orcs and Goblins raiding party of Urglug Bullbreath:
Urglug Bullbreath, black orc bigboss
1 orc with champion upgrade and additional choppa
5 orcs with additional choppas
1 orc with choppas and shields
2 black orcs
1 squig hopper
3 common goblins with shields
3 wolves with spears and bows
5 night goblin archers
1 irongut mercenary

I (orcs and gobs) lost the dice roll and deployed first, on the far left extremity of the battleground if you look at the pic showing the layout:

orc deployement: https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pe8yCzqsedjtsmRBM9fzKrtMWnHisuUM2vpoqHPrP-zwFq3xJxwqYx06YDgIDsPPy-e8gvabpHdex3B0YP1772RdF6XSFjL2u/ship02-OG0.jpg?psid=1
chaos deployement: https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p6JOvoTcTReFlwdrNTXbU2D-4RGpQERcf1byn_eLX9uxgQus7XdtPka9OOCca68Pk3Zn05wsBg E9RP0SCdcP9di05uzL77c04/ship03-chaos0.jpg?psid=1

First turn:

Empire sequence 1:
the empire marksmen shot randomly (we roll a dice to chose who conrols each guy) at everything going their way, two of them targeting the squig hopper, the third one shooting at a lone marauder, but all failed to hit.

Chaos sequence:
The chaos general takes the initiative, and the raiding band rushes toward the objective, the ogre farther away towards the greenskins, while the general and two marauders run along the shore, following the shortest route to the ship. The silly marauder horsemen stay stuck behind the foodsloggers:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pKmyKKiXAwveIaeShAlGttqU26RxAFIQrCUTwLxASbWRsuWy W1oYCnHRSz0mFb3_qmkD-Uu7R5hTb-TFs_hlWWtTy4d_xS-9t/ship04-chaos1.jpg?psid=1
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pKmyKKiXAwvdRfQUQZ1ojeDuxk6dOeyJVbgVHVSMlB_zldLa JmsOVdZmbIgQhMG54qSCdKm5xEWzFA2ofIfHDQOdav_EqeiY5/ship05-chaos12.jpg?psid=1

Empire sequence 2:
the 3 shots take the exact same targets, and fail to hit again. The empiremen watch with dread as the two bloodthirsty parties run toward them. "Stand fast men!"

Orcs and gobs sequence:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p-MhVWPl3pRKT5477Ez-z3U2AKTDHLPOXLJmxuhjh1fKMold0b8VQ6YfC7RyNVtjhX6lb8 kLn9tInqaEdm4cgXYfTQAElaVRJ/ship06-OG1.jpg?psid=1
The orcs take position along the ruins, the three wolfriders getting on higher grounds, while a band of goblins emulate the chaos hero and try to get to the ship by the shortest way. The squig moves 10" forward, placing him in perfect position for the next turn. The wolfriders forget they had bows and watch the two warbands closing in on each other.

https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pvq3qx97WTRcdH6E4o53MEV79fNTX7KIj5VwXIAOCSwHY0Zb HjT_J4uGewcRSQDMb7fFDeMPFlq1BL_YD-HBIA5tG-WbkXfuk/ship07-OG2.jpg?psid=1

Second turn:

Empire sequence 1:
an accurate shot stuns one of the closer goblins, while the two others miss the chaos hero. The stunned goblin prevents his fellow kin to go on any further, and are forced either to wait or to get back and go round the ruin.

Chaos sequence:
A mounted marauder charges one of the wolf riders while the two others follow him closely, the wolf rider stands and shoots, but fails to wound.The rest of the warband keeps going forward, but the ogre places himslef right in front of the stunned goblin, guarding this essential passage:
during the melee, neither the marauder nor the wolf rider manage to hit.

Empire sequence 2:
All three marksmen shoot at the squig, but all prove to be very poor marksmen indeed :p The flood of angry warriors are closing in on them now, and they deserve to die, pesky shooty cowards.

Orc sequence:
Time for some bloodshed!
The wolfriders charge the mounted marauders, the squig collides with them too, the irongut charges a chaos warrior.
3 shots from the night goblins all hit the chaos ogre, and one arrow manages to hit some place that seems to be sensitive, and the ogre loses a wound, nyark! The squig stuns his horseman and the wolfriders slain their own, and they both (the wolves) overrun into, well, nothingness, but one gets behind the enemy lines.
The irongut completly crushes the chaos warrior and overrun a second one.

Third turn:

Empire sequence 1: two rifles are aimed at Ezekiel, and one at a black orc, but they all miss. They really suck :p

Chaos sequence:
a chaos warrior fails to overcome his fear regardless of his undivided chaos mark, and refuses to charge the irongut, but one of his comrades and a marauder take it upon themselves to engage the lumbering monster. Two marauders charge the squig (damn!)
Ezekiel charges the empiremen. It doesn't bode well for the greenskins who are lagging far behind, blocked by a blockade (yes yes, I assure you, blockades block) of chaos worshippers.
In melee, against all odds, the squig hopper survives and slains one of his assaillants, while the irongut shrugs off all the chaos attacks and kills the chaos warrior in return.
Ezekiel fubbars all his attacks on the empire soldiers, and take a wound in return! They should give up on the blackpowder busyness and take the path of the sword...

With the marksmen engaged in melee, there is not empire sequence anymore, therefore, direct to...

Greenskin sequence:

One of the wolves engage the knocked down horseman (stunned by the squig earlier), Urglug charges a chaos warrior with two weapons and one of the black orcs follow on a chaos warrior with shield.

The non-engaged wolf hits nothing with his bow ("dzoing" goes the string...), the three night gobs, still waiting for the downed gob to get up, shoot at the chaos ogre, dealing one wound, but it is saved! Dang.
In melee, it's a little better, the wolfrider kills the downed horseman, the squig stuns his remaining marauder but fails to kill him (at least, he didn't get wounded and got to strike back, initiative proves essential in skirmish games). The black orc produces a huge two handed choppa, and procedes with "chopping" his chaos warrior into little bits, and overruns 4". Urglug doesn't do as well, and only knocks down his own warrior.
The marauder engaged with the irongut manages to wound him, but said wound is saved, and the enraged ogre stuns the (rather unskilled) chaos warrior next to him.

Fourth turn


The knocked down chaos warriors and marauders engaged with Urglug and the squig both stand up, while four more marauders join Ezekiel for some boarding action. The chaos ogre runs towards the ship and stops on the dock, preventing anybody from getting closer: "Ova my ded boody!"

In melee, the squig and the marauder keep fighting uselessly, not wounding another, and the fight goes on. The irongut avoids the marauder's attacks and stun him. The chaos warrior manages to wound Urglug who, enraged, inflicts three wounds, turning him into minced meat.
On the boat, things are getting serious; the marauders hit once but fail to wound, while Ezekiel slays an empire soldier. The backlash sees a marauder killed (two wounds, one saved)


The stunned goblin on the shore finally stands up!
The wolves charge marauders, one of them assisting the squig.
The bow guys all forget to shoot, as usual...
In melee, the squig and the wolf finally slain the darn immortal marauder (chomp!), while the other wolf misses all his attacks, but the marauder doesn't do any better. The irongut kills the marauder at his feet.

fifth turn


2 more marauders join the boarding of the ship, while the chaos ogre clunches nervously his great weapon, watching worriedly the chaos warband being totally slaughtered in the ruins, and many red eyes turning towards him.
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pO49mD1dlY5A3bmOVIItqPN6tNnWMResSPg1xuFCYYETYEJ7 VklzRraH4vgBqkKpifjMajQvDxsDfkq9lpGe9pHij45B5rjzg/ship12-chaos5.jpg?psid=1
In melee, the wolf who charged on the previous turn is stunned and unable to strike back.
On the ship all the marauders miss, but Ezekiel wounds three times, killing two and sending a third to the ground.

WAAAAGH!!! https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1putz8cpzB6Uw_xMFclyMIVGF-SHP354mI84HwF6LC5P0MsOP2v9yk3uZW_ZYpQzJGsdPGeKhYXb RtzIdWcS71HjkSKKXepIgd/ship13-OG5.jpg?psid=1


It is time to get moving, the chaos hero is about to take the ship, and the mini-waaagh is far from it yet, there's a rather fat and muscular obstacle in the way:
Urglug, the two, finally unstuck goblinwarriors with shields, and the orc with shield all charge the chaos ogre. Turns out there's not enough room for them all, but they all pass their fear test and clug the passage: the ship is only inches away!
In melee, the downed wolfrider is slained, and Urglug throws the body of the chaos ogre to the fishes, slaying him by himself (he was probably ashamed of his poor performance against the chaos warrior with two weapons...). Nothing stands between the horde and the ship now...

sixth turn{/b]

with little things to do, the game's pace quickens tremendously, so, w/o addo:


The marauder, only chaos guy left on land, gathers his courage and charges a black orc.
On the ship, the chaos band finally wipes the floor (the deck?) clean of all empire presence. Hargh, they are only one step away from victory, when I'm so close!
The marauder stuns the black orc, but Ruglug doesn't give a squig's end about it because...:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pmKZf1DUwbS3N-B0NCfHmJxrR_C6npGWrYu1OTrXezO2yEpQ8ZNGFJDk62Ox4RC5 mWf1dBHx2OfMLZxPpB7mQk1C5hFa6RYPD/ship15-OG6.jpg?psid=1


CHARGE!!! Urglug, the shield orc and the 2 goblin warriors charge the ship. The squig charges the marauder who downed the orc, this one turning himself on his back, ready to get up.
But in melee... the squig misses all his attacks, and gets stunned in return. Not a single hit is scorred against the warriors on the ship, and in return Urglug is knocked down by Ezekiel and finally slained by a marauder opportunist.

[]Seventh turn

It is the last chance, if one greenskin sets foot on the ship, then the countdown will reset; but if the chaos warriors manage to keep the orcs and gobs out, they will be able to set sail and get away with the imperial ship... Suspens suspens.

Chaos: with no movement or anything to do, direct to melee: the stunned black orc is killed by the marauder, curse him. On the ship, Ezekiel knocks down the orc, and kill one of the gobs. Nothing wounds back.


The black orc and orc champion charge, but it is too late already. With no wounds on either side, thus ends this seventh turn, and the battle. The sails are unfurled and the warship moves to deeper waters:

What remains is a horde of angry greenskins and a lone and very miserable marauder...

Result: Victory for the chaos


This battle was A-W-E-S-O-M-E, period, both me and my friend found it to be one of the funniest games we've played for ages. Anyway:

Curses! I got owned by two things, one resulting from the other: first, the goddamn lucky shot of the empire guy on the gob, preventing me from using the shortest route which, in return, prevented me from contesting the ship early on, leaving Ezekiel to get to the ship with no trouble whatsoever, and I got there a turn too late. One. Single. Turn. Earlier. And I would have been able to fight directly with the chaos dudes, without the annoying 6's to hit, and, then, it was pretty much wrapped up.

Alric ran among the ruins, trying to be as silent as possible. Around him, he couldn't help but hear the deafening cries of anger that the greenskins directed to the empire ship that his champion snatched from both the fools of the Empire and the slow-witted, tusked barbarians. If he were to be spotted by the frenetic horde, there would not be much left of him, he thought. And as the thought got to his mind, he heard a growling sound to his right. Up there, on top of a pile of ruins, two large wolves were glaring at him, foam dripping from their open jaws, while their two goblin riders were shooting informations at someone behind them. Beyond the pile of rocks, sounds of metal clashing against metal and rocks pushed away by ironclad boots echoed. Alric slowly raised his sword and, shooting a warcry to his unholy gods,he charged towards the passage from which the orcs would errupt.

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Great report! You really captured the tension - a very enjoybable read. keep them coming.

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The Haunted City

Reward to victor: 50 points of free magic items

Second skirmish:

Well, I didn't take notes nor took pics, so it's just a quick resume.

the battlefield was a large, ruined city, crowded by undead minis (mostly skeletons zombies, but also a couple giant bats, a banshee and a wraith, as in 6th edition's armybook - all these are two or three months old already, btw). They would move like fanatics, and charge the closest enemy they could see, if in range. Several markers were placed face down, one of them with a specific symbol. The aim was to find it and keep it for a couple turns. This last point should have been changed, it kindda made the end of the battle crappy compared to the first turns. It started very well, it was fun running around, trying to avoid these hordes of zombies, the banshee was nasty, with a large area effect attack instead of the focused shoot, but in the end, the chaos side got lucky and found the item while I was far away, bogged down by zombies, and there's no way I could have reached him in two turns. Made for an anticlimactic end. We should have changed it to bringing back the object to the center of the deployement zone or something

Result: Chaos Victory

The Trolls peek.

Reward to victor: 50 points of free magic items

Third skirmish battle.

This time, the bands were much smaller, 200pts iirc. We made that big mountain to climb, with multiple paths that would intersect and so on, marching not allowed. both players started on the opposite side of the moutain, but were bound to meet at some point. The objective was to slay a troll on the top of the mountain. It was rather one sided, as usual, every chaos guy I met was promptly slain, the only one I didn't kill (Ezekiel) got slained by the troll, which didn't last a turn against Urglug.

Result: Orcs and Gobs Victory.

The Elemental valley

Reward: a free, tamed, unmountable dragon (!)

Thrid skirmish battle

This was getting nasty. Obviously, with that kind of reward, there was some tension in the air. This scenario proved to be very challenging.

https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pkkuxeYUGff-HO474ybTFhwlHEWmnkkmypw3-bzBv5OXlyN2tlMLUlNXK-DRge2Uqx7H_o61IiJ3gYl2gCCATOWGqI86cBQiB/fourthskirmish.jpg?psid=1 (it might be hard to say from the pic, but it was quite impressive, with bridges, two levels to fight on, etc).

Goal The dragon was locked up in the central area. To access this area, you had to slain 4 elemental guards, two on each level, and really nasty. Obviously, you had to slain all 4 gaurdians, then knock down the dragon to win.

Was a very exciting battle, but for some reason my guys refused to overcome their fear many times, and, when they did, could not kill the things. It is the chaos side who finally managed to unlock the dragon room, while fights in the canyons turned out very bloody.
In the end, the chaos player swarmed the dragon. Urglug did manage to engage and slain one of the marauders in contact with the dragon, but he couldn't strike at the dragon that turn, and it was slained on the next turn. It was close ><

Result: Chaos victory

The Tower of insolence.

Reward: a Dark Emissary.

Last skirmish battle

Well, after the dragon, a free lord level sorcerer... This might make or break the siege depending on who would get him, but who cares? We were doing this mini campaign for fun.

The setting was a swamp with a tower in the middle, with just two bridges to get across the lake on which the tower was sitting. Each access of each level of the tower were guarded by a couple daemonettes. The top floor hosted the Dark Emissary and his pet which English name's elude me, the thing made of mud, bones and so on.

Was fun too, got very messy around the two bridges and, interestingly enough, both greenkins and chaos finally secured their own bridge, so the fight moved to the inside of the tower, and it eneded only in front of the dark emissary himslef, at which point Urglug decided he was Grimgor, and outright slained everything he came into contact with, creature of the swamps included.

Result: Victory for the greenskins! WAAAGH!!!

Honestly, if I didn't win this battle, the siege would have been horrendous: a ship (with an empire great canon...) able to carry a unit behind my lines, a dragon and a lvl 4 mage against my army... ouch.

Now there was one last act to play before the final showdown, the siege itself. It was played yesterday night, it was a good old 2508 point battle (yes, the 8 is not a mistake, don't ask), and the reward was a free unit of 4 bulls... But this will be for later :p

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
30-03-2008, 16:36
HOLY CRAP, that was an excellent battle! I really thought the Orcs had won until that final stand on the ship! Great job on the report-- the pictures really added to the flavour!

I also liked how you guys were actually playing a Skirmish battle. It's been a long time since I saw one of those...

30-03-2008, 16:37
nice pics and nice rep, not many warbands reps aorund here.
To bad the chaos dudes ran off with the playmo ship ;) The Empire should have used the cannon I spotted on board..

Glad you got the emissary, that should make the siege more interesting, best of luck and looking forward to the batrep!

05-04-2008, 00:58
The plain of domination

Reward for victory: four ogre bulls

First (and last) ranged battle

"Look at dem tinies goin' ad it" said Olglog to his three companions, while chewing a large piece from one of the sheeps they "borrowed" from the locals.
"Look at dem tinies, We gonna get a good show" added the second ogre.
"Yay, ders' monay to get if we side with da winars" agreed the third.
"Gimme another sheep" concluded the fourth.

Battle size: 2508 points (my friend took everything he could, and I matched my army to his)

This battle is the last one before the final show, the big, fat siege to take place when I'm done with the castle and siege stuff (gah, lot of work). Since this campaign is basically for fun, and we didn't care much about results (or so we said, at least :p), we've decided to go wild and take whatever we wanted. I could finally test my super savage orc on chimera (count as a wyvern)!

Army lists (sorry, I don't have the english armybook for chaos, I'll try and translate as well as I can):

Ezekiel's host:

Ezekiel: chaos lord with two weapons, amulet of chaos, purple armor, book of secrets

Sorcerer: lvl2, chaos armor, power familiar

Sorcerer: lvl1, chaos armor, dispell scroll, power stone

Exalted champion: chaos armor, shield of... striking back? (the thing that gives back a S4 attack per successful saves)

20 marauders: full command, light armors, shields

5 mounted marauders: musician, spears, shields

11 chaos warriors: full command, two hand weapons, war banner

chaos warrior charriot

6 chaos knights: full command

4 chaos ogres: heavy armor, great weapons

4 chaos ogres: heavy armor, great weapons

4 chaos ogres: heavy armor, great weapons

chaos spawn

chaos spawn


The Gut'reapa'

Waaaghwaaagh Waaagh: Savage orc lord on wyvern, sword of battle, armor of gork, kickin' boots

night gob shaman: lvl1, staff of sneaky stealin'

night gob shaman: lvl1

common goblin hero: , amulet of protectyness, akrit axe

30 orc boyz: full command, two choppas

5 wolf riders: musician, short bows

5 wolf riders: musician, short bows

30 night goblins full command, spears, netters, 3 fanatics

night goblins: musician, short bows, 3 fanatics

24 black orcs: full command, shields

wolf charriot

wolf charriot

7 squig hoppers

4 river trolls


For this battle, I went against everything I take for granted when I build an army (lots of gobs, no magic items, as few orcs as possible).

The battlefield is laid, the dice roll decides that the greenkins deploy first, and in the end it looks like that:

https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pwcxVbyrFgDEcJpb0BVHLNEpXK-NFIA181MNnvsZpkc8UP4UHwqfTOmuRY4cdl80HA10IVHpFp1u7 dQrSsLgvVHsCE4cy6vON/bigbattle00.jpg?psid=1
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pT43Te90fwOKjPJc1vkhFpLLxxJjpwKGf3pYqz82HF_DgHcm elIFjCLlgrMLcx3zEPy7WJMrnqEwPktls913Qo-7Dbu3rSa1V/bigbattle01.jpg?psid=1

The fact I got the tower allowed me to put my frenetic chimera (wyvern) behind a cover - I don't like to have frenetic troops fly backward... I could also deploy my two shamans on top of it. Being level ones, I did not expect them to do much anyway, so since they were there mainly to dispell, I decided to put them where nobody could hurt them (bare a magic missile).

For the spells, I got brain bursta and gaze of gork, while the chaos general got the first spell from the lore of shadow, the sorcerers chose the lore of death, the lvl1 got the first spell, and the lvl 2 got the first and fifth spells.

The battle can now begin! The greenskins win the roll and decide to go first.

turn 1: Orcs and Goblins

Amazingly enough, I do not fail a single animosity test, and my trolls forget that they are stupid. The night gob spearmen decide to dash 1" (lol) forward. Following that, the whole army decides to move full speed forward, straight to the closest enemy.

Comes the magic phase, and not a single spell is successfully cast, the chaos sorcerers do not even need to spend a single dispel dice ><

During the shooting phase, the wolves manage to kill a mounted marauder (nyark-nyark-nyark).

It is now time for Chaos to move.


turn1: chaos

The two spawns are on steroids! The first one moves 10", and the second one moves 9", both toward the greenskin giant. Too bad for the first one though, which triggers the fanatics, takes two of them, and is turned into a bloody mess.

The mounted mararauders, furious, start chanting in their gutural tongues, and charge the wolf riders who killed one of them. The stand and shoot response kills none. The 6 chaos knights charge the river trolls.
As for normal movements, the chaos giant moves towards the night goblin archers, triggers the fanatics, and two of the crazy goblins run right through him, dealing 3 wounds!

During the magic phase, the chaos sorcerers prove to be as inapt as the goblin shamans, and not a single spell is successfully cast! It seems the winds of magic have forsaken the battlefield...

It is now time to shed some blood, old fashion way: in melee.
The mounted marauders kill two goblins, and lose two of them in return; being outnumbered, they lose the fight, but roll double 1 for the break test.
Now both generals turn their eyes toward one fight that should prove interesting: the 6 chaos knights versus the 4 river trolls and the goblin boss. Will the opinion of the greenskin general that the trolls can take this charge be confirmed? Confident that his amulet will protect him, the goblin hero calls for a duel, that the knight champion accepts (like he had a choice :p). And there it is. The knights all fail to wound, while the chaos horses deal one wound, proving that as usual the mounts are deadlier than their riders.In return, the trolls vomit on the knights, disolving three of them with the putrid fluids! To add insult to injury, the champion does not even manage to hit the goblin, whom slays him in return! The chaos knights break and flee 6", pursued by the trolls who overrun them (9"). Waaagh the trolls, waaagh!!!

turn2: Greenskins

The wolves in combat flee because of the nearby giant (forgot units are immune to psychology in melee...)
Waaaghwaaagh calls for the Waaagh!!!, his powerful roar thundering across the battlefield. Most of the army moves forward (monstruous luck, really, once again, not a single failed animosity test).
The giant charges the remaining chaos spawn, then the orcs, who, thanks to the waaagh! are now on top of the hill and can see the unit of marauders, charge them.
Waaaghwaaagh turns his wyvern towards the enemy lines, and both fly over the first unit of chaos ogres, hitting the second one on its flank.

In between the charge delarations and the movements, one of the fanatics hit the trolls, dealing one wound, the second one stops in front of the same trolls, and the third one in front of the black orcs. The three others on the opposite side of the battlefield all die without scratching the giant again (damn!).
The squigs who rushed toward the marauders miss them, being 1" short (damn bis). At least, they aren't in a position of being charged.

https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pskhNTipq-auc_-GsovbXiCi1LzVewjCDUmS3CqYTyPHz3VZmQ4yMEfqaskWA4Hf_ 7yr78tzI3Txqv5bgZ6VdC1jhgBTA-eUa/bigbattle03.jpg?psid=1

With a unit of orcs in combat, the green magic blows stronger on the battlefield. Will that change anything?
The first goblin casts Gaze of Mork on the mounted marauders but, once again, fails... Same with Brain Bursta on the giant. Unbelievable, not a single dispell has been needed yet in this battle...

During the shooting phase, the night goblin archers, rather worried of the giant coming their way, turn their bows towards it and... deal 3 wounds! The giant is down, and the night goblins laught as if they had taken a bit too much mushroom brew. Then again, maybe they have, their aim seems a bit too good to be true...
The second wolf unit shoots at the chaos ogres nearby, and wound once.

The giant raises his club high, and, 6 wounds later, what used to be a spawn is turned into a pile of meat. Even the giant dares not taste it, though. Silly giant forgets to overrun.
In the middle of the battlefield, the orcs raise their choppas, and when they fall, an undetermined number of marauders eat the dust (I can't re-read myself ><). The marauders and their exalted champion kill 4 orcs, but they still lose the fight. They decide to stick around for one more turn, though.
On the far right side of the battlefield, the chimera and her rider prepare for the onslaught: four S6 atacks for the chimera, and seven S5 attacks for Waaaghwaaagh! Of course, all this, on a T4 ogre with no save against such strenght, deals only 4 wounds. Typical. Anyway, it is enough, and the ogres, unable to fight back, break and flee far enough so that the chimera cannot get them. Sadly for the chaos general, right in the path, there's one of his sorcerers, who decides to flee, surprisingly.

turn2: Chaos

Things are really not looking good for Ezekiel... it is time to do something, or the battle will be lost.
The sorcerer and the ogres bring themselves together, while the mounted marauders flank-charge the night goblins who have slained the giant. The chaos charriot makes a suicide charge against the black orc unit, hoping to stall them for at least a turn. The other sorcerer wisely decides to put some distance between himself and, well, everybody else.

And the magic joke goes on: the first spell casted, once again, fails, then, miracle, one spell is successfully cast, but instantly dispelled. then the second sorcerer raises his staff, chants his spell, and... double 1! 4 on the fiasco table, but the roll to wound is a one. The magic phase is over anyway.

In melee, the marauders kill two gobs, which is way enough for breaking the cowardly creatures, who are so afraid of dying that they run 12" away, 2" more than the marauder's pursuit! The chaos general disbelief becomes evident.
The chaos charriot manages to kill 5 black orcs, which leads to a draw ... but the black orcs have a musician, while the charriot doesn't. And, of course, the drivers fail their break test and flee. The black orcs decide to stand on their position, though.
The fight between the marauders comes to an abrupt end: the orcs kill one marauder while the marauders and the exalted hero fail to wound anything. The marauders, seeing their army falling apart, decide it is time to leave, but not far enough (7" versus 8" of pursuit...). But they do run far enough to make the unit of ogres behind them panick. And the hulking guys fly so fast they get out of the battlefield.
This is the situation by the end of turn 2:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pNhez2Qu7t5S21UUHlq0Tq4KUlKPlloP0FkDg3ZVUw_IvuSR s71esI6uATJzI67jdka3g3BYpyfaBkr4TYtK7DFggHbsPz7H9/bigbattle04.jpg?psid=1

with less than half his army left, the greenskin army basically intact, and completly surrounding them, the chaos general concedes.

I can't really blame him...

Result: Greenskins victory! (and a real massacre too, in only two turns).

I got to admit, luck was totaly with me this night, heck, she was there bringing me my drinks, really (after that we played a small undead -6th ed rules- versus dark elves battle, and I got a flat massacre by turn 2 or 3, again).

"Okay, I think we got da winerz der" said Olglog, standing up awkwardly, and stroking his bottom.
"yup, I think we got da winerz der", added thoughtfully the second ogre.
"They should be good emplo... empolo... they should pay good" nodded the third ogre.
"derz any sheep left?" concluded the fourth.

Urgat Gut'reapa dismissed Waaaghwaaagh, unable to understand a word of what he was trying to say. Or, to be more explicit, not understanding anything besides "waaagh". He turned to Squignib, the night goblin shaman who was looking at him with nasty little red eyes. The night goblins did not belong to his tribe, in fact, this area north of the Grey Mountains was shared between the Gut'Reap' and the goblin tribe of the Blood'Red Moon. The only reason why this coexistance subsisted was because both tribes were powerful, very powerful; powerful enough to obliterate each other. Not that Urgat used -or knew- words as complicated as "obliterate", though.
He listened patiently to Squignib's report, and was pleased.
"Dem funny humans are done for. Tell Skarn I'm gonna crush dem and scatta dem and break der walls and tread upon der bodies and crush der bones. Tell yar masta' I need lotsa gobbos to take dem walls. Tell 'im if he don't help, I keep the castle for myse'f."
Squignib bowed and went away, smirking. He didn't like the orcs, he was glad there was a local goblin warboss strong enough to stand against them. But he liked the northmen even less. There was something not natural about them, and if the Blood'Red Moons had to ally again with the orcs to get rid of the Chaos followers, well, he would gladly advise Skarn Blood'Red to do so.

Next time, the final part, the siege on the chaos stronghold. Which is under construction for the time being, in fact, but here for you, a sneak peek:
https://i0f7eg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pgUsgxHYSdQIBaulCNBqK6B0zYONCRl26TDFO6X6vg5MDROu 8dqNS3bWLmFHG0yP7fzAMceYceH-UsNc6T6uNbCiOoFgjt4bg/castle01.jpg?psid=1

05-04-2008, 08:18
another good one, and the castle is looking good to. looking forward to your siege

05-04-2008, 09:49
Thank you :)

05-04-2008, 14:30
btw, the shield with the striking back thing is called the bane shield

05-04-2008, 14:52
Oh I forget that it are great reports

05-04-2008, 18:04
btw, the shield with the striking back thing is called the bane shield

Ok, thank you for the info :)