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30-03-2008, 17:25
Hey, sorry if this was asked before, but I went ten pages back and couldn't find any threads on the topic. In the OK book it lists the Cathayan Longsword as being one-handed. Does this mean that an Ogre Tyrant could use a Cathayan Longsword and then something else in the other hand, such as an additional hand weapon?

Looking at his entry in the OK book it states that a Tyrant may purchase "either a great weapon, an additional hand weapon, an ironfist, or a Cathayan longsword. May also choose a brace of handguns."

OK, pg. 68.

So obviously he cannot take XHW or an Ironfist with the Longsword. But what about a one-handed magic weapon, such as the Sword of Might? I'm just not sure what to think about this. It would stand to reason that if the Longsword is one-handed, then clearly he must be able to use something in his offhand, as there would be no point in making it one-handed otherwise. After all, Ogres cannot use shields (and the Tyrant can't use an ironfist w/the Longsword apparently), so what would be the point in specifying that it is one-handed?

Some help would be much appreciated!

30-03-2008, 17:30
Well, you certainly couldn't take a Sword of Might as well as you can only have 1 magic weapon.

The wording you posted from the book makes it sound as though you can not take an additional hand weapon if you take the Cathayan Longsword.

Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that taking a magic weapon of any type precludes you from taking anything in your off-hand other than a shield (if you can take shields).

30-03-2008, 17:37
You only gain the additonal hand weapon attack if both weapons are hand weapons. Spears, for example, are one-handed, so can be used in conjunction with shields (not as hand weapon+shield, though), but not in conjunction with a hand weapon to get an additional attack.

By the way, Cathayan Longswords aren't magic weapons, just somewhat special ordinary weapons.

30-03-2008, 18:09

You may take a Magic Weapon - no problem. But if you have one, you must use it, and it prohibits the use of another weapon simultaneously, so no additional Handweapon to your sword of Might.

The Tyrant may pick any one of the close combat weapon options, but not two or more AND he can indeed add handguns to it (which work like pistols for Ogres, so you can have two Handguns in close combat.