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30-03-2008, 19:36
Played a friend of mine who is a experienced player. he just started a vampire counts army, and played a list from the GW-site.

His list can be found here:


My list was:

Exalted daemon
Magic level 1
Spell breaker
Soul hunger

Battle standard
Mark of nurgle

16 Plaguebearers
full command

15 plaguebearers
10 plaguebearers

4 nurglings

4 nurglings

4 nurglings

3 plagueriders

7 furies

During setup and the first turns I had the typical nurgle feeling. You where you think it is all going to hell, but when all units were stuck in combat things started to better and better.

Some examples:

I got to charge the blood knights with my herald and his unit of 16 PBs. Lots of PBs died, but the plaguebanner killed of one knight after another! Flanked by 20 strong grave guard unit. I flanked the blood knights with nurglings. Along with the heralds attacks (and the plaguebeast) the banner finished off the blood knights!

All nurgling units survived the battle, in spite of being in combats with:
1. a vampire lord along with 20 skeletons.
2. 6 black knights
3. blood knights

Exalted daemon survived. He only killed 5 wolves and a necromancer, and supplied a scroll, but hey: he survived!

In turn 4 the Plagueriders and a nurgling unit killed of the vampire lords skeleton unit and went on killing the vampire lord! Then the undead army started to crumble.

It ended in a massacre and he had nothing left by turn 5.

I am going to a tournament at the end of next month and I am thinking about playing this list.

30-03-2008, 19:48
congrats on the win!
Your list looks good, so good luck if you field it in a tourney.

01-04-2008, 15:01
Well stomped, always nice to see new vamps get crunched. Luck with the tourny, you do have a solid nurgly army there. Never seen 12 bases of nurglings in one army either :skull:

- Salvage