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30-03-2008, 19:46
Alright, this is my first fantasy list, after coming over from 40k just 3 days ago. Tell me what you think!

Treeman Ancient---400 Points
An Annoyance of Netlings
A Pageant of Shrikes
A Cluster of Radiants

SpellSinger---125 Points
2 Dispel Scrolls

Standard Bearer---129 Points
Light Armor

Glade Guard---120 Points
10x Glade Guard

Glade Guard---120 Points
10x Glade Guard

Glade Riders---120 Points
5x Glade Riders

8x Dryads---96 Points

8x Dryads---96 Points

Tree Kin---195 Points
3x Tree Kin

Wild Riders of Kurnous---174 Points
6x Riders
Standard Bearer

Wardancer Troupe---133 Points
7x Wardancers

Treeman---285 Points

31-03-2008, 13:00
2 treemen will freak people out! Nice list though keep it.

31-03-2008, 13:12
Id probably go wouldn't go for so many big guys, 6 Tree Kins and 2 Treemen is a load of pts. Since both are flammable and gets no ward save vs magic, flammable magic attacks, such as lore of fire spells, or dwarf cannons with that pesky flammable attack rune would eat you alive. I'd probably switch a Tree Kin unit for 2x8 Dryad units (96x2 pts), they hit like a train, are very mobile and rather cheap.

As for your character choices, I'd rather remove a treeman and the branchwraith and replace them with a Treeman Ancient with Netlings (and possibly +1 DD). The Branchwraith is rather useless imo, it can't join units except forest spirits, and without dryads she is gonna be an easy target for magic missles. Shes also a very very crappy fighter (She hits just as hard as a Dryad champ, but with +2 WS), and a no good mage. I'd also skip level 2 on your mage, I never considered WE magic to be very powerful and with a total of 3 magic levels your opponent will easily dispel any troublesome spells you manage to get off. With an Ancient with +1 DD and a Scroll caddy you will land on 2 scrolls and 4 DDs, which is the same as you have now, and you have a LD9 stubborn general.

Von Wibble
31-03-2008, 13:44
Interesting - no lord.

I would definately trade 1 unit of treekin for 2 of dryads. I also agree with the level 2 not being worth it (if you had a spellweaver that's another matter). Use the few points saved to get a treeman ancient as suggested (remove a glade rider for the annoyance of netlings).

Lamentation of despairs - is that the bound spell? If so lose it, you won't pull it off with so little other magic anyway. Pageant of Shrikes is one of my favourite spites - perfect for sniping wizards and champions.

31-03-2008, 18:48
Alright, my list is editted. What do you all think?

31-03-2008, 20:59
I would drop pagent on the ancient it isnt needed. Also you need a bsb in this list, so if the trees do fail there break test they can re-roll. Keep him just behind them and give him oaken armour. To get him drop a GR and and a unit of dryads. Or you could drop the treekin already, you already have 2 anvils and some hammers. Get the bsb and then WHR (by dropping what I already mentioned b4). They will add some movment to your army and they will be able to kill mages aswell.

01-04-2008, 02:39
Anyone else second that notion about getting a BSB? I am not so sure about dropping 100+ points on a single model that could be knocked off relatively easily.

Von Wibble
01-04-2008, 12:49
The bsb and 2 treemen is a well known nasty build - but imo oaken armour is overpriced for what it does. Amaranthine brooch is a better buy. And the Pageant I recommended is something for a branchwraith not an ancient (ancients should be in combat, branchwraiths only sometimes).

The bsb should go with wardancers (he gives them bonus CR and they give him good protection). I would agree with losing a glade rider and unit of dryads.

Warhawk riders - don't bother. They cost twice as much as glade riders and are no better. Treekin otoh provide a unit for the enemy to really be scared of.

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
01-04-2008, 12:54
Warhawk riders - don't bother. They cost twice as much as glade riders and are no better. Treekin otoh provide a unit for the enemy to really be scared of.

What? Flying, hit and run, two wounds, yet you say they aren't better? Expensive, but also very good.

01-04-2008, 13:06
I probably start by getting a decent army rather than tree hugging hippies, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, just being silly, didn't mean it.

Seriously, I wouldn't bother putting the Spellsinger on a horse unless you felt like having her charge into combat. Being in a regiment messes with line of sight, and can make life very short if you wind up charging into combat, plus a mounted character has a unit strength of 2, so doesn't get the -1 to hit if she's out on her own.

I often find a small body guard of Skirmishers, in your case Waywatchers would be perfect, is ideal for keeping her mobile enough to keep out of harms way, protecting her from hostile fire and maintain that all important line of sight.

I've never faced an Ancient before so I can't speak as to their effectiveness, let us know how it turns out so we can compare with the same value of elven characters.

02-04-2008, 22:15
Alright guys, I updated my list. I plan on joining the Standard Bearer to the Wardancers. The magic spear should save me a couple of deaths on the wardancers in melee. I also like the Pageant on the Ancient because it gives him a good counter for things like great weapons, that could potentially harm him.