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30-03-2008, 23:24
A couple of hours ago, i've just completed a warband tournament at local store. Here is the list that i played with.

The peasant warband

17 Man @ Arms, FC
10 Peasant Bowmen
5 Knights of the realm, Musician, Galant (became general)

A very ballanced list. The only thing that you will question maybe "why didnt you break the bowmen to 3-4 men per unit?". I thought that most of the time M@A and KOTR will leave the bowmen behind, so if i build 3-4 men per unit, one casualty will force panic test and with Ld 5 they will likely goes fleeing.

Game 1 ~ Orcs and Goblin (Andy)

Orc Shaman w/ nibbla Ithy Ring
Night Goblin Shaman
Orc Chariot
6 Orc Arrer Boys
5 Night Goblin w/ Shortbow
3 Goblin Wolf Rider

Man... 2 spellcaster in a warband. "This is a tough list", I thought. I got assasinate for objective, the same objective to him. He rolled d6 S4 for orc shaman and D6 S2 no armour save for night goblin shaman.

We advanced slowly while the goblin wolf rider rushed to my flank (no shooting, still out of range). At turn 3, the goblin wolf rider is threatening my flank. I reformed my bowmen to face wolf riders. D6 S4 picked 1 KotR. i dispelled D6 S2 no armour save (brets nightmare), nibbla ithy ring killed my general. Passed panic test. Turn 4, wolf riders charged bowmen, orc chariot charged KotR. Bowmen stand and shoot, killing 1 goblin wolf riders and panicked them off the board. KotR fled. Magic killed another KotR. M@A charged chariot, KotR rallied. Bowmen killed 3 Orc Arrers. M@A won combat and persued but failed catching the chariot. Turn 5, chariot rallied. Shooting and magic combined killed another KotR. Passed panic test, musician left alone. M@A and single musician KotR charged orc chariot. shooting finished the rest of the arrer boys. Orc chariot break and fled off the board. i persued only to get me off the board so he dont have any magic and shooting target. Turn 6, he did nothing. I came back to the board and we count points.

Brets 174 (orc chariot, 3 wolf riders, 6 arrer boys)
OnG 124 (half unit KotR, objective acquired)
Results - DRAW

wow, a tough first battle...

Game 2 ~ Lizardmen (Arie)

Salamander list

Saurus hero with nike and GW
3 skink, jav and shield, scout
3 skink, jav and shield, scout
2 Salamander pack (WTF)

He is my gaming group friend. Well, i guess that competitive environment change how people play... his objective is assasinate and mine is annihilate.

he advanced his nikey saurus quickly but out of bowmens range. skinks moved to outmaneuver me. I replied with 10 arrows to skinks, dropping one. skink panicked and fled. Turn 2, saurus positioned himself on the flank of KotR and rear of M@A. skink fled off the board. The other skink moved to cover again. Salamander advanced towards bowmen but hide in the forest. I move my KotR backwards so if he charged KotR, he'll get the front arc. M@A wheeled to close saurus running route. Turn 3, Saurus nikey charged KotR. Salamander advanced and burned 7! bowmen. Passed panic test with generals ld. Saurus challenged and did 2 wounds which passed with either armour or ward save (whew). he lost combat but stands firm. M@A reformed to face saurus hero. bowmen did nothing. Turn 4, salamanders advanced to help saurus and burned the rest of the bowmen to crisp... (one misfired, eating 3 skink) Saurus killed the general. win combat with musician. he held. M@A come to the rescue (charged saurus hero). M@A put 1 wound on the general. Saurus killed 3! KotR (leaving musician alone again). But i won combat by 2 and the saurus broke. persued but failed to catch. Turn 5, saurus rallied. Skink Skirmishers and salamander moved to shoot M@A. Killed a bit of M@A with shooting. The Lone musician charged saurus hero (For glory or nothing!!!). M@A cant charge the saurus hero because the single KotR is in the way. M@A reformed to face salamander and skinks. So what happened with the lone musician? He killed the saurus! YAY. I chose to overrun off the board so he couldnt get my KotR points with salamander flames. But i then realized this has put the lone peasant to withhold salamanders and skinks shooting at Ld 5... oh well... Turn 6, skink killed none. Salamanders put 8 hit and a misfire. Salamander ate 3 more skinks and took monster reaction on 3. This is the moment of winning or losing... 8 hits, 4 wound. 6+ armour save. I rolled and i found a SIX. YAY!! no panic test. KotR came back and M@A is out of charge range so We count the points.

Brets - 274 (3 skinks, saurus hero, objective)
Lizardmen - 184 (objective, half unit of KotR, peasant bowmen)

Damn, another tough battle.

Game 3 ~ Wood Elves (Mario)

Noble w/ Hail of doom arrow
8 Dryads
7 Dryads

Well, how do you rate this list? i got hold table quarters for objective and he got invade. So this works for both of us.

Turn 1, He advanced quickly but save from peasant shooting range. I held at my table quarters. well, dont get me wrong but it was my objective. Turn 2, one dryad unit advanced to the flank of the bowmen. M@A and KotR positioned themself to accept charges. Turn 3, one Dryad unit advanced closer to the bowmen. The other moved back to outrange KotR charging movement. Bowmen reformed to face dryads. Turn 4, Dryads Charged bowmen. I commanded the bowmen to flee. Then, hearing the general told them to flee, they were delighted and fled as quickly as their feet could carry them. Bowmen fled 12 inches!!! and off the board. Whew... Im sure that the peasants were glad that they are alive. And here is the moment. The WE noble aimed at the KotR, streched out his bow and shoot an arrow that then split into twelve Arrows. Eleven hit KotR. Nine Wounding KotR. Five Deflected by KotR heavy armour. At last, two were caught by the Lady's hand of blessing. KotR passed panic test. Whew, that was almost over... Turn 5, the flank dryads positioned themselves to charge M@A. M@A and KotR faced dryads. Turn 6, he decided to charge M@A. Dryads killed 4 M@A. Combat Draw but then musician sounded his battle drums. M@A felt courageous and pushed the dryads back despite the casualty they suffered. Dryads broke and cought them. Game over. Counting...

Brets - 96 (a unit of dryads)
Wood Elves - 60 (Peasant Bowmen that should not have ran so far away)
Results ~ DRAW

Did you see a pattern here? People tried to min-max their list. Oh well, this was a tournament anyway. What did i expect.

Game 4 ~ Vampire Counts (Ricky)

3 Zombie
3 Zombie
Varghulf! (WTF, WTF, WTF!!!)

Okay, this is the sickest list ever!!! I knew ricky. All of our gaming group didnt like him. He is a powergamer but have a skill of none. He always try to find a way to abuse rules and list. He got assasinate objective and i got choose an objective. I chose hold table quarters. I did not plan to advance even an inch. He rolled gaze of nagash for magic. He deployed zombie in a forest and the other outside it.

Turn 1, he advanced (zombie stood where they were), gaze of nagash out of range and i held. Turn 2, he advanced closer (not the zombie though), gaze of nagash failed and i held (positioning a bit here and there). Turn 3, He moved Varghulf to the flank of M@A and bowmen. He did not intend to charge but only to terror here and there. Gaze of nagash came off with him rolling 9 and i failed dispelling at 8. Rolled 2 dice. ELEVEN HITS!!! When the dust settles, only the general remains... BUT seeing his comrades fell, he found himself scared and decided to flee off the board..... I thought that you can guess what happen next when peasant was terrorized by a monster at Ld 5. They ran all the way. I gave up as i dont intend to play only to make him happy (he was laughing non stop since the moment that killed my KotR).

Brets - 0
Vampire Counts - 360 (all of my warband and objective)
Result ~ DEFEAT!

I came out with 1 win, 2 draw, and 1 lost with peasant. Fortunately, Ricky didnt won the tournament as he was defeated by Mario (the opponent of my third game). Ricky won 3 games and lost 1. Mario became the best general with 3 games won and 1 draw (from me).

All in all, i was pleased with the tournament except the last game. So, comments for my battles? Anyway, thank you for reading.

~ 3Xhume ~

31-03-2008, 00:18
That wampire list is disgusting :/

31-03-2008, 00:38
Seems like an intersting little tournament, I may have to try something like that.

31-03-2008, 06:20
awesome reports. I like seeing these small games in play because it would perhaps encourage GW to create more things for warbands. Only suggestion I have is maybe try to get your group to play 500 pt warbands. I think thats the perfect level of warbands. I think the Vargulf wouldn't be as bad at that level.

31-03-2008, 06:38
well, the local store encourage new players to start small games with their limited painted models. But, most of the participant actually have an army of 2000pts worth. Maybe the new players still didnt have the nerf to actually challenge older gamers. So the store didnt achieve their target.

31-03-2008, 09:33
powergaming galore, still well done all in all, and yes that VC army was just ugly...

Andrew Luke
31-03-2008, 16:39
Allowing rares in a Warband tourney kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? Why not just one up the Varghulf list with an ethereal vamp and some wraiths, even beardier...

31-03-2008, 18:09
Nice reports, a little scrunched together which makes them a bit harder to read.

Vamp list was disappointing. I am assuming the tournament didn't have any Composition scores. Might be a good idea in the future.

A few interesting things though. The WE list had a Noble that couldn't join his units. That leaves him wide open for the Assassinate objective and the objectives are supposed to be hidden. The Saurus hero runs the same risk of charging a group, wiping them out and dying in exchange and then leaving the rest of his force unable to accomplish his objective.

31-03-2008, 18:24
awesome reports. I like seeing these small games in play because it would perhaps encourage GW to create more things for warbands. Only suggestion I have is maybe try to get your group to play 500 pt warbands. I think thats the perfect level of warbands. I think the Vargulf wouldn't be as bad at that level.

I got 500 point Warbands started at the local game shop. We are all starting out armies so many of us don't have 2k armies that are not mostly proxies much less fully painted. So Warbands made a lot of struggling people perk up and want to play again since they could get enough painted figures together.

No if only I could decide what exactly to play. If you have experience with Warbands advice is welcome Here http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135249

31-03-2008, 18:51
I've been wanting to get a warbands series going with my gaming friends for a while. I love the background of fantasy, but don't have a huge army painted yet, so warbands would be good for me. After reading your batreps, definitely want to get it going moreso.

And yes, that vamp list is just wrong on so many levels.

31-03-2008, 22:56
@Mercules: WE Player hid his general behind the dryads skirmish so we have never been able to shoot it.

01-04-2008, 02:59
You had LoS at some point since he did to fire his Doom arrow. ;) Then again at that point your Archers had left the board. Basically he has to open himself up at some point or else he is wasting points having a non-magic character hang out in the background.

07-04-2008, 01:11
why thank you everyone that my list (the VC that is me) is the most disgust :) ........ in case you didn't know that the tourney demands FULL PAINTED army. I was going for zombie army in 300pts games, figures I cannot finish 60 zombies in 1 night (since the tourney also demands that 'raised' unit also fully painted). But varghulf can be easily painted along with 6 zombie, yes, I did not raise dead and/or nehek while in the game to keep my quota of full painted army (heck I've been nominated as BEST 3 painters, though I lost in the end :p).
If you want even MORE disgusting list, if the warband tourney is increase to 400pts. Use 4 wraiths + 1 tomb banshee , 2 X 3 zombies, 1 vamps with ethereal. I won't try that though (power gaming), unless I have little time to paint army.

11-04-2008, 16:40
What a great sport you are.