View Full Version : 2000 points list lizardmen all help appreciated

31-03-2008, 03:15
2000 points

Saurus Scar-veteran 182
Great weapon, light armour, shield,
aura of quetzl jaguar charm
sotec tepoc

Saurus scar-veteran 147
biting blade, light armour, shield,
Itzl tepoc coldone

Level 2 skink shaman 135
Diadem of power

level 2 skink 2 scrolls 150

15 saurus with command 210

15 saurus with command 210

10 skinks 60

10 skinks 60

10 skinks 60

10 scouting skinks blowpipes 70

5 saurus cavalry 175

4 kroxigor 232

3 terradons 105

3 salamanders 195


6 power 6dispel 2 scrolls

im also not sure about the saurus cavalry, im getting some soon and if they dont work out i will replace them with another 3 krox, magic is good all round, no areas really covered. i no theres no lord, or carni or steg, but i seem to have an allergic reaction to point sinks, i always stuggle to get there points back,

thanks for any help!

31-03-2008, 03:21
I would give the Cold one Scar vet a spear instead of the great weapon. Your saurus cav (if you keep them) should break whatever they hit, especially with a character in their unit. With the 15 points I would buy at least a musician for the cavalry as it can bail them out.

31-03-2008, 14:46
thanks for the suggestions, swapped out the GW straight away, havent played for a long time and forgot about that rule. so now i have 8 points left, i can either swap out the shield and get an enchanted shield, or lose 2 points somewhere and get a musician for the cavalry, any suggestions?

also who would be best to use as army general? im not sure who will be nearest the kroxigor or skinks to make the higher LD worth it,

thanks again!

31-03-2008, 18:14
My biggest concern are the 2 units of saurus. I just don't know what roll they play. IMHO your better off replacing them with Kroxigors/Saurus cav. Until saurus warriors get +1 AS they wont be worth they're points for most situations. They can be useful, but the points are better spent on Kroxs and cav

01-04-2008, 22:36
well the saurus are there to play the same role ranked regiments play in any army.

lots of people see the slowness (in comparison) a problem, but i think it will work as a second wave, the enemy can shoot the saurus but them they will have the krox and cavalry to deal with turn 2/3, if the shoot the faster units then turn 3/4 30 saurus will make it to there deployment zone ready to take down whats left.

thanks for all your help so far!