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31-03-2008, 04:43
Hey guys. This is more of a request than a list posting. My friend started collecting Ogres in anticipation for our groups progression from 40k to Warhammer. He wanted an army with few models and one that could be quickly painted and useable fast. So far he has about 1000 points from the Battalion (or Spearhead I can't remember) box and is currently making further purchases. Now, he is reknown amongst our group for choosing the most awful lists known to man and from what I've heard, this trait is coming to the front again. Now, I know very little about Ogres, their capabilities and their weaknesses. Seems to me that they are strong, but few and have very poor magic compared to my VC's for example. I am probably wrong. They are most likely very competitive. And this brings me to my request. I would like a compendium of lists, that I can print and show to my friend, so he has a rough idea where he should be headed. Could people please post their 'all corners' ogres lists and include a short explanation for your choices. Hopefully, together we can help him knock up a kick ass list.

Many Thanks in advance.

31-03-2008, 20:51
you should go to www.ogrestronghold.com its a great site and really helpful for writing ogre army lists.

I always use

tyrant: tenderiser, wyrdstone necklace, ha, luck gnob, longstrider
butcher: bangstick, dispell scroll
butcher: hellheart
butcher: siegbreaker

3 bulls: extra hand weapon
3 ironguts: banner look out gnob
3 ironguts: banner look out gnob
3 ironguts: banner look out gnob
3 ironguts: banner look out gnob
2 gorger