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My gaming group is starting up a campaign and I wanted to use a Halfling army. The group member said ok so I would ask you to look at this list and see if it would work and any changes that could or should be made. Thanks in advance Sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes


Forest Walk-no movement penalty within woods

After witnessing countless attacks by Orcs and Goblins, Norse raider, Vampires from Sylvania that have ravaged the Moot. The Halflings have had enough and now stand there ground to fight tooth and nail to prevent the destruction of their home land yet again. As defeat appears to becoming closer and closer the Halfling army will fight harder and harder in hopes of prevent defeat from happening.

Pillaged and Burned- After one unit which is effected by Pillaged and Burned with its starting unit strength greater then or equal the starting strength of other units that are effected by this rule is destroyed in combat, ran down or flees off the table. All units affected by this rule gain immune to panic and count losing combat by 2 less then normal when taking there break test. Note the unit still counts as losing even it this minus to the test remove the modifier and the test is taken with no penalty.
i.e. if a unit of 20 regulars at the beginning of the game is broken in combat and caught it does not matter what the strength was when the unit was destroyed all units of 20 or less unit strength that are effected by Pillaged and Burned are now effected by this rule

Light Plate was forged by the dwarves and acquired by the Halfling. The armour is light and strong- Light Plate contributes a 5+Armour Save

Sling Shots are effective weapons at close range but lack the range of bows
Range 12”, Strength 4 may move and shoot without penalty and no long range penalty. Models on foot only. Magic bullets may be purchased for a character as long as he is equipped with a sling shot. More then 1 magic bullet may be chosen by the character.

Pitchforks-count as spears but each model gains +1 Attack

Barbed Arrows- -1 armour save

Halfling Commandant 85 Pts

Commandants are the over all commanders of the Halfling forces in defense of the Moot. Often selected for perceived leadership and tactical skill they have risen through the ranks of the small Mootland armed forces. Although lacking the fighting skills of the commanders of the other races the Commandant have a wide knowledge of the terrain of the Moot, they often use inspiring speeches to rouse the Halflings of the Moot and have deep coffers to hire foreigners to assisting defend their homeland.


Commandant 4 5 7 3 3 5 3 3 9
Pony 7 3 3 2 3 4 1 1 6

Equipment: Hand Weapon
Light Armour +3 Pts, Light Plate +6Pts, Shield +3Pts
Sling Shot +6 Pts, Short Bow +4 Pts
May ride a Pony +14Pts. If mounted may select a spear at +2pts
May select 100pts of common or Halfling magic items

Special Rule
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Barbed Arrows

Grand Magician 125 Pts

The Grand Magician are some of the most sought after magic users in the Moot. By adapting some of the common spell learned at the Collages of Magic in Altdorf these magic users can be experts in the making of fireworks displays, dealing with sick livestock and animals to performing illusions for any one who can afford there services. Although Skilled in the winds of magic the rarely become as talented or well versed in its uses as the great mages of the other races.

Grand Magician 4 3 5 2 3 4 3 2 8
Pony 7 3 3 2 3 4 1 1 6

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Sling Shot
May ride a Pony +14Pts
May use Lore of Fire, Beast, Shadow, Life, Light

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Lvl 3 Wizard my not be upgrade to lvl 4


Halfling Chief 45 Pts

The Chiefs are local leaders within the Moot. Their reasonability’s range from mayoral duties to policing disputes and crimes. In times of crisis the local chief is responsible for organizing the local defense and insuring the evacuation of the women and children. The chiefs are often former toll guardsmen or forest rangers.

Chief 4 4 6 3 3 5 2 2 8
Pony 7 3 3 2 3 4 1 1 6

Equipment: Hand Weapon
Light Armour +2 Pts, Light Plate +4Pts, Shield +2Pts
Sling Shot +3 Pts or a Short Bow +2 Pts
May ride a Pony +10Pts. If mounted may select a spear at +2pts
May select 50pts of common or Halfling magic items
May become a battle standard bearer +25pts

Special Rule
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Barbed Arrows

Magician 70 Pts

Magicians are lower ranking magic users who lack the knowledge and skill of the Grand Magicians. Often these Magicians perform in the streets throughout the Moot and near by imperial communities with the hope of employment by local noble families.

Magician 4 3 5 2 3 4 2 1 8
Pony 7 3 3 2 3 4 1 1 6

Equipment: Hand Weapon, Sling Shot
May take 50Pts of Halfling or Common magic item
May ride a Pony +10Pts
May use Lore of Fire, Beast, Shadow, Life, Light
Level 2 for +30Pts

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned

Empire Captain

See Empire book for rules. The captain may not be the army’s general or battle standard bearer and may not join Halfling units. Magic Items and equipment are taken from common and Empire lists


Halfling Regulars 4Pts/Model

The Halfling Regulars are conscripts who are called up in times of crisis. Often armed with pitchforks and bucklers these Halfling are under the command of a local police constable. They lack the effect training of most armies back bone units.

Regulars 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 1 7
Constable 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 2 7
Unit Size 20+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Buckler (shield)
Can be equipped with Pitchforks +1Pts, and Light Armor +1Pts
Standard+8pts, Musician+4pts, Constable+4pts

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned

Halfling Archers 6PtsModel

The Halfling Archers are often local hunter and farmers who are proficient with bows. Often they fight in both ranked and lose formations.

Archers 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 1 7
Sharp Shooter 4 2 5 2 2 4 1 1 7
Unit Size 10+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Short Bows
May be skirmished +2pts
Light Armour +1pts
Standard+8pts, Musician+4pts, Sharp Shooter+4pts

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, You must have 1 ranked unit of archers for every skirmished unit

Pony Riders 14Pts/Model

Pony Riders are local farmers who ride in to battle onto of the farm ponies. Although the ponies lack the size and speed of the larger human steeds they make up in agility and the ability to pass though forest without difficulty.

Pony Rider 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 1 7
Head Rider 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 2 7
Pony 7 3 3 2 3 4 1 1 6
Unit Size 5+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Spear, Short Bows, Light Armour

Standard+8pts, Musician+4pts, Head Rider+4pts

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Fast Cavalry

10-10-2005, 23:27

Halfling Forester 8Pts/Model

The Foresters are some of the only professional troops in the Moot. They patrol the boarder areas of the Moot and forest within in search of highway men. Proficient with Bows and Sling shots they are often the scouts ahead of the army harassing the enemies advance.

Forester 4 2 5 2 2 4 1 1 8
Forest Ranger 4 2 6 2 2 4 1 1 8
Unit Size 5+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Short Bow, Light Armour

Forest Ranger+4pts

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Skirmish, Scouts, Barbed Arrows

Halfling Toll Men 0-1 7Pts/Model

The Toll Men guard the many gates that guard the roads entering and the many fortified inns the Moot. These guards collect tolls on caravans passing through the Moot. It is also there task to deal with any highway men that are spotted by the Foresters.

Toll Men 4 3 4 3 2 4 1 1 8
Head Toll Men 4 3 4 3 2 4 1 2 8
Unit Size 10+
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Light Plate, Shield, Sling Shot,
May take a magic standard up to 50pts is value
Standard+8pts, Musician+4pts, Head Toll Men+4pts
The Head Toll Men may select 1 magic bullet for the Halfling magic item list.

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Professional Guards

Professional Guards- Since the Toll men are some of the only professional soldiers within the Moot often the regular units are put under there command. One unit of regulars or archers of up to one half unit strength may be treated as a detachment see empire army book for rules

Halfling Hot Pot
- See Dog of War Rules. 2 Hot Pots may be taken for 1 special choice

The Fighting Cocks
-See Regiment Renowned Rules

Ogre Kingdoms
Due to Ogre fondness for Halflings. Ogre Kingdoms dog of war units may be taken as a special choice. This includes Bulls, Iron Guts and Leadbelchers. These units suffer from the following rule

Dem Little’uns Taste Good
Each Turn a unengaged Ogre unit must take role a d6 and on the role of a 1 their stomachs get the better of them and they must role on the chart below.

1- GET IN MY BELLY- The Ogres stomachs get the better of them and the ogres move 6” towards the nearest Halfling unit within line of sight. If no units are in line of sight count as a role of 2-5. If the Ogres reach a Halfling unit they count as charging with bull charge (if the unit has the required unit strength) even though the distance is less then 6”. Immediately fight a full found of combat with resolution and roll tests. Note this has no effect on the pillage and burn special rule if the unit is ran down but the rule can be used by the Halflings if it is already in effect

2-5 EAT’M NOW OR LATER- The Ogre unit argues amongst themselves about whether or not to eat the Halflings. The unit may not move or shoot this turn

6- HERES MORE MONEY NOW GET THEM- The Halflings see a strange glint in the eyes of the ogres and quickly offer them a raise for them to get the enemy. The ogre unit move 6” towards the nearest enemy unit within line of sight. If the Ogres reach the unit they count as charging with bull charge (if the unit has the required unit strength) even though the distance is less then 6”


Orge Maneaters
See Ogre Kingdom book for rules. Note they only take 1 rare slot and are not affected by Dem Little’uns Taste Good rule due to there veteran experience the don’t go off and eat those who hire them. At least not during the battle.

Halfling Musicians 0-1 10Pts

Besides good food and a warm bed Halfling have a love for music. The musicians accompany the army in battle sing songs which set images of their homeland in the minds of the warriors and inspires them to fight harder.

Musicians 4 2 4 2 2 4 1 - 8
Unit Size 4-10
Equipment-trumpets, drums, guitars
Special Rules
Forest Walk, Skirmished, Musicians, Songs of Lore, Singing and Dancing

Singing and Dancing- unit is protected by a 6+ ward save

Musician- add an additional +1 to rally rolls to all units within 12”

Songs of Lore-Once per magic phase the musicians can sing a song which affects all units within 8”. These counts as a bound spell power level 3+1for each unit musician within 8”.

Song of Courage-units effected gain immune to fear and terror until next Halfling magic phase
Song of strength- units effected gain +1 strength until next Halfling magic phase
Song of Pride- units effected gain +1 to hit until next Halfling magic phase
Song of Protection-units effected gain 6+ward save unit next magic phase

The musicians are not fighters and therefore they will always flee as a charge reaction, if they are destroyed or run off the table all units must take within 12” must take a panic test. Note this over rides Pillaged and Burned

Empire Spearmen, Halberdiers, Swordsmen, and Handgunners- Normal detachment rules apply. See Empire Book for rules and point costs. 1 parent unit and 2 detachments may be taken for 1 rare choice.

Empire Knightly Order 0-1
See Empire book for rules. Magic standard taken from empire standards. May not be upgraded to inner circle

Dogs of War
Halflings may hire any dogs of war units that can be hired by the empire

Kislev Contingents
May join this Army


Halflings for the most part don’t make their own magic items unless it helps in the process of eating, drinking, singing or the entertainment before, during or after eating, drinking, singing. Most Halfling made items are made by magicians for purposes of entertainment but the can often be easily adapted for use on the battle field. Some other items were acquired from the Empire or Dwarfs in exchange for everything from food stuffs to ale or purchased for gold.


Smoke Bullet 15Pts- One Use Only. When fired from a sling shot the bullet on a successful hit explodes and covers the target unit in a choking cloud of smoke. The unit hit may not charge, may only move at half rate, must hold as a charge reaction, may not stand and shoot; range of missile weapons is halved (note this does not affect long range penalties or other bonuses. The effects last until the Halflings next shooting phase

Bullet of Liquid Flame 20Pts- One Use Only. When fired from a sling shot the bullet on a successful hit shatters covering the unit in a magical flame. Place the flame template on the model closest to the shooter and orientate the template away from the shooter. All models hit by the template take a Strength 4, -2 to armour save, magical hit. Models partially covered by the template hit on 4+

Explosive Bullet 25Pts- One Use Only. When fired from a sling shot the bullet on a successful hit place the small template with the hole on the centre of the base of model closest to the shooter. That model takes a Strength 7 no armour saves, fire hit. All other models take a strength 4 no armour save fire hit. Models partially covered are it on a 4+

Sting 35Pts- All wounds inflicted by this weapon are multiplied by D3 at -1 Armour Save


Lucky Buckler 25Pts- all models attacking the model caring this buckler receive a -1 to hit in addition to the 6+ armour save

Merry’s Riding Helm 15Pts Mounted Characters Only- May be combine with other armour as usual. Confers a 5+Armour Save. In addition on the turn the model charges he gets +1 to hit.

Mithral Rings 10Pts- 4+ armour save


Talisman of Warding 25Pts- 5+ ward saves


Pellet of Magical Splendor 50Pts- One Use Only. When a pellet is activated during the casting of a spell, the spell explodes forth with greater then normal power. The item may be used before the casting role any magic missile or damaging spell that target only 1 unit. If the spell fails the pellet has no effect, if a miscast is rolled, roll on the miscast table twice and let your opponent pick which result will affects the magician. For magic missile and spells that require a d6 or 2d6 hits the pellet adds an additional d6 hits on the target unit. For all spell none magic missile spells that then the pellet allows the re-rolling of rolls to wounds.


Fire Whiskey (One Use Only) 15Pts- On the turn that this item is used the model gain a S3 flaming breath attack

Green Dragon Ale (One Use Only) 20Pts- +2 Strength for the remained of the turn.

Cloak Of The Woods 25Pts- Character may be deployed as a scout

Ring of Baggins 35Pts- Character may put on or remove the ring at the beginning of the Halfling turn. Character becomes ethereal.


Standard of the Moot 80Pts- All Halfling units within 8” of the standard gain MR (1) and the unit with the banner gains +1 to hit in close combat.

Guard’s Standard 40Pts- This standard gives Toll Guards 4+ wards save vs. range attacks

10-10-2005, 23:27

Nicolas Warfoot 240Pts

Every male member in the long line of the Warfoot family has served in defense of the Moot. Hence their name: Warfoot. Currently Nicolas Warfoot is the current overall commander of the military forces within the Moot. Since the coming of the Storm the Empire has not been able to place forces in proximity to the Moot. This has forced the Halfling’s to take a greater role in the defense of their homeland. Warfoot organized a small yet politically important force sent to aid in the defense of Middenhiem. Yet the majority of forces were kept at home in case of a break through by the forces of Crom the Conquer to the east. In these dark times Nicolas has mobilized the people of the Moot like never before in defense of the homeland

Nicolas 4 6 7 3 3 6 3 3 10

Equipment- Warfoot’s Blade, Aladora’s Necklace, Potion of War, Warfoot’s Crest, Light Plate, Sling Shot, Explosive Bullets

Warfoot’s Blade- the sword has been passed down through the family’s history of warfare. The actual origin of the blade is a long winded story which Nicholas or Warfoot for fact is too happy to tell. In it Nicholas’s Great Great Great Grandfather was a free lancer who ends up joining with a party of humans who quested into the tombs of in south. After a ferocious battle with some undead legions in which Nocholas’s relative slew the evil lich that commanded the host, the blade was removed from the tombs treasure

Each wound this blade inflicts does 2. In addition there is a -2 Armour Save

Aladora’s Necklace- during Nicholas’s rise through the ranks he was head of a Forester patrol which happened to stumble across an Wood elf maiden who was under attack by a band of vile beastmen. After driving the beastmen off with a volley of arrow fire the maiden gave Nicholas here necklace in thanks for her rescue. It is rumored that Nicholas and the maiden still meet in the woods on the anniversary of the attack.

Aladora’s Necklace confers a 4+ ward save. Once per battle amulet emits a blinding flash of light which prevents all attacks from 1 model from striking Nicholas.

The brewing of the Potion of War is a family secret that has been passed down from father to son for generations. The potion is said to give the drinker the strength of an ox and the toughness of a bear.

The potion may be drunk once per battle in the Halfling’s movement phase. Its effects last the Halfling next movement phase. The potion imbues +2 Strength and +1 Toughness.

The Warfoot’s Crest is a magical shield that was taken from an Orc warlord who was slain during a Waaagh that was stopped in the Moot. The origins before the death of this warlord is unknown but onto the shield was painted the Warfoot’s family crest and it is now pass down from father to son.

This shield confers a 5+ Armour Save. In addition Magic Resistance (1) for him and any unit he joins

Explosive Bullets- Warfoot carries d3 explosive bullets into battle

Special Rules
Forest Walk, Pillaged and Burned, Grand Commandant

Grand Commandant- the unit Nicholas joins in Stubborn and all units within 6”gain +1 combat resolution.

11-10-2005, 00:00
Can I please laugh?


I'm not laughing at it...

Yes, yes I am.

I love it though...

It's just...an army of midgets.


I love it.

11-10-2005, 01:22
I applaude your effort...It makes me wanna try and flesh out a Hobgoblin army even more now...

That said, things like the Ogres getting new rules when used is a mouth full, you might wanna try and simplify things a bit, and have more magic items...

Hell I might try this army out sometime...

11-10-2005, 01:24
It gives me motivation to finish my Tilean list...

11-10-2005, 07:49
oompa loompa loompadee doo :D

i lik it, although i see no mention of food...

11-10-2005, 09:04
dude!!!... those things are kickass!!!!.....

S4 sling bullets..... longbows can`t even match that!! :eek:

I guess you`ll want them all to become small targets too?...

but aside from that.... nice.. though a bit on the powerfull side (except the T2)

02-03-2006, 20:35
+1 attack for a pitchfork!! Thats one hell of a spear!

Nice effort though! Characterful and well thought out. *applaudes*

06-03-2006, 15:23

This is a mailing list/forum for anyone who would like to discuss the aspects of Halflings in Warhammer.

06-03-2006, 20:17
I say the gnoblar list would represent halflings well, with halfling models counting as gnoblars. For halfling archers, the DOW sort would work,

06-03-2006, 20:58
I wrote a Halfling army list years ago but in testing it became apparent that a S2 T2 army can't really ever be competitive but to change these stats would make it rather uncharacterful.

But if you've really got your heart set on Halflings then here are some pointers.

*Slingshots already exist in warhammer. If I recall correctly they are 18" range S3 and have multiple shotx2 at short range.

*The Pitchforks rule doesn't match up with the fluff. A pitchfork is an inferior weapon to the spear as it is an improvised weapon. It should not confer a bonus over a military weapon.

*You've missed out on some possible unit types:
Shirriffs- Could be a character or an elite unit of some sort.
Farmers-Armed with pitchforks (spears) or scythes (great weapons) and possibly stubborn.
Field Wardens- (a character class taken from WFRP) could be a skirmishing unit with slings. They protect the halflings borders as a sort of ranger.
Cooks/chef- A characater which adds various bonuses to unit.
Thief- It's what they're best at. Could have rules for stealing magic items or disrupting plans maybe.

*Halflings aren't really much cop as magic users. I'm not even sure they can be wizards. I like the idea of a wandering human wizard joining a halfling army instead. Like Gandalf.

*You might include a rule which reflects their resistance to Chaos. Maybe they could have a higher pool of dispel dice like Dwarfs to make up for lack of magic.

*The pillaged and burned rule seems a little complex. I didn't get it at a glance.

07-03-2006, 22:04
I'm quite surprised that no one has suggested goose flocks, as a swarm or somesuch.
It's a delightful idea but might be extracting the michael a bit, which wouldn't be an overly good thing, especially as this is the most serious halfling list I've seen.

Well done, I love the ogre rules in particular, beautiful. I'm not convinced of the need for empire knights though.

07-03-2006, 23:48
try and find the citadel journal (27 i think), it has a very good Halfling Army list in it (however it really does lean heavily on LOTR)

08-03-2006, 03:04
You could post this on www.hammer-anvil.com

We'll be glad to comment, but beware: we take this seriously and appraisal/criticism may be very thorough.

But applause on your large effort. Good work.

Kensai X
08-03-2006, 04:58
Your list needs some revivison in the fact that in no way or form should their ever be Bs 5 halflings as a special choices... (That's implying their as good of shots as Waywatchers...) Don't give bonuses for improvised weapons, and for Pete's sakes why do halfling characters have Bs 7, WE Highborn don't even get that tone it down...

Similarly, I'm sure many more unit could be added to this list to make a great list so keep at it.