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31-03-2008, 10:48
Im new to O+G, and only thinking about collecting them, as a friend is selling off his current army, so any advice on them would be apperciated

lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
20 Night goblin Archers (2 fanatics)
30 Night goblins (FC, 3 fanatics)
40 Night Goblins (FC, 3 fanatics)
5 Wolf Riders
5 Wolf Riders
2 Snotling Bases
2 Snotling Bases
20 Black Orcs (FC, +D6" charge banner)
Stone Thrower
Stone Thrower

I think thats about 2000 points

02-04-2008, 11:28

Skarsnik&Gobbla OR NightGoblin BigBoss (+100 points of magic items)
lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
lv2 Goblin Shaman (50 points of magic items)
20 Night Goblin Archers (2 fanatics)
30 Night Goblins (standard, musician, 3 fanatics)
25 Night Goblins (standard, musician, 3 fanatics) OR GIANT
70 Night Goblins (standard, musician, 3 fanatics)
6 Wolf Riders
2 Snotling Bases
2 Snotling Bases
rock Lobber
rock Lobber
rock Lobber
rock Lobber

02-04-2008, 19:40
I would definitely take a giant. I don't play OnGs personnally, but played against them yesterday, (albeit the player was relatively new to them) with my High Elves, and slaughtered him. He had nothing to divert fire from his big units, nothing to split my attention. I have played against Giants, and they are brutal. I would seriously suggest taking one.

02-04-2008, 19:44
I don't like this this at all, too few units and 70 models in one unit? Four rock lobbers? You lack some heavy hitters but I can understand if you don't want to field orcs.

03-04-2008, 09:47
The more models i put in the generals unit, the harder it is to panic it. Other than things like flame cannons or screaming skull catapults, it is going to be REALLY difficult to panic or to get rid of the +5 static CR. Smaller units can be destroyed by shooting or made to panic really easily, or have their ranks reduced quite easily

03-04-2008, 10:38
Not necessarily. If a friendly unit (with US5+) flees through the unit, is destroyed or breaks from combat nearby, it doesn't make any difference how big your unit is.

70 Gobbos in one unit essentially gives you a unit that is worse than a unit of 35, in addition to it costing twice as many points.

03-04-2008, 11:08
once you get hit in the flank (which lets face it, with a unit with 70 models is bound to happen), you lose the +3 from you combat res, being gobbos you are terrible fighters, and you command and general can't fight. All the flanking unit needs to do is kill one gobbo to tie combat (flank + kill = banner + outnumber), and lets face it, its not hard to kill one. Chances are more will die, and then your unit will break and get run down.

03-04-2008, 13:32
I prefer the fisrt list out of the two.

Still, where does your LD come from? Id take a Black Orc Big Boss to be your general for his LD8. I take units of 30 Night Gobbos with Hand Weapons and shields + FC + 3 Fanatics. They've beat everything from Bloodknights [well I should say Bloodknight lol] to HE spears in combat, they've never really let me down.

Squig Herds are awesome, they dish out more damage than Cavalry and are Immune to Psychology. Cheap too.

I dont see the point in Snotlings at all without good LD on your general as they will run even though they are Stubborn in that first list.

EDIT - oops, just seen Grimgor in that first list, that really does make a big difference!.

Heres how I'd have that first list -

lv2 Night Goblin Shaman (Staff of Steal Power Dice for Dispell)
lv2 Night Goblin Shaman (Itty Ring + Staff of +1 Dispell)
lv2 Night Goblin Shaman (Horn of +1 LD + Mushroom)
35 Night goblins (FC, 3 fanatics)
35 Night Goblins (FC, 3 fanatics)
5 Wolf Riders + Musician + Spears
5 Wolf Riders + Musician + Spears
20 Black Orcs (FC, + Banner of Butchery + Shields)

Thats on 1665 Points.

I dont see much point in Shortbows and Rock Lobbers never seem to hit, if you really want some shooting I'd go with Bolt Throwers.

So you have 335 to play with -

6 Squig Herds [180]

I'd actually be a little tempted by a unit of Night Gobbos with Nets to support your Black Orcs, mine oftenget involved in Knock Down Drag Out combats that go on for a few turns, some Nets in the flank would really help out, then again you have Grimgor whuich should see you winning combats anyway.

2 Spear Chukkas [ 70 ]
Chariot + 1 Crew [85]

Chariots often come in handy, even if its milling about behind your lines for when a unit breaks to smash the pursuers [as its slower than the rest of your force].

03-04-2008, 23:49
You need nets, and never go over 35 gobboes.

warlord hack'a
04-04-2008, 11:18
get at leats one block of orcs with choppa shield, they are the new bargain. and for night gobs that you want to get in close combat with: give them nets.

06-04-2008, 11:28
If you want a massive unit for your genral why not making them orc, take a orc genral and give him battleaxe of the last waaagh! that way at least he'd benifit from a big unit.


06-04-2008, 12:06
ekkk a 70 man unit of night goblins, you must remember there are some spells that target the whole unit! which would result in about30-35 wounds to the unit!
(flames of phoenix, firewall, plague, curse or years to name a few)

- im surprised to see no bolt throwers they are 2-1 choice and are a bit more reliable at killing non infantry models then the rock lobbah

Since you are running mostly gobs, id suggest 30-35 man units and at least 5+ units of them, as they arent to tough on thier own you must use a horde style approach.

- Maybe get some chariots in the list? for extra hitty maybe a giant