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31-03-2008, 17:39
I recently got the old Arbaal model and had a few old Khorne models knocking about so I thought I'd gather them into an army -

Exalted Champ; 189
Coller of Khorne,
Helm of Many Eyes,
Great Weapon.

This is my anti High Elf guy, with Magic Resistance and Striking first he will cut down Elves before they can hurt my units when Im forced to charge. He will join the Warriors on foot.

Exalted Champion; 157
Barded Steed,

Exalted Champion; 265
Battle Standard,
Bezerker Sword,
Enchanted Shield.

These guys will form a team and just crash into enemy units, the guy on Jugger is the Arbaal model, he has the big banner on his back and I had spare points so I just threw that in. He pumps out a serious amount of S5 attacks. I figure they beat most units on their own, both also have a 2+ save.

Chariot; 150
Chariot; 150

These can smash most weak units and together even a tougher one.

5 Chosen Knights; 320
Full Command.

6 Hounds; 36

Knight Shield.

11 Warriors; 262
Great Weapons,
Full Command.

Character on foot goes with these.

11 Beastherd; 72

10 Beastherd; 65

These will screen important units.

Tuskgor Chariot; 85

Had the model...

4 Minotaurs; 249
Great Weapons.

2,000 Points
10 Dispell Dice

My main opponents will probably be High Elves and Vamp Counts. I figure my units are tough enough to survive Elves striking first and then I should smash them with kills to win combats. I have the dispell to stuff out most of the Elf and Vamp magic, I have screens to stop my army charging off and to stop them getting shot up easily. Plus a bit of speed in the chariots, minos and characters + knights.

With this army, all I will need to buy is a Chariot and a Chacater on Foot. As the rest is made up of all the spare Chaos models I have that arent Slaanesh and Nurgle.

What do you think?

Beardy? not competative?, any suggestions?.

01-04-2008, 00:52
the warriors seem rather alone in the list, I would replace them with knights, then you hit on turns 2 and 3, with herds for screening turn 1, maybe turn 2

01-04-2008, 01:48
i would give your mounted chars flails as opposed to the berserker sword and a halbred str 7 in round 1 of combat is nothing to bark at, id also mount the foot character with the helm and give him a fail as well :)

Id take more warhounds to screen your units, most of your army is frenzied so lots of hounds are needed to block los and charges so u arent baited around like crazy

01-04-2008, 14:48
I was thinking of Flails for some fast Chariot smashing, models are an issue though as I deffo dont want to alter the Arbaal model.

Mount the third Character? not think the two will be ennough to break units?, even the guy with the Bezerker sword will wound most basic infantry [VC and Elves] on a 2+. My unit of Khorne Warriors will lose by 1 against a unit of 15 White Lions without the character [the High Elf list I will be playing against a lot has 2 units of 15].

I may well give my Halberd hero a Flail though as Im not too fussed on that model, I agree on the hounds too, but they are pretty expensive to buy relative to points cost