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31-03-2008, 21:38
Hey all, thought I'd post the 2025 point list I'm running tomorrow for the campaign I'm involved in.

I'm fighting a Lizardman player, and it's my understanding that he runs an Oldblood on Carnosaur (we're not allowed to use special characters in this particular game, or he'd take Kroq-Gar), presumably accompanied by Saurus Cavalry and miscellaneous scaly goodness.

I've avoided taking chariots, fearing a potential JSoD and/or Kroxigor.

Here's the list:

5 Marauder Horse Flail+Mus. (fleeing from angry things with pointy objects)

3x5 Warhounds (table quarters and skink-eating)

5 Chosen Knights of Slaanesh w/ Rap. Stand. and FC, accompanying a L.2 Slaanesh Chaos Sorceror on steed w/ Spell Familiar (handy for Salamanders, Saurus Cavalry, and anything they can charge first other than Kroxigor or the Oldblood)

A L. 4 Undivided (Shadows) Exalted Sorceror w/ GoG and Power Familiar on Steed (running solo and hopefully dropping Pit of Shades on the Oldblood, though I'll settle for Unseen Lurker)

3 Dragon Ogres w/ GW and LA (to deal with a Stegadon and/or Saurus Cavalry)

8/8 Beast Herd w/ FC accompanying a L.2 Undivided (Beast) Bray Shaman w/ Chaos Armor and the Staff of Darkoth (Hoping for The Beast Cowers, but the unit can go handle skinks as well as finding his priest(s))

24 Marauders w/ FC, LA, and Shield, accompanying a Nurgle BSB on Steed w/ the Warbanner (7 Static CR; they will tend to hold against everything he can field, barring a failed Fear check against the Stegadon or Carnosaur)

2 Nurglings (they will head into terrain to interfere with Skinkery and hopefully hold a quarter)

01-04-2008, 11:29
I don't know the chaos list, but I can tell you you are very unlucky he can't take special chars, as an oldblood is easily better then kroqe-gar. I don't see why he'd join a unit with his oldblood though. They work fine alone.

5 warhounds will have troble with skinks. About 2 will die to stand and shoot, even if the skinks don't shoot them once first, and you end up with 3 hounds on 10 skinks. If he takes javs u will loose that fight, and even with blows it wouldn't be in your favor.

01-04-2008, 19:31
You don't think the Hand of God is that good, huh?

I was unclear, he shouldn't put the Oldblood with the cavalry, but he might (he's had a lot of 40K experience, but not as much Fantasy)

He'll run the skinks with blowpipes (he should take at least one unit), but you're right that it isn't a favorable matchup. At 30 points a unit, I should probably just arrange them to soak shooting (at outside short range, of course).