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Dirty Fingers
01-04-2008, 02:20
Sooo, i'm getting really tired of Lizardmen. tell me what you think of this list. no knights or pistoliers unfortunately. Hopefully i've had the right idea by going for bargain characters


General of the Empire
Great weapon, armour of meteoric iron

BSB, full plate armour

Warrior Priest
hand weapon and shield (is this the best thing to do?)

Battle Wizard
Lv.1, 2 Dispel Scrolls


25 Spearmen w/ shields and full command, General goes here.
Detachment 1: 10x Free Company
Detachment 2: 10x Handgunners

25 Swordsmen with full command. BSB goes here.
Detachment 1: 10x Free Company
Detachment 2: 10X Handgunners

25 Swordsmen with full command. Warrior Priest goes here
Detachment 1: 10x Free Company
Detachment 2: 10x Handgunners


Great Cannon
Great Cannon


Helstorm Rocket Battery

Steam Tank

Not sure on the second Great Cannon. Originally i had my BSB with a Griffon Standard (Which seems fantastic) in the spearmen unit and my battle wizard at level 2. that took me 1991 pts. droping the lv 2 and the Griffon standard got me the second cannon. was this a good choice on my part, or should i have stuck with the level 2 and the standard?

i guess i could also drop a cannon for a five strong unit of pistoliers....

01-04-2008, 02:45
looks somewhat balanced and not over the top at all, only thing i would change it that i prefer halb detactments over free company, and swordmen over spears.

Id also give ur bsb the griffon banner.
warrior priest a great weapon.
id drop the mortar to make up the points for it and keep both cannons

Dirty Fingers
01-04-2008, 02:48
thanks very much! i know swordsmen are...quite a bit better than spearmen. only used swordsmen for variety.

Also, the halbedier/free company detachment question is one i myself questioned a lot. only went free company after reading the thread on the tactics board right now. figured perhaps the st 4 handgunner shots would cover me.

01-04-2008, 15:25
I agree with the changes fubukii mentioned. Besides those, I would lower the handgunner detachments to 5 a piece and the other detachments to 9 (3x3). This will certainly give you less problems with deployment. With the spare points you could add a seperate unit of handgunners, a small unit of vanilla knight (if that's something you're interested in), pistoliers or some magical items for your characters...

Besides that, this list seems quite solid and balanced. Way to go!

Dirty Fingers
01-04-2008, 17:06
sounds good. i'm right now in the library "working on my essay" :angel:, but i'll see if i can rework another list when i get home with these changes in mind.

just a quick thing though, i keep hearing about this 3x3 thing. what's the deal with that? why not 5x2?

the 5 handgunner thing sounds like a good idea though. as do the vanilla knights.

edit: taking these points in mind, and working based off memory, i seem to have either the option of a unit of six vanilla knights with musician or two units of ten handgunners. this seems like a bit of a "rotate/try both" impasse.

02-04-2008, 16:23
Personally, I would go for the vannila knights, but that's just me. I find 15 handgunners quite enough. But yeah, like you said, give both options a try and see what fits your style best.

About the 3x3. This setup allows for more room in the deployment, which in my experience is a great advantage. I always seem to have to little room. Besides that, they fulfill their role (flankers, negating rank bonuses, etc.) perfectly like this.
And last but not least, they will be much more maneuverable. With a slimmer unit their wheel distance will be much less.


02-04-2008, 18:38
Solid list indeed and great comments from everyone. I'll just add a small tidbit: maybe you should switch the places of the general and the warrior priest. The spearmen benefit from hatred much more than the swordsmen. :)