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01-04-2008, 03:55
Evening all. My brother has just started up a blood dragon themed army and I've had the benefit of reading the army book while he wasn't around. I decided to take a shot at it. General theme: Necarch style magic heavy evil!

Vampire Lord 400pts
+1 Magic lvl
Master of Black Arts
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Battle (HW/Shield)
Walsch's Bloody Hauberk

Vampire 215pts
Dark Acolyte
Avatar of Battle (Hvy arm, HW, Shield)
BSB w/ Screaming Banner

Vampire 185pts
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Flayed Hauberk
Black Periapt

Vampire 200pts
Sword of Battle
Armor of Night
Talisman of Lycni
Infinite Hatred
Hunter in the Dark

Zombie Horde (20xZombies) 80pts
Zombie Horde (20xZombies) 80pts
18 Skeletons 185pts
(HW/Shield, champ, standard, Banner of the Dead Legion)

20Grave Guard 299pts
champ, standard, Royal Banner of Strigos

5 Fell Bats 100pts

5 Cairn Wraiths 250pts

total: 1994 pts
13 PD
7 DD

Lord vampire goes with GG. Skellies deploy beside him with the BSB vamp and the LoD vamp. These are my anvil and casting base. Nike von Carstein deploys on the flank with the wraiths to be the hammer. Fell bats go warmachine hunting. zombies are deployed as bullet fodder or to tie up big gribblies like dragons. I'm hoping with this much magic, that I will dominate the phase and raise up units on an "as need" basis.

Tell me what I've done wrong and what I can do better! :D

Von Wibble
01-04-2008, 12:42
There are problems with this list.

Firstly you have only 1 unit that can reliably win combats - the grave guard. The skeletons also have a chance but really need backup.

The zombies won't win combats unless they outflank opponents.

You only have 3 support units - wraiths, vampire, fell bats.

My suggestions - drop the 2 zombie units (you can easily raise tham anyway). Get 2 more units of skeletons instead (can be 15 man as you have 2 lords of dead) Change the 5 wraiths to 2 units of 3.

Downgrade the hunter vamp to a necromancer with sceptre - he is your zombie man. The hunter is a nice idea but you just don't have the points to spend this much on characters.