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01-04-2008, 04:58
This last weekend i went to a great tournament in Dayton, OH bringing my skaven along for the ride. Great store and a solid venue with my only complaint was most of the table being covered with felt made it hard to move models aroudn as the movement trays would get stuck to them. Anyhow Friday night there was a doubles tournament and me and a friend decided to team up, me using skaven and him using dwarfs.

Other teams include

few more that I cant remember but there was 8 teams total.

My List(there was special warband rules so squad sizes coudl vary from army book standard and champains could be your heros)

Warlock Engineer
-Storm Demon
-Warpstone Amulet

20 Clanrats-standard/Mus
20 Clanrats-standard/mus
15 slaves
15 slaves
3 gutter runners-psn hw
3 gutter runners-psn hw

My allie(dwarfs)
thane-Master Rune of Gromiel/GW
14 warriors-FC
10 hammers
5 thunders
5 slayers

Game 1

Ogre Kingdom

Brusier-Brace of Handguns
3 Bulls-FC
3 Ironguts-FC
10 Gnoblars

Skink Priest
10 Skinks-Blowpipes
10 Skinks-Javalians
6 Camelions
3 Salamanders

The Game

Our deployment was fairly spread out with my slaves acting as bait for his dwarfs. The ogres and the salamanders were fairly disconcerting. I managed to get both my gutter runners in his deployment zone behind a woods.

Turn 1
Our opponents got first turn and moved forward at full speed, one set of skinks with blow pipes went after the gutter runners and managed to down 1. The camelions managed to kill a slayer.

We moved foward and I set a unit of slaves as bait for the ogres. Both gutter runner squads charged the skinks. Rest of the army moved foward for next turn charges. Magic saw a few skink handlers die and to warp lightning and an irongut wounded by shooting. Comabt saw the skink unit beaten and run down(no lose of gutter runners). The prosuit lead them right next to a very lonely skink priest.

Turn 2.
Both units of ogres charge the skaven who fleed. Both units then went into different units of dwarfs. The bulls/bruiser went into the hammers who choose to flee and the iron guts into the warriors who held. Magic was light on their part and salamder shooting at the clanrat unit with my engineer maybe killed 2. A unti of gutter runners flees to shooting from the javalian skinks and several more slayers feel to camelion poison. Combat saw the dwarfs win out against the ironguts and run them down leading them in position to charge the last remaning unti of ogres.

In our turn the surving gutter runners charged the skink unit with the priest in it. Th surviving slayer charged the camelions and my slaves charged the gnoblars, my clanrat unit with engineer flanked charged the reamign ogre unit. Magic and shooting aside(no valid targets) we went to combat. Slaves beat the gnoblars in combat but they held. The gutter runners magaed to kill the skink preist but lost one in return resulting in a drawn combat. The slayer died in the camelion skinks and the clanrat/dwarf combo beat the ogres but failed to run them down. The hammers rallie

Turn 3
The ogres rallied and the skink camelions moved a little. Shooting saw a few clanrats die to salamanders but several handlers die to missfire. Combat saw the gutter runner kill a skink and another tie combat. The slaves and gnoblars continue to fight with a few dieing on each side.

Clanrats charge the gnoblars in the flank and both the engineer clanrats unit and warfs move to prepare for the ogres(we decided to see what magic/shooting could do). Magic rolls around and the bruiser and another ogre die to warplighting!!!! Storm demon see antoher ogre die and the unit flees. Combat sees the last gutter runner die but the gnoblars are beaten and run down and the last ogre kileld in the crossfire.

Turn 4
There was a little shuffling of his army but it was minor(onyl the Lizards were left). Shooting was minor and the last of the skink handlers died to a missfire. The salamanders would remain stationary the rest of the game.

Rest of the game from this point the game was over, the last skink unti died to magic/shooting and my clanrat unti with engineer was wiped out to a man in a single round of salamander shooting. The engineer survived.

Good guys, were a father/son team and enjoyable players. Me and my partner were surprised it went so well.

01-04-2008, 05:21
What were the rules for the tourney? Seems like a fun game.

01-04-2008, 05:33
Game 2:

Next Opponent
High Elves and Empire

High Elves:
Noble: Reaver Bow
15 spear elves(number may be off)
5 Dragon Princes

Wizard-Dispel Scroll
15 Handgunners-Marksman with Sniper rifle
20 Spearmen-FC 10 Hablideir(sp?) Detachment

We spread out ready for the normal bait and fleeing tactics. Their deployment saw them have a chariot and dragon princes on different flanks with the blocks of infantry in the middle. Handgunners/mortars took up a hill next to the dragon princes.

Turn 1:
They gave use turn 1 and we moved foward cautiously setting up for bating fleeing versus their fast moving units. The gutter runenrs ran for the hill. Magic saw warplighint being cast at the dragon princes. They failed to dispel, warplighting did 9 wounds which tehy proceeded to fail 7. The unit was destroyed!!! Woot! My engineer then went on to wound himself with storm demon.

They moved foward and shootign saw a few dead here and there. Maybe 2-3 dead.

Turn 2:
We moved foward full speed and my gutter runenrs positioned themselves to take down the mortar and the handgunners. Magic saw nothign special(dispel scroll) and my engineer wounded himself again by the stormdemon but the ward saved him.

There turn saw the chariot charge my slaves who fleed but were run down seeing the chariot off the table. Shootign saw 2 gutter runners fall and a few clansmen die to the reaver bow.

Turn 3: My gutter runners charged the mortar and a lone gutter runner try to take out the handgunenr champain. My clanrats postioned themselves to take on the returning chariot. Combat saw the mortar die and the handgunner champian also die but so did the loan gutter runner.

Little shuffling around but nothign major. Shooting was minor with a few more clansmen dieing and some slaves. The slayers were charged by the detachment of harblidiers but they survived.

Turn 4:
The slaves charged the handgunenrs and so did the gutter runners, the dwarf warriors charged the high elf spearmen and the clanrats charged the chariot that returned. Magic saw my engineer kill himself with stormdemon(bah!!!). Shooting was minor. Combat saw the handgunners die, same with the chariot, but the slayers also died and the warriors lost 4!!!! of their own to the spears. They then broke and ran btu escaped death.

Their turn saw soem readjustments to meet the clanrats and slaves comign on their flank. The spearmen charged teh fleeing dwarfs who once again escaped.

Turn 5:
My clanrats charged his detachment who fleed, the dwarfs rallied and the rest of our army moved to flank/rear charge the remaning empire spearmen.

The detachment fallied to rallie and the HE spearmen charged the warriors but the combat continued.

Turn 6:
Mass charge on the Empire spearmen saw them break and run but escaped death. The HE spearmen are beaten and rundown.

Their turn was simple, the empire spearmen failed to rallie but teh detachment did. The game ended with another win for our team.

Empire and Bret. Combo.

01-04-2008, 05:35
Rules can be found here:


01-04-2008, 20:24
so far so good! Next one will be interesting... Congrats on the wins by the way

02-04-2008, 00:27
Here we go:

Bret List(SoC list)
6 Errants
6 Errants
5 Realm w/ Champ General
10 Huntsman
5 Archers
5 Archers

Lv 2 Wizard with store dice thing
10 huntsman
3 knights
3 knights
3 pistollers
3 outriders

We deployed in a our standard spread deployment while the Brets took to the middle. One unit of knights/fast cav took each flank. The archers they had spread out on a hill with a unit of huntsman scouting ahead in a woods.

They prayed so we got first turn, everything moved up with the gutter runners moved forward to threaten the huntsman in the woods. The slayers moved into a building. Shooting and magic saw a few realm knights fall but that was it.

The knights and fast cav moved up the flanks, rest of the army remained relatively still. Shooting killed a gutter runner who then ran.(They rally next turn). Rest of their shooting/magic was ineffective. Their shooting and magic would remain ineffective the rest of the game killing very little until the end when conflag of doom killed like 6 clanrats.(They did not run)

Turn 2:
Slaves moved forward for baiting purposes. The gutter runner squad that did not run charged the huntsman in the woods. The fleeing gutter runners rallied. Shooting and magic did very little once again but it caused him to hide his realm knights until the last turn(turn 4). Combat say the gutter runners win but the huntsman did not run. The slayers also moved out of the building to threaten the archers on the hill.

They moved away from our advancing front except on the flank that was dwarf heavy. Shooting and magic did nothing once again. Combat saw the huntsman break and they would later run off the board. Little else happened.

Turn 3:
The gutter runners charged the pistoleers who would lose combat and run off the board. The hammers moved to cut off the empire knights near by. Slaves charged a unit of archers who flee and panics a unit of empire knights off the board. The archers would rally in their turn.

Both units of errant knights tried to charge the dwarf warriors but one failed to make it. Rest of their army moved to counter their breaks in their lines. Shooting saw the slayers die and clanrats die to conflag. A unit of gutter runners were wiped out to shooting. The warriors won, broke, and ran down the charging knights.

Turn 4: Not much happened in the last turn except the thane died when the remaining bret knights charged the warriors but they held. Nothing else died and the game was over. End result was we pulled out a solid victory. We had lost the thane, the slayers and a unit of gutter runners and that was it.

End result of the tournament was we WON it all. Got a nice plaque and made us feel good going into the Indy GT the next day.

Post that later.