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The one and only James
01-04-2008, 11:36
Highborn - Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Stone of the Crystal Mere, Light Armor

What I'd like to do with this guy is play him as a lone character and have him basically take out heavily armored units or mop up units to cause a panic test, etc..

Noble - Hail of Doom Arrow, Longbow, Two Hand Weapons, Waywatcher Kindred

I of course want to place this guy with a unit of waywatchers I plan to have him march block units, war machine hunt, harass units, and the such

Spellsinger - Dispel scroll, Divination Rod, Level 2 upgrade, longbow

Spellsinger – Dispel scroll, Starfire Arrows, Level 2 upgrade, longbow

The idea behind my Spellsingers is magic protection, that’s pretty much all I can really see them doing anyway.

That’s it Characters, onto the rest…

2x10 Glade Guard – Longbow

I’ll have these guys dishing out the majority of my ranged damage I suppose, fairly straight forward with my use of them…I’ll mainly have them causing panics and whittling down whatever I can.

2x5 Glade Riders – Spears, Longbow, Musician

As for my Glade riders I’ll try to use them as a march blocking, flank harassing, and bait unit.

2x8 Dryads – Champion

I want to use these guys along with my Wardancers as my shock troops, the units that clean up the damage I’ve already done with my ranged attacks.

2x8 Wardancers – Champion, Musician

As above…

5 Waywatchers – Longbow, 2 hand weapons

I’m going to place my noble with these guys, they’ll be march blocking, war machine hunting, etc…

Great Eagle

I’ll be using my great eagle in the same way as my glade riders.

Couple of questions…

If I take the Hail of Doom arrow with someone that has the Waywatcher Kindred, does that still get rid of lethal shot? It’s only ONE magical arrow after all.

Is the extra blastic given to the Glade Guard, Glade Rider, and Waywatcher champions worth my points?

Also, instead of the second Spellsinger, would it be more worth it to have a branchwraith that I upgrade to level 1?

As for the second Spellsinger, I’m thinking the Starfire Arrows may be a waste of 25 points I can spend elsewhere, is it worth taking them?

01-04-2008, 11:55
my opinion? here is what i think.

add a great eagle to the highborn for some mobility, he doesnt get penaltys for moving and shooting, and running around with MV 5 sucks compared to fly 20 then arrow hitting. an alternative to this would be alter kindred, making the noble or a singer your general, then he moves 9 on foot.

if you go with the great eagle for your lord, try making your shooty noble an alter noble, this build works wonders:

"standard" alter noble w/

great weapon, light armor, helm of the hunt, hail of doom arrow.

this guy has a movement of 9, so flanking is really easy with this cat. he can pump out the 3d6 arrows at a critical time, and when you need him to he can barrel into a unit, swinging at WS 7 with 5 str 6 attacks, pretty scary, i run one, and he always does great.

i would drop the champs from the weardancers and dryads, add musicians to your glade guard.

drop the starfire arrows on one spellsinger, then drop the other completly, adding a branchwraith with lvl one and cluster of radiants.

my changes should have evened up the points. overall my main changes would be:

more mobility for your lord and noble, more dispel wuth less points for your magic, and musicians for everything. no champs mean that you wont be challenged out in combat, and you definatly dont want to lose attacks to a challenge.

great eagle is great, i always use one. in 2k my lord is a treeman so the eagle works wonders with march blocking and stuff like thats.

go wood elves!

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
01-04-2008, 11:55
I would say drop all your champions, and put your highborn on a Great Eagle.

Also, Waywatchers would do better in greater numbers so try and free as many points as possible to get more.

It's a good list apart from that, maybe not enough magic defense though.

Von Wibble
01-04-2008, 12:32
If you want just magic protection from the spelsingers then use a level 1 branchwraith with cluster of radiants and a level 1 spellsinger caddy. 5 dispel dice and 2 scrolls.

Hail of doom arrow can't use lethal shot on the turn it is fired but otherwise lethal shot still allowed. That said I think an alter or wardancer noble is a better points investment.

The one and only James
02-04-2008, 04:56
With the comments so far, this is what I was able to come up with

Highborn - Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Stone of the Crystal Mere, Alter Kindred, Light Armor, Great Weapon

Noble - Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow, Longbow, Great Weapon, Light Armor

Spellsinger - Level 1, Longbow, 2 Dispel Scrolls

Branchwraith - level 1, Cluster of Radiants

2x10 Glade Guard – Longbow, musician

2x5 Glade Riders – Spears, Longbow, Musician

2x8 Dryads

2x8 Wardancers – Musician

8 Waywatchers – Longbow, 2 hand weapons

Great Eagle

All this puts me just under 2k points

Also, if I were to make a 2250 point army, what should I do with the extra 250 points? I was thinking more Glade Guard but I'm not too sure of that.

02-04-2008, 05:17
great revision. very good highborn loadout, very fast and versatile. what is the noble gonna be doing?

adding up your points i see you at 1964, i would drop the GW from the noble and give hom a steed and a spear. therefor you have a lil more movement to place that hail arrow. still under points too.

Von Wibble
02-04-2008, 12:39
If you are at 1964 points then the extra 250 should be used for a treeman. The noble could then ride your eagle (trade gw for spear) so you aren't over on rares.

03-04-2008, 05:45
i agree on the treeman at 2250. if you wanna go crazy with it, drop a hero and make him an ancient. give him AoN for sure, and cluster if points allow it, this could replace the branchy.