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01-04-2008, 13:52
Well the List as a whole is meant to be fun to use rather than over the top power house, so thoughts on the list would be great, cheers :)


Exalted Champion of Chaos
-Sword of Might
-Gaze of the Gods
-Daenomic Steed
Total 237pts

Exalted Champion of chaos
-Helm of Many eyes
-Great Weapon
Total 129pts


19 Marauders of Chaos
-Great weapons
Total 158pts

5 Knights of Chaos
Total 260pts

15 Warriors of Chaos
-Banner of Rage
Total 365pts

2 x 5 Warhounds of Chaos
Total 60pts


3 Minotaurs
-Great Weapons
Total 183pts

15 Bloodletter of Khorne
Total 275pts

Beast Herd
-5 Gor with extra hand weapon
-9 Ungor
Total 76pts

7 Chaos Furies
Total 105pts


2 Bloodbeast of Khorne
Total 150pts

Army Total 1998pts
Models: 92
Dispel Dice: 6