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Grom Wronghand
01-04-2008, 15:33
Hey guys, at the minute I about 1000 points worth of Dwarfs (at a stretch) and I want to expand to 2000. I cooked up this army list last night to give me an idea of what I should buy and I thought I'd post it here for some advice before I started dishing out for useless units. Any comments/suggestions/insults/improvements/compliments would be very welcome. WARNING: This might be a long post - I'm pretty thorough.


Great Weapon
Master Rune of Kragg the Grim (Allows runic GWs)
Rune of Fury (+1A)
Rune of Snorri Spangenhelm (+1 to hit)
Rune of Stone

This fella is going to be general. He's got some nasty killing power behind him, having 4 WS6 S6 attacks with +1 to hit. That mean he's hitting most things on 2s or maybe 3s for those who are really skilled and then, being S6 will wound most things on 2s again, possibly 3s for big nasties. I'm definately going to have a Thane over a Lord as I think they are too much of an easily avoidable points sink for what he does, whereas a Thane is pretty cheap really. I'm going to stick him in the unit of Ironbreakers. That in itself will be enough protection I think, as few enemies will be able to whittle them down to a point where the Thane is in danger and he will give them a serious punch.

Great Weapon
Master Rune of Balance (steal an enemy power dice to add to your dispel pool)

This guy I'm going to probably put in with the Longbeards for protection.
He might be able to net a couple of kills with his great weapon which will be useful. I want advice on the Rune though. I'm stuck between this one and the Master Rune of Spellbinding, which gives me +1 to dispel. They are both the same points cost, so that's no problem. The MRoBalance gives me more DD and them less PD, but the MRoSpellbinding lets me dispel more reliably, particularly for those spells with lower casing values. If I use the MRoBalance, I'll have a grand total of 7 DD. Is this overkill in a 2000 point army?

Great Weapon
Rune of Spellbreaking (acts exactly like a Dispel Scroll)

Pretty simple here, put him in with my Warriors to give them a little extra killyness and use the scroll.

Heroes/Lords Points Cost Total: 367


20 Warriors
Full Command

These are a must have in a Dwarf Army. They're just my reliable core infantry. They have shields for extra defence, which for a Dwarf is the most important thing really. I don't really need to explain these much.

20 Longbeards
Full Command
Rune of Sanctuary (Magic Resistance 1)

I love Longbeards. I've used them in virtully every army list I have and they never let me down (except for one time they were beaten and chased down by 15 high elf spearmen, while next door the warriors smash the charging Dragon Princes). I'm not too sure about the Rune of Sanctuary, it was mainly put there just to fill up space in my list. I was considering giving them GWs, but then I realized that they are more expensive than Hammerers who have the same statline AND stubborn! :wtf:

10 Thunderers

These dudes are my basic ranged support, and whittle down the enemy before they get to me. Plonk them on a hill if available and fire away. I always use Thunderers over Quarrelers, I think that +1 to hit and Armour Piercign are too much to pass up, even for the shorter range. Their shields make them so much more survivable in CC, improving their 6+ save to a 4+. This means that they will be able to hold in combat until help arrives hopefully. They're also harder to kill with missile fire, but only a bit.

10 Thunderers

Same as the above. To the letter.

Core Total Points Cost: 785


Bolt Thrower x2

Note both of these have Engineers. These are my basic warmachine support, cheap and effective. The Engineer means that they're going to be hitting a lot more. I want to keep these as cheap as I can really, aside from the engineer. I've heard good things about the Rune of Penetrating, but where I play we don't seem to see many chariots (GW Liverpool) so I don't really see the point.

20 Hammerers
Full Command

I badly want to test these guys out, they sound (and look) incredible. I get the feeling that when I play these they're going to attract a lot of attention and so I've given them shields to protect from that nasty missile fire. 4+ is much better than 5+ in my experience. These aren't going to have any characters with them; at WS5 S6 and Stubborn on Ld 9, they don't really need it IMO (unless its a Dwarf Lord:evilgrin:).

20 Ironbreakers
Full Command
Rune of Battle (+1 CR)

These are going to be my main anvil unit with a little bit extra, what with them holding on to my Dwarf Thane as well. I love them, they look simply amazing, models and gameplay. I smacked on the Rune of Battle as I get the feeling that Ironbreakers are mostly beaten via CR, which this helps prevent. By the way, is it me or is the Rune of Stoicism rubbish compared to the Rune of Battle, except maybe when against Fear causing enemies?

Total Special points Cost: 730


Organ Gun

This baby will kill anything too big and nasty for anything else to effectively handle, rip up skirmishers and scouts or decimate that unit of oncoming Chaos Knights/Empire Knights/Dragon Princes etc. You probably know what Organ Guns do so I'm not gonna lecture you.

Total Rare Points Cost: 120

Army Information

Power Dice: 2
Dispel Dice: 7
Total Characters: 3
Total Models: 114 (Not including Warmachines)
Total Points Cost: 2002

I will deploy with the Longbeards in the centre next to the Ironbreakers to benefit from their Olf Grumblers special Rule. The Organ Gun will sit between them for protection and let it shoot oncoming foes, while the Thunderers flank them. This will give them a good range of targets I think. The Warriors will defend one Thunderer's flank while the Hammerers will also do that, but wait a while durign deployment to go opposite he more dangerous enemy. The Bolt Throwers will sit on a far flank, getting off flank shots on enemies coming down the centre and preventing fast cavalry form outflanking the whoel army (hopefully). BTW, I was thinking about adding a Rune of Stone on to the Thane as well, but that would put me 2 points ove the limit. If I was playing you, would you allow that 2 points?

That was quite long, don't worry if you didn't read it all but please comment on what you did read, it would be enormously appreciated.

01-04-2008, 18:53
Pretty simple list.. should be fun to play with and against. Shoot until he gets close then fight.

Be Afraid
01-04-2008, 22:23
i like it. its fairly competative, but also FUN too play with and against. Personaly i quite like the 'rune of strike 1st' too cut the attacks of the the enemy troops charging.

Grom Wronghand
01-04-2008, 22:37
Thanks for the feedback fellas! I was hoping to make it fun and still good enough to win with. Nobody like gunlines. The Rune of Always strike first is good I agree, but my common opponent uses High Elves against whom it would be useless so there you go. That was also part of the reason why I opted for two runesmiths.

01-04-2008, 23:54
I really like your list, 100 Dwarfs + 3 War Machines is very imperessive, my list only has 65 + 5 [one if which is gyro]. The Longbeards Old Grumblers rule will no doubt come in handy, it annoys the hell out of me when Im playing against Dwarfs and they dont have to take panic tests because of that.

I like to give my Engineers Pistols though, giving the crrew 5 attacks and they are Stubborn, its enough to see off many light Cav/flyers.

Grom Wronghand
02-04-2008, 15:16
Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I should go for the rune of steal a power dice on the runesmith or the rune of +1 to dispel? With the steal dice I get more DD and they gte less PD, but the other one allows me to dispel more efficiently an effectively.

02-04-2008, 16:31
I wouldnt go with the +1 to Dispell. Stealing a power dice and getting it in your dispell pool is much better, especially as it comes from the actual 2 basic pool, which makes it very hard for low level wizards to cast spells, especially all those Vamps you will see running about now. I hate things like that against my Gobbos because of the high casting value of gobbo spells.

I think its usually an optioon between Steal Power Dice and the Dispell Scroll one. I cant decide between 2 Scrolls or the rune of Steal Power in my list, but as you already have a Dispell Scroll rune then go withthe Rune of Steal Power on your other Runesmith.

+1 to dispell really comes into its own if you are facing annoying bound spells, where normally you would use 2 dice just to make sure, +1 to dispell allows you to use 1 quite safely on most bound items. So I guess a little depends on how many bound items you face.

Dead Man Walking
03-04-2008, 03:14
Your spending too much on that magic great weapon IMO. I prefer to up my darfs defences (magical and physical) and let a cheap great weapon do the talking. Those points could be another bolt thrower.

03-04-2008, 03:25
If you're taking a Thane, he's obviously less armored than a Lord. Only a Lord should have that Runic Great Weapon setup that you have there. For a Thane, I would rather give him a MRoSwiftness, RoFury, RoCleaving and a RoStone. That gives him a 1+ CC Armor save with hw/shield as well as 4 attacks at WS6, S5 always striking first.

03-04-2008, 05:11
you do have 2 power dice each phase not 0 which is handy to get rid of those RiP spells that get thru:chrome:

Grom Wronghand
03-04-2008, 07:22
I've added a rune of stone to the thane to give him a 3+ AS, but I think placing him with the ironbreakers is armour enough personally. Like I said to Be Afraid, my common enemy is high elves so the rune of swiftness would be useless. Oh, and Thanes have the same armour as a lord. T5 and Gromril armour. Lords have 1 more point of WS, but this doesn't affect that much.

Dead Man Walking
03-04-2008, 23:19
My thane gets 1+ armor save rune, magic resist 1, a great weapon and the master rune of challenge. You should always have a challenge rune in your army, its like going to battle without a dispel scroll. Sure if you run into a dwarf army your dispel is wasted but its better to spend 25 points just in case, in this case the rune wont work on undead or immune to psyche lists, but the ones that you can use it on makes it harder for your opponent to win. When you determine your opponents charge in thier turn you increase your chances of winning.

"Okay before you declare charges my thane uses his master rune of challenge to force your Khorne Lord on Dragon to charge my thane in this unit of hammerers instead of my organ gun crew. You will noticed I angled my frontage towards the table edge so when you flee you run off the table."