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01-04-2008, 22:46
I barely played any 7th edition WH and never played Chaos in any edition but thought about building a new army, and Chaos is good for me as I already have some marauders and warriors and are relatively cheap since they have pretty few models. So here's the basic idea of the list:


Exalted Chaos Sorcerer, Chaos Daemon Sword, Steed, Level 4, MoS: 404 pts

Chaos Sorcerer, Dispel Scroll, Scepter of Domination, Level 2, MoS: 190 pts


14 Chaos Warriors of Slaanesh, MoS, Shields, Full Command: 260 pts

Chaos Chariot of Slaanesh, MoS: 130 pts

Chaos Chariot of Slaanesh, MoS: 130 pts

6 Chosen Chaos Knights of Slaanesh, MoS, Full Command: 340 pts

25 Marauders, Full Command, Shield, Light Armor: 200 pts

5 Chaos Warhounds: 30 pts

5 Chaos Warhounds: 30 pts

5 Marauder Horsemen, Flails: 75 pts


5 Mounted Daemonettes: 150 pts


Chaos Spawn: 60 pts

Points: 1999
Power Dices: 8 (+1 Bound spell)
Dispel Dices: 5

The basic idea is having the block of Warriors, accompanied by the oh so hard hitting general, and the block of Marauders, accompanied by the other sorcerer (mostly for protection), charge the opponents main units together with chariots or knights. The mounted marauders and daemonettes are used as flanking units and to take care of enemy fast cav, while the hounds are used as screens or to lure the enemy into charge traps.

The list is pretty magic heavy, with a total of 8 dices and a level 6 bound spell. The idea is to have Enrapturing Spasms and Titillating Delusions cast to make sure I get the charge, or to make enemy's expose their flanks to the cav. In close combat Luxurious Torment boosts the fighting ability of the warriors, knights or even daemonettes (preferably not cast before actual combat, since frenzy cav can easily be lured into charge traps). If a unit would suffer heavy losses before getting into combat, or facing hard hitting elite units, Delicious Excruciation will make it possible for the unit to stay where it is until help arrives.

Im considering dropping 1-2 marauders to get the spawn a mark of slaanesh but its pretty much only good for holding up some random unit with low hit power so spending more points on my sacrificial pet seems like a waste, i rather have an extra rank on the marauders to keep a decent combat resolution even after archery and magic picked off a few of them.

As I said I've never played Chaos, and by my experience a lot of the units and tactics may sound brilliant in theory are crap or impossible practically, so any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

02-04-2008, 07:35
Warriors are bad, spawn are bad. Optimal warrior units have full ranks, but become too expensive. Optimal Spawn are run 2 at a time, with the mark of Slaanesh so they actually get somewhere, but are too expensive and easily pincushioned by shooting.

There is very little reason to mark a Chaos Chariot Slaanesh, as that means it cannot flee and Undivided is pretty resistant to psychology anyway.

The Chaos Daemon Sword is not that hot, and you don't want your Exalted Sorceror mincing himself.

The Scepter of Domination is one use, and it's one of the worst spells Slaanesh has. Try the Banner of Wrath if you want a bound item (but take a Power Familiar instead, it's much better).

Marauder horsemen are great with Flails, better with a musician as well.

Mounted Daemonettes (like all daemons) kind of suck because their ward save doesn't work against magic weapons or spells and they go POP with disturbing frequency because of daemonic instability. They're still awfully handy (so don't toss them if you like them), but Furies are cheaper and do some similar things.

Chosen of Slaanesh are packed full of win. Chosen of Slaanesh with the Rapturous Standard have more win than they know what to do with (and cast frenzy on them, they like that).

Think about giving the marauders a BSB on steed with the warbanner to play with (or the warriors, if you're determined to try them out). Otherwise they're liable to lose to most things.

02-04-2008, 10:30
Thanks for your input. I know warriors are pretty crappy, especially compared to cav, but I want to at least try them out, since i love the models and already have a pack of them. Ill drop the spawn and the bound spell on the sorc (didn't read the one use only thingy), as well as the marks on the chariots.

I'm trying to stay away from 9 PDs so I'll pass on the power familiar for now, IMO its overkill since the magic mainly consist of support and boost spells, and I want to keep the scroll to protect the more vulnerable units.

Ill keep the Daemon Sword for now as well, at least until i try it out. With 6 attacks he hits himself once every round of combat, wounds himself 5/6 times, and saves 1/3 wounds, so it would take 4-5 rounds of combat before he kills himself (assuming nothing else is hitting him), and hopefully he will break whatever he is in combat with in that many rounds of combat.

A bsb is a great idea, so I'll try one out. To afford him with Warbanner I'll take out the Daemonettes and replace them with 5xfuries, remove the champion from the marauders and reduce their size to 23, which also allows me to include an additional unit of Marauder Horsemen with flails. Does that sound about right?

vinny t
02-04-2008, 15:17
ditch the warriors and put sorcer in maurader unit
ditch horsemen and get more dogs
change sorcerer's magic items
take 2 slaanesh spawn
don't mark/take charoit

02-04-2008, 17:37
Vinny, there's nothing wrong with chariots qua chariots, unless you're fighting Empire/Dwarves/Kroxigor/etc. (common ST 7 attacks).

The sorceror on steed would be happy as a clam in a unit of 5 Chosen Knights.

The Slaanesh lore is one of the most powerful offensive lores in the game, and almost everything is best cast on 3 dice (almost never cast things on 4 without miscast protection; a rule I break with some frequency, though). If you want to run at 8 PD, I'd consider (at some point) an undivided bray shaman in an 8/8 herd (beast lore is a little like Slaanesh on a budget).

I otherwise agree with what you've said, erians, though I would look for a way to keep the champ in the marauder unit, as it can leap in front of a big Ginsu character so as to preserve your BSB.

02-04-2008, 22:31
I agree with most of what has been said, especially about the daemon sword as with 6 attacks our exalted sorceror is most likely going to be hitting himself at least once every round of combat, so after only 3 rounds he's dead, and that's assuming he takes no wounds from enemy attacks. I also strongly agree that you should have a marauder champion to accept challenges and if you take a spawn definately give it the MoS.

I actually find that a unit of 12-15 chosen warriors with shields and hand weapons, or if you have the points, halberds, actually works quite well. I find them to be very reliable and almost always win combat, and they're not too expensive.

02-04-2008, 23:09
If you're going to take Chosen...sheesh, I'd do what AndyP on the warhammer forums does and run a Chaos Lord w/ Slaughterer's Blade, AoD, and GoG on foot in the unit, while the 11 Chosen (6x2 with the Lord) are equipped with shields and halberds and the Warbanner.

Chosen are so bloody expensive that it's basically a loser's game trying to get enough of them together for more than 1 rank bonus. They absolutely must slaughter their opposition, and they need the 9 LD to have a chance of sticking around if they don't.

Building a tricked out swordsman unit with warbanner and BSB (magic banner x2 rank bonus) costs 1 point and a hero slot more than 12 Chosen with halberds and shields, and beats the Chosen by 1 CR on average for the first 2 turns of combat. Break tests on 7 anyone?