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02-04-2008, 08:44
Im trying to put together a 2k point VC army to play against a friend of mine this weekend. He will be playing his newly started Dwarf army and I will be playing my newly started VC army. I have 2 games with VC under my belt and feel I a have a pretty good idea about what I want to do with them.

The main problem I am having in picking my army is that I really have no idea what Dwarves are capable of. I have access to all VC models, except a dragon. I would really appreciate any advice on army creation (any must haves) and some advice on how to contend with the short ones.

Thanks in advance.

02-04-2008, 09:11
Supposing that your friend has a gunline then a few units with rock characters and a rune smith(pretty standard for dwarf players) then he'll attempt to mince you from range and then have 5 DD to try and stop you from replenishing units.

To remove this hindrance, i'd probably want to go with either a flying vampire or a scout/lynci vampire with the sceptre de noirot. That way you can block at least a decent proportion of his artillary/thunderers. This is also a good way to get those rear charge bonus's later on in the game. Admittedly The dwarfs will benefit from killing maye 3 zombies, but you'll have rear and negate their ranks!

To take on the units (supposing you'll nullified their rank bonus) you'll still need a fairly killy character. Perhaps Red fury/Beast's anger combo? 7 str 7 attacks attacking again for wounds would rip a unit apart, and i can't see any dwarf matching that (particularly when looking a decimating a unit).

Some fell bats might also be useful, just incase you can't quite get off that raise dead. If i were you i'd more than likely field a lev2 BA lord, then 2 level 2s and the scouting/flying vamp. That's 9 power dice a turn, so their should be some baiting going on there.

The varghulf would be a great supporting unit too, either to distract missile fire or help out on the flanks as he's one tough cookie.

You should do well, be careful not to try to take on too many units at once. They're easy to isolate so make use of that weakness!

And remember, Invocation, Invocation, Invocation!

Kabal of The Ordo Mallius
02-04-2008, 15:29
(forgive me if im wrong) but other than scouting vampires, and fast units, couldn't you bring some ethereal units as screeners?

02-04-2008, 15:33
Invocation won't help you with M4. Remember one thing, if he brings in the gyrocopter, destroy it ASAP or your bulky M4 infantry block will not see any combat because of marchblocking. You can raise 100 skeletons and he won't even care about it if he has gyrocopter nearby.

02-04-2008, 15:34
I would say Ethereal screeners aren't a bad idea. Except for the fact that the Dwarf player I know, usually gives his war machines cheap runes. Thus giving them Magical attacks, and the ability to nuke them.

02-04-2008, 16:12
Beware his Slayers (if he has them) They nullify almost every advantage of the Undead army. Do your best to get them in combat with some useless Zombie unit.

Grom Wronghand
02-04-2008, 16:22
I play dwarfs and I'd suggest ignoring your magic and focusing on fast, hard hitting combat units. Dwarfs arguably the best magic defence of any army, only rivalled by possibly Khorne or HE.

02-04-2008, 21:50
I play dwarfs and I'd suggest ignoring your magic and focusing on fast, hard hitting combat units. Dwarfs arguably the best magic defence of any army, only rivalled by possibly Khorne or HE.

Especially if the dwarf opponent fields a runelord with anvil along with two runesmiths. Master rune of balance and +1 to dispell rune..plus 2 scrolls :P. Good luck on the magic casting!

Also, if the dwarf opponent brings an anvil of doom, ethereal units will be annihilated by it.

04-04-2008, 01:11
put as many fast things on the table as you can and target one flank of the army. smash through the weak side into his war machienes and come round to finish of the centre. Protect blood knights with missile screens and send them at any unit which is not stubborn (or slayers). I doubt he will spend too many points on war machienes as he will need big combat units and magic banners to counter your fear factor. don't bring too many ethereal units, rune of burning is 5pts and will make all attacks magical. i would be tempted to go for some pwerful magic, things like curse of years are evil against dwarfs who only have two powerdice to get rid of it. Gaze can be good for killing cannons etc to.

04-04-2008, 01:29
Well yeah dont walk the fence when it comes to magic against dwarves, Iether bring an insane amount of it, or dont bother. I've played against dwarves a few times with my dark elves, and was very successfull when I brought alot of it, and he was heavy on magic defense. Since vampires require at least some magic in there army since all vampire characters have it, it is more cost effective to bring alot of it. Remember plowing through there fire is only half the battle the other half is trying to kill them in hand to hand wich dwarves are really good at. Now if you have a whole lot of magic, like say 12 power dice to work with and some power stones you will be able to replenish you're losses and summon zombies and cast van hels to get those nice charges and strike first, if you dont your crappy skelitons will just crumble, and then your just hoping the dice go your way, I think against dwarves more magic than he can handle is the way to go, but that is just my oppinion from my experience with them.

The other beautiful thing playing against dwarves is you dont have to worry about bringing dispell scrolls, so you can just load up on power stones and go to town.

08-04-2008, 01:32
Thanks for all the responses.

It seems that several people commented on how powerful the Anvil of Doom can be. Could someone give a run down as to what exactly it does?

08-04-2008, 08:31
The anvil will boost his dispel pool up to 7 dice as well as allowing him to essentially cast spells in the shooting phase (hence they can't be dispelled). These spells can be used to inhibit your movement and cause damage(simultaneously), to give his units extra movement or to make his units re-roll break/psychology tests. It can however only use one power a turn.

If he does use this, then his units shouldnt be too difficult to crack(nor will he have a hard as nails lord!!!), as an anvil is a rather costly commodity. The main issue would be his dispel dice.

If he uses this and a gunline, then you're good, so long as you have some black knights to slink up thru cover, you'll break almost everything in your path (tho the anvil is unbreakable, however it does only have 3 models guarding it...).

The Anvil will make your magic phase a lot harder, but with careful casting and burning of dice (a few irresistible forces would be good too:>). You should be able to achieve your goals.

08-04-2008, 12:15
Give all your vamps high strenth builds.