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02-04-2008, 09:25
Ok here's another shot at a 1k VC army that should have a solid mix of combat + magic.

Total - 996 points

Vampire GENERAL - 100
Dark Acolyte - 30
Summon Ghouls - 15
Flayed Hauberk - 25

Vampire COMBAT - 100
Dark Acolyte - 30
Summon Ghouls - 15
Flayed Hauberk - 25
Sword of Battle - 15


10 Skeletons - 80
Musician - 4 (only because there were extra points at the end)
Battle Standard - 8

10 Ghouls - 80
Ghast - 8

Corpse Cart - 75
Balefire - 25


13 Grave Guard - 156
Full command - 30


Varghulf - 175

So the plan is that the Grave Guard and Ghouls stand in the front of the army with the Corpse Cart in between them. The fighting vampire (w/ sword of battle) goes with the Grave Guard, while the General goes with the skeletons. The skeleton unit will sit behind the corpse cart and you put your Varghulf on whichever flank needs the most help or can exploit an enemy weakness. If all goes well, the skeleton unit will not see combat (since I only have 10 skeleton models!!!!).

Setup would look like:


The GG, CC, G + VAR could all pack a punch, while the ghouls are in range of both vampires to benefit from IoN (with +1 to roll). I actually have 20 models of ghouls, so first turn I would use all power dice to ION the ghoul unit up to 20 from the base of 10.

I understand that skeletons should never be in units so small but I ONLY HAVE 10 SKELETON MODELS!!!

Does this setup look like it could work, or is it too magic weak/combat weak/etc?

Thanks for any feedback.

02-04-2008, 10:03
You can't have the Flayed Hauberk on both your characters.

At 1k I usually take acolyte, lotd/sg, and book of arkhan for my general, but I play an "in the rear with the gear" style general in a ghoul/skellie bunker.

Carts are awful expensive at 1k.

02-04-2008, 10:12
Did I miss a rule somewhere saying you can't have the same equipment on two characters? I just looked through the VC book in the items section and can't find anything. Is it in the rules book or did I just miss it in the codex?


I totally found it - pg 120 of the rules book. Thank you for pointing that out, I missed it bigtime.

I have no idea which vamp to take the flayed hauberk off of, and what I should replace it with.