View Full Version : Hard-hitting HE list 2250pt - under testing

02-04-2008, 16:58
Here is my new all-around hard-hitting special-heavy low-in-numbers force.

Lord on Star dragon
Armour of Caledor (2+)
V.D. (4+ward, reroll armour save) 606pt

BSB with banner of battle (+d6 combat r) 218
in the unit of DP on steed

mage level 2 with 2 scrolls

5 Dragon Princes Full Command, banner of Arcane protection (2MR) 225

5 silver helms full command 145

5 silver helms full command 145

15 spearmen Full command

10 archers

lion chariot

bolt thrower

great eagle

somewhere under 2250 after the changes

02-04-2008, 17:04
I hope that the unit of DP with +d6 combat resolution will rock just like the dragon.
I left out the PG altough they are my favourit.
This army is made to be tested at tournuments, and I hope it will wokr well against all foes exept dwarf and empire.

Von Wibble
02-04-2008, 18:22
You have used 5 character slots. You can only have 4.

Archer units are minimum size 10.

I would advise dragon princes over silver helms - if you sacrifice some command group models and of course use the extra points from a character going then its quite affordable.

02-04-2008, 18:38
very small force, would hit hard.

I agree with Von Wibble, you are using 5 character slots,so you should drop a mage, and archer units are minimum of 10, you can then use the extra points from the mage you cant take to turn more silver helms into dragon princes.

02-04-2008, 19:18
5? WTF yeah I forgot the dragon. Ok, so one of the mages is out.
Than I can fit the 10th archer in.
Thanks for the comments so far.

02-04-2008, 19:41
you should give your lord on dragon a halberd or lance

02-04-2008, 20:09
I think that your list is better if you drop the drakemaster/banner of arcane (in your DP), and the level2 of your mage isn't necessary.
Drop your Silvers helms and take other DP units.

Your list is really fun to play :)

Good luck & Have FUN !