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11-10-2005, 15:12
I'm having a 2000 pts battle against a Cult of Ulric player tomorrow and I'd really like to beat him. We've battled 4 or 5 times and he's won each time (and each time with a massacre too). This time I'd like to crush him. :evilgrin:

Now this won't be easy. The Cult of Ulric armylist completely dominates the magic phase as they get a gazillion dispel dice thanks to that "upgrade a unit member to a priest"-rule. A side effect of this is that practically all of his units are immune to fear/terror/panic thanks to prayers (so they can't be auto-broken) and hate my troops (because my Ld is lower than 6).

I've tried something totally different with this list. I've dumped all necromancers and I've gone totally experimental on my general. Let me know what you think.

Blood Dragon Vampire Count @ 336 Pts
General; Blood Dragon; Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Extra Hand weapon; Undead
The Flayed Hauberk @ [30] Pts
Cursed Book @ [50] Pts
Honor or Death @ [10] Pts

Blood Dragon Vampire Thrall @ 152 Pts
Blood Dragon; Barding; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
Heart Piercing @ [25] Pts
Master Strike @ [25] Pts

Blood Dragon Vampire Thrall @ 136 Pts
Blood Dragon; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
Heart Piercing @ [25] Pts
Master Strike @ [25] Pts

Wight Lord @ 99 Pts
Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Undead
Sword of the Kings @ [25] Pts
Enchanted Shield @ [10] Pts

Dire Wolves (10#, 110 Pts)
Fast Cavalry; Undead
Doom Wolf @ [20] Pts

Ghouls (12#, 106 Pts)
Causes Fear; Poisoned Attacks; Skirmishers
Ghast @ [18] Pts

Skeletons (19#, 215 Pts)
Full Command; Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield; Undead
Hand Weapon; Light Armor; Shield
(General goes with this unit)

Skeletons (19#, 234 Pts)
Full Command; Hand Weapon; Spear; Light Armor; Shield; Undead
Hand Weapon; Spear; Light Armor; Shield
(Thrall on foot goes with this unit)

Black Knights (9#, 290 Pts)
Full Command; Barding; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
Barding; Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield
War Banner @ [25] Pts
(mounted Thrall goes with this unit)

Grave Guard (19#, 322 Pts)
Full Command; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield; Undead
Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield
Banner of the Barrows @ [45] Pts
(Wight Lord goes with this unit)

Total Roster Cost: 2000

11-10-2005, 17:17
Considering that he has immunized himself against your main benefit (fear) you seem to have selected the appropriate approach: to deal as much damage as possible. Being a bit shy on magic is only a benefit against an army that has over-invested in magical defense.

A few pointers though:

Make sure that you get the charge on him (well, doh!). Then selectively use your power dice to dispel his prayers on those units a) in combat or b) positioned to join combat. Then make sure to dispel any prayers his next turn that may directly affect combat.

In short, let him pray as much as he wants until it's too late. :)

Otherwise, just get stuck in and hope for the best.

11-10-2005, 22:20
He hasn't exactly over-invested in anti-magic. The warrior priests of Ulric make good fighters, especially when equipped with a great weapon. And even my Blood Dragon Vampire Count has to stay clear of his high priest armed with the Blitzbeil (always strike first even against chargers, no armoursave).

12-10-2005, 11:27
Concidering you're dropping all magic, why did you keep the lvl 2 upgrade on the vampire count? It will not be likely he casts spells anyway, so I'd just leave him at level 1.

12-10-2005, 13:08
Hey, you're right :o
Meh, I guess it can't hurt to have a little magic...
I wouldn't know what to add with the 35 points it frees up anyway.

12-10-2005, 23:35
Ugh, solid loss.
Ah well, at least it's not a massacre...

My Black Knights really underperformed. They took five turns to chew trough a unit of warriors of Ulric and crumbled against them in the end. But not before my Count got whooped by a senechal with von Horstmann's Speculum.
Though he survived the challenge (with only 1 wound left), he crumbled a few turns later with the rest of his unit (and large parts of my army). Positive point though: he took out the (unhurt, three wound) high priest of Ulric with Blitzbeil in a challenge while only having one wound left. Now that's guts! :cool:

13-10-2005, 11:08
Maybe try more ghouls and fewer skeletons next time. Skeletons usually rely on some necromantic magic to make them more formidable, which you scrapped. Ghouls hit quite hard with 2 poisoned attacks. A base of spirits might also come in handy.

13-10-2005, 16:25
My main problem was that he took huge blocks of infantry. 25 Warriors with a 4+ save are hard to break, even with a Vampire in my unit.
My Ghouls amounted to nothing the whole game. They got chaged by White Wolf knights, lost six of their number, fled but rallied later on. That was it.

The skeletons actually did quite ok. The ones that were with my count had a 4+ save, which would have been sufficient if they hadn't been charged by Inner Circle White Wolves and later by Teutogen Guard.
My skeleton spearmen survived the battle, but they were below half strength after being flank charged when they were persuing a unit of warriors they had just beaten. Losing combat by 8 is not fun... :(

14-10-2005, 19:53
Try it again with some spirit hosts to hold up the cavalry.

You should think about the Ghouls a bit. Did they simply fail to perform or could you have used them differently?

I can't remember if the Gouls are immune to psychology or not - if not then you can at least declare a Flee! response if a unit of Knights tries to charge them.


15-10-2005, 15:07
They could have fled, but then my opponent would have redirected his charge in my Black Knight's flank.

15-10-2005, 21:50
Cursed Book - bound item IIRC?

If so, swap it. Black Periapt allows you to carry over one die from one magic pahse to the next - a little extra boost against those prayers ;)

16-10-2005, 01:08
Nope, no bound. It's always on.
-1 to hit comes in handy, but it's expensive...

It's not that I have any dice left after my magic phase. I only get three casting dice and dispell dice after all.

17-10-2005, 05:36
Do a blood dragon calv army. 3 units of dire wolfs, 4 units of Blacknights all with vampires in them, scrap magic all together. then maby 2 banshees