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02-04-2008, 21:34
Right first a bit of back story. Basicaly one of my mates has recently brought his old Beatman army up from his parents. He wanted a game and I challenged him with my half completed Empire army. After a lot of gluing I managed to get togther enough for 1261 points worth of Empire. By going for a lot of magic items I managed to drag the list up to 1400 points. At the end of the day my list looked like this...

Captain + Pegasus, full plate, lance, doomfire ring and enchanted shield = 157p

Battle Wizard + Rod of Power, Power Stone and extra level = 150p

Battle Wizard + Dispel magic scroll, Ring of Volans and extra level = 145p

20 Swordsmen + FC = 145p
+ 10 Swordsmen = 60p

10 Handgunners = 80p

10 Crossbowmen = 80p

6 Knights + FC = 178p

5 Pistoliers + musician = 97p

5 Pistoliers + musician = 97p

1 Cannon = 100p

1 HBVG = 110p

Total = 1399p

I've only played Beastmen once before but that was a long time ago with my Bretonnians so I'm at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to knowing exactly how my opponants army is going to work.

My main worry is him turning up behind my lines and hitting me from multiple directions at once. A lot of my units are very suceptible to close combat (warmachines, crossbowmen, handgunners and pistoliers) and I'm worried about being swampt very quickly. I feel the force is quite badly set up to face an army like BoC but I really don't have many options open to me.

My main plan was to concentrate my artillery and deploy the Captain to defend them. Move my missile units forward before firing and use the Pistoliers to provide support for them. My knights can cover my swordsmen block. The basic plan is to try to prevent him being able to 'gang up' on individual units. Unfortunatly I don't have much intel on his list which doesn't help. I know that he likes using several big heards and usualy supports them with chariots.


03-04-2008, 13:16
I would give some serious consideration to dropping the cannon and taking advantage of the 360 line of sight on outriders, that will paste most things they shoot at. I think your pistoliers are going to be out of their depth against an army with so much skirmishing. I'd put some consideration into huntsmen too, and would put the swordsmen detachment with one of the handgunner units, as he'll likely avoid the hell out of that swordsman unit with anything that's not big and hitty.

Any idea what mark his army has?

03-04-2008, 22:19
IIRC he plays a pure undivided army. Off the top of my head (remembering back a few years) he fielded a fighty general backed up by two shaman. He had several large beast heards, a couple of chariots and some minotaurs. Unfortunatly I'm really screwed as to what I can take as I'm basicaly fielding everything I own. Hopefully I can borrow a few of my mates figures so I can rebalance my army before the game but I'm not sure what models he has knocking around at the moment.