View Full Version : Should Testament have replaced Anthrax in the 'Big Four' (Thrash Metal bands)?

Brother Smith
19-04-2005, 20:07
To be honest, I really think that Testament are the most under-rated band ever. They wrote catchy songs, soft songs, blindingly fast songs, thoughtful songs. They are far superior to Anthrax and could blow them away any day.

They should be up there with Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer in my opinion.

19-04-2005, 23:04
Yeah but why replace Anthrax? Anthrax are pretty good, and they were way ahed of their time, they did Bring the Noize with Public enemy before Limp Bizkit or that Linkin Park Jay-Z stuff. (and they Rock).

20-04-2005, 00:18
I never really dug anthrax, whereas Testament roxxored my boxxors.

The Ritual, for example, was awesome.

Anthrax always seemed kind of punk to me for some reason.

Brother Munro
20-04-2005, 08:27
I haven't heard any Testament, so I can't compare, but Anthrax do rock. Any band that can do a song entirely about Judge Dredd gets a whole load of cool ponts from me.

Math Mathonwy
20-04-2005, 18:20
The big four thrash bands should've been Sepultura, Testament, Slayer and *someone of the three others listed* Beneath the Remains and Chaos A.D. are the best thrash records bar none by a great margin.

Brother Smith
20-04-2005, 18:43
There should always be room for Megadeth and Metallica though... maybe not 'tallica's new stuff...

20-04-2005, 21:04
I havent heard much testament to be honest. Feel free to kick Metallica out of the big 4, they don't deserve to be in there anymore. Early Anthrax was the best, I loved their classic songs like Madhouse, A.I.R., Metal Thrashing Mad, Armed & Dangerous and Death From Above. They unfortunately did take a turn for the worse in the late 90s but now they're all back together that can only be a good thing! My version of the big 4 would be: