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03-04-2008, 10:22
a lot of ranged attacks, though nothing really vs heavy cav. the highbourn is there to hunt the heavy stuff the alter noble is there to shoot the HoD en after that supporting charge with the wardancers. I hope i will be able to pull of some magic with only one spellsinger. The waywatchers are there to hunt the mages and haras. the scouts will marchblock, this way they will keep distance between the archers and their targets. the wardancers will search for good charges and support the archers when the enemy will get too close.
I hope this will all work. also the highbourn is pretty much unprotected, maybe there's some way for better protection?

here's the list

highbourn - Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Master of malevolents,
light armour, shield, spear on a forest dragon 559 pts

Noble - Alter, Hail of Doom Arrow, Helm of the Hunt,
light armour, shield, GreatWeapon 162 pts

spellsinger Lvl 2 - calaingor's stave, dispel scroll 150 pts

10 Glade guard + musician 126 pts

10 Glade guard + musician 126 pts

10 Glade guard + musician 126 pts

5 scouts, zenith standard + musician 122 pts

5 waywatchers 120 pts

5 waywatchers 120 pts

7 wardancers 126 pts

7 wardancers 126 pts

03-04-2008, 16:34
Looks great to me. The only think I'd drop is all those musicians on the glade guard. Dropping that and the MoM on the highbourn would allow him to get the 3+ ward item. (Can't remember the name.)

03-04-2008, 19:19
why mess about with the musicians in the gg. if they are in combat their dead!! and i don't really want to comment on the list because it makes me angry but wat are you doin with scouts go with another unit of wardancers.

03-04-2008, 20:02
I agreed with Malorian. Musicians in the Glade guards are really useless.
Drop the waywatchers and take 5 Cavalry Kurnous with musician. They are really good :)

The Poisoned Dwarf
04-04-2008, 13:42
nice list. personally I wouldnt change it. Musicians are almost ALWAYS needed in GG because you need them to rally after they have baited a unit. In a 2000 point game your 1 spellcaster wont be doing much casting so personally I would drop the stave and put in the deepwood sphere so when you do cast the effect is improved, also allows your wizard to camp in a wood and severly damage any unit that tries to get him by hitting EVERY model with a S5 attack and being on his own he can easily manuver around a unit in a wood without being charged.

Great list tho. :D Nice to see an all elf list once in a while

Great list :D

04-04-2008, 13:43
As others have said, drop the Musicians from all your archer units, including the scouts. To be honest I think you should drop the scouts all together, if you plan on keeping both units of Waywatchers. I am not oppose to keeping all ten of them, but would definately drop the scouts.

Drop the Muster on Highborn and with the points gained from the musicans get either The Stone of Crystal Mere, will give your Highborn and Dragon a 3+ ward save, but if you fail it then you will lose it. Glamourweave will give you a 4+ ward save. Just re read the description for both items and decide which one you would rather have.

If you drop your scouts with the remain points you should have enough for a unit of 5 wild riders. You will need something fast to work with your dragon and these guys are good. I would prefer Warhawk Riders but you dont have the points.

You will be very low in the magic phase. 4 PD and 3DD with one scroll. You will have to try to take out wizards quickly. I play WE myself but just started VC and just about everylist I have at this point level has 10 PD with a couple bound spells.

Just my .02

04-04-2008, 22:02
This is an ok list, but not great. Your lord is good but he is weak when it comes to defense, a well placed cannon ball and there goes your army. Take glamourweave and drop the mavelonts. Also the AB and BoL is better for an alter. You will want to get your dragon in combat ASAP. I personally would give him dawnspear, HotH, and glamourweave. your alter is fine, but for the spellsinger drop caligores, as you won't get any spells off with the minimal casting you will have. Get a second scroll and drop the level 2.

Drop the scouts, the banner combo may seem nice, but to your opponent is just an easy 226 VP. Also drop the 3rd unit of GG, and get some dryads (atleast one unit) and a unit of GR with a musc. Drop the musc. from the rest of the GG aswell.

I wouldn't change anything else but if you have the points bring the WD up to 8 as they are more effective then. With the added dryads it gives your list more combat potential and the GR can marchblock while the WW kill things.

04-04-2008, 23:31
First post here.

It looks like you're trying to go for a distributed points denial strategy with a large shooting contingent, or the elven gun line.

Actually, Glade guard aren't very good at distributed point denial because they are relatively immobile, and you don't have the forces to punish an opponent for charging at them. The two wardancer units are good, but I would prefer having two more units of dryads or wild riders around to do combined charges with the wardancers.

Depends what you want to run though. For the best point denial, take two units of 5 glade riders with musicians as your core and don't use the scouts, as you don't really need march blocking then, though the waywatchers are very hard to kill by themselves and help take out random characters and armored opponents. The noble and highborn are both good choices for this strategy, but give the stone of the crystal mere to the highborn. Everything else is really optional, and you can play from there.

To play with all the glade guard, I would use a different lord choice, but the dragon is still alright. The HODA noble isn't really necessary, but you need more magic defense. I would go with a level one branchwraith with radiants. Take off the additional level on the caster and replace that staff with another dispel scroll. Take two squads of dryads, taking out a squad of waywatchers if necessary. Also, netlings or a pageant of shrikes on the branchwraith would be nice.

Don't know what you want to do, but you should take the list in one direction and stick to it.

05-04-2008, 03:27
Nice list, lil low on magic defense but youll find out when you play with it if your going to need more