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vinny t
03-04-2008, 19:24
how is this 4 army

thirster w 80 pts of gifts
nurgle hearld w banner of -2 on a lore that I choose
23 'bearers
12 letters
12 letters
6 furies
4 crushers
7 nurglings

roughly 2000 pts

any good???

03-04-2008, 20:28
I'd make one big unit of 'letters over two very small units. With only T3 they are going to die to shooting and be hard pressed to win combats without ranks.

04-04-2008, 02:32
Khorne and Nurgle in the same army?

04-04-2008, 02:35

Yes. It's one army book. It's no worse than taking a unit of swordsmen and a unit of free company.

04-04-2008, 03:45
Well excuse me for being under the impression that mixing Gods/Marks/etc was not allowed. :rolleyes:

04-04-2008, 04:14
with the new rules most "pure" 1 god armies would be unviable. Besides MR Khorne can't take ANY magic defence for exemple (other than that soon to be ubiquous banner :D).

From what I can gather from the list the basic (and mostly only idea) is to have the thirster destroy unit after unit and try not to get bogged down, and leaving stranglers to be mopped up by the rest of the army, while the nurglins tarpit anything that starts looking at the thirster funny?

Just wish I knew exactly what 80pts in gifts represent tbh, besides added close combat potential haven't read anything that could protect that guy from a barrage of missiles / magic besides his natural resilience.

04-04-2008, 06:22
Just wish I knew exactly what 80pts in gifts represent tbh, besides added close combat potential haven't read anything that could protect that guy from a barrage of missiles / magic besides his natural resilience.

2d6+4 attacks ^_^ and spell breaker which is a dispel scroll or the 3+ armour save

04-04-2008, 09:20
Have they completely removed mounted deamonettes ?
Because I dont see them on games-workshop online store section...
If they have then Im really upset...
And seems like the deamon army has got no diversity anymore :-(

vinny t
04-04-2008, 12:15
Thanks for input guys

thirster's gifts are mostly defence because If I can put him in a flank the enemy is gonna get owned, combat gifts or not!!!!

also I need the letter units as core as furies don't count as core

crushers and thirster are my smashing units while letters are 4 flanking and bearers are, as Shakubuktu said, a tarpit

nurglings are to bog charoits and cav (I also need them for fluff reasons as If I have 1 nurgle unit and 5ish Khorne units that would be un-fluffy)
If fluff didn't matter I would swap nurglings for 4 more crushers

04-04-2008, 20:57
Was thinking of playing all Khorne or all Tzeench when I read the initial rumours myself, all nice and fluffly but GW seems to have given up on trying to balance/come up with new units for 5 "different" demon armies so they now made an antifluffly but varied list. Just wish they made Tzeenching plastics ;_;

Btw dispell = 2xDispell dice + 1/2 Dispell Scrolls tops? You might get vitamized by undead tarpits yourself, 10+ zombie raising IoN is a lot to chew through even for a thirster, otherwise looks solid enough.

04-04-2008, 21:03
Yea i really dont see how khorne only armies are gonna stop undead. Ok they can make your -2 to cast, but with one spell at 4+ and the other at 5+ (i.o.n and raise dead) two dice will still easily cast each of them, and they will only be able to dispell one per magic phase.

Ok, so i cant use 3 of my seven spells any more against a khorne army, but who cares, i always have spell 0 and 1, 2 and 6 just have to be rolled lol.

I can just see a vampire lord casting on a +2/-2 being really really funny.

vinny t
06-04-2008, 22:25
all right, ditch 7 nurglings and get 2 units of 5 flesh hounds

06-04-2008, 22:54
the list is decent

I would cut 2 bloodletters per unit, I see no reason for 12 of them.

the nurglings are slower than furies even with their scouting so I would lose those too.

The nurgle herald really isn't doing much for your magic defense (1 extra DD supposing you pay 50 points for his level 1) so I would replace him by a khorne herald and go mono khorne (bonus points on comp for using 1 god there)

The flesh hounds+crushers give you some good frontal attack while the thirster mauls flanks.

Also note that all units would have some form of magic resistance (whereas your PBs would be clear targets for magic).

If you want to go with 2 gods and are worried about magic defense, get tzeentch in there (and from the fluff side, it's just slaanesh that is really bad to mix with khorne). 2 tzeentch heralds with a spellbreaker each give good defense if you want (I would still go with mono-khorne mind you).

I think mono-god lists are viable, khorne and slaanesh both have the speed to kill mages (and fleshhounds are really amazing mage hunters) and hit the enemy fast enough to avoid shooting. Tzeentch can outmagic any army in the game. Nurgle is trickier I think, slow and solid isn't a good way to kill things, but then again they wont lose much and now have some M6 (hell, I don't see why mono nurgle should be complaining any more than ogres).

Splitting between 2 gods means the enemy can usually ignore the strengths (target the non MR units, outrun the nurgle portion of the list, destroy off the faster slaanesh stuff because of an uncoordinated attack, and tzeentch magic is probably betetr combined with more magic).

I would suggest going all khorne, the nurgle doesnt add much to the list.

Make that herald a khorne herald, take 3 min sized bloodletters to watch the backline, flank etc and add fleshounds to support the crushers and thirster (maybe consider a second unit of crushers).

Furies are good, but then again watch out for them being free magic targets, your defense can't be good (unless you play a majority of tzeentch), and if they are the only dangerous thing without MR, they might be picked off.

vinny t
09-04-2008, 01:06
'k ditch all nurgle and get khorne hearld with 23 letters. (I need core so I can't take crushers)

09-04-2008, 01:55
you may want to consider what a good number for bloodletters is.

I don't think the large block is a good idea. Bloodletters are fragile strong and a little expensive (at least they arent cheap). As such I think MSU is probably best, so units of 10-12. They have the same attacks and really you don't want prolonged combat.

So you can use minimal units, or 4 units. And that leaves points for those flesh hounds.

Also might want to see if 4 crushers is really useful or if 2 units of 2 is better. I think Demons, like elves, have a lot of fragile hard hitting units. So using small units and combo charges might work very well. Also note that you don't care about panic and are better off killing than having ranks for combat resolution. Really small units should do best ...

And fleshounds seem to rule, multiple wounds, multiple s5 attacks on a fast moving unit ... check chosen chaos knights ... now give them ItP, MR3 and a ward save (the 2 wounds compensates for the loss of save against small weapons).

Oh, and they are cheaper by a long shot, don't flee combat and cause fear.

Honestly I am tempted to start a Khorne army now ...


3x10 bloodletters

4x6 fleshounds

2 units of 2-3 crushers

Add in heralds to taste, maybe the special fleshound and you are set. First turn run up, second turn destroy anything in the game. You can outcharge almost any army and dish out enough damage to destroy most enemies (I would consider heralds on juggers as they are pretty much units on their own).

Your Mum Rang
09-04-2008, 08:31
Remember, you can have Flesh Hounds and Crushers without having Bloodletters!!

vinny t
09-04-2008, 23:20
Thirster with 3+ armor and 2 DS
12 letters
12 letters
12 letters
6 Flesh Hounds
6 Flesh Hounds
4 Crushers
4 Crushers

I would actually ust the thirster and hounds to manuver like this...
. [] l
So either get charged by thirster in rear of hounds in rear!!!!