View Full Version : What two lord choices for a Lizardmen 3500 list?

03-04-2008, 19:38
I'm tossing around a few ideas as to what to take as far as lord choices in the 'Ard Boys tournament. What would be the nastiest out of them? Two 2nd Gen? One 2nd Gen and one 4th? 2nd Gen and an Oldblood? Any ideas would be helpful.

03-04-2008, 19:41
i would run with the 2nd gen slann and the oldblood for flexability. 2 slanns will chew up alot of points, even at 2500 your lookin at 1200 or so on 2 frogs. not that i havent thought about it myself.

03-04-2008, 23:51
my 2 cents: in order from best to worst
1) slann 2nd + oldblood (maybe with m9.. and +2 A but there're better choices)
2) slann 2nd + Slann 4th
3) 2 slanns 2ns absolutely too expensive and not so decisive for the size of matches!

i'll try also only a 2nd gen slann, 3 skink priests and only a M9 scar veteran.. it's deserves lots of more points for units, but it can be a personal choice! ;)

vinny t
04-04-2008, 16:58
I would take a 2nd gen slann and put it in the middle of your battle line with sauras nearby. Then take a carnasaur and put it on one flank with some cold ones. on the other flank, you should put some salamanders and maybe a stegadon for fire support and maybe flank charge. Use skinks normally.